Buddha-like Rebirth Chapter 99

However, even after a long time, Fu Zhiyu still wasn’t truly together with Xie Ke.

After staying in the system space for too long, although the systems were very intelligent and it was not like he didn’t have anyone to chat to, in the long run, it was still boring and life felt monotonous and uninteresting.

When he came to this world, although he was carrying a mission, after discovering Xie Ke, he probably guessed the intention of the World Consciousness, and he wasn’t so nervous. This world was a bit like travelling to him, much more relaxed than when he was in the system space.

His mode of getting along with Xie Ke was gradual, and it also made him feel comfortable.

When Xie Ke had disappeared, Fu Zhiyu thought of him from time to time, but he couldn’t tell whether missing him was because of gratitude for saving his life or because of love. In fact, the balance in his heart often tilted towards the former.

But even if this feeling could be regarded as gratitude, it was enough to make Fu Zhiyu’s vision of Xie Ke change.

He could at least really treat him normally, and most of the time, he would no longer refuse Xie Ke’s kindness.

In fact, Xie Ke also noticed it. The person in front of him didn’t seem to like him as much as he liked him, and Fu Zhiyu had never promised that the two of them would be officially together.

But this was good enough.

Xie Ke thought that one day there would be results, and even if not, it didn’t matter.

As long as this person was still by his side, it was fine.

The two of them were now making an ambiguous and vague progress. Neither of them felt that there was any problem. Fu Zhiyu felt that he still needed time. Xie Ke felt that the layer of paper had not been pierced and the sweet and sour feeling was also very enjoyable.

Sure enough, as long as the object is someone you like, everything you experience becomes fascinating.

The osmanthus candy looked like a simple thing, but when Xie Ke made it, the taste was average.

“It’s too sweet,” he took a bite to taste it himself, a little regretful, and said to Fu Zhiyu honestly, “It’s not very delicious. It’s all sugar. I’ll let the restaurant outside send some over.”

“Don’t bother,” Fu Zhiyu looked at it, “It’s just the two of us, let’s eat whatever we have.”

The two of them had a simple meal, and all the dishes were cooked by Xie Ke.

Seeing the process of his sweetheart eating what he made was enough to make Xie Ke happy.

After Fu Zhiyu had finished eating, he was ready to go back.

He didn’t live in the small villa like at the beginning. Lin Yu had already made a lot of money. He had his own house under his name. After Fu Zhiyu came to this world, except for Xie Ke’s accident, most of the time, he naturally followed Lin Yu’s life trajectory.

After the contract expired, he terminated the contract with the small company and set up a personal studio. He was still producing records. Lin Yu had a good voice, and Fu Zhiyu could adapt to it. Later, he had the opportunity to act, and he also grabbed it. Now his focus was more on acting. Compared with the thousands of idols like he was a few years ago, Fu Zhiyu was much lower-key than at that time. His works were not big hits, and he had lost a lot of fans, but the public awareness and goodwill had risen a lot.

When he first came here, he wasn’t used to wearing a mask and hat to go out. As a result, he was so crowded by fans that he almost doubted he would survive before he learned his lesson. Now he didn’t have so many crazy fans, but there were still a lot of people pointing and taking pictures when he showed his face. 

When he was leaving this time, Xie Ke plucked up the courage to stop him.

“Zhiyu, why don’t you move here?” He suggested, “The security in your community is not good enough. My side is quieter and safer. I don’t mean anything else. If you feel uncomfortable, I can move out.”

In fact, the security in Lin Yu’s community was already very strict, but he was still occasionally disturbed by fans. Xie Ke’s villa half up the mountain was very independent and had no community. The whole mountain belonged to him, and it was much quieter.

“This is your house, where are you going to move out?” Fu Zhiyu took off his scarf from the hanger and glanced at Xie Ke with a chuckle, “I’ll go back first…”

Xie Ke was a little disappointed when he heard this. He felt that Fu Zhiyu probably didn’t want to move to his place.

Sure enough, there was no progress yet. While thinking like this, he comforted himself, telling himself not to worry, and smiled at Fu Zhiyu, showing that he fully respected his thoughts and wasn’t upset.

Fu Zhiyu looked at him, only to feel that Xie Ke withered visibly to the naked eye. He was forcing out a smile, but in fact, Xie Ke was very sullen in his heart.

He sighed, and then went on: “I mean… I’ll go back first and get some daily things and clothes, okay?”

Xie Ke was taken aback for a moment, and then he was hit by a sudden surprise.

“Okay, okay!” He almost jumped up, “I’m calling the driver now… no! I will drive the car over now!”

Fu Zhiyu: “……”

No need to be so excited.

But when he went back to his house, he found that there was nothing to take.

He lived on the set a lot of time. When he was not filming, he went to Xie Ke’s house. Even Xie Ke’s house had more of his clothes and stuff than his home. As for the toiletries such as toothbrushes and towels, Xie Ke had already prepared them for him.

Looking at it this way, it seemed that there was no difference between moving or not, it was just a matter of wording.

Fu Zhiyu ended up carrying a travel bag and that was it.

It seemed very natural to live with Xie Ke. Probably because the two of them were not sharing a room yet, Fu Zhiyu accepted it well. Sometimes he was reading a script in the sun on the balcony, and Xie Ke was working on his computer next to him, staring at him from time to time, and even if the afternoon was spent like this, he didn’t feel bored.

Fu Zhiyu actually liked filming very much. It was also good to experience things he hadn’t experienced before.

The female protagonist and the male lead of this world were still very happy, and Lin Yu’s relationship with the heroine remained the one of the ordinary friends. The script in Fu Zhiyu’s hand was recommended by the heroine.

It was a high investment movie. The crew had no choice, the male and female leads had been set, and they were the top in the circle. The script Fu Zhiyu was currently reading was the second male lead.

Even if it was the second male lead, this role was also big. There were many scenes and the character had a colourful personality. Fu Zhiyu was not the best choice in the eyes of the studio, but there was an audition opportunity and he could still fight for it.

Of course, this was without going through Xie Ke’s back door.

Xie Ke had been with Fu Zhiyu for a long time and also knew his temper. He didn’t interfere with this matter. If Zhiyu needed it, he would have said it directly.

It was better to accompany him having fun than to go against his will, assuring him a place in the crew.

But what Fu Zhiyu didn’t expect was that there would be Fang Rongyu among his competitors.

Fang Rongyu’s face hadn’t changed much since a few years ago, but he was much more cheerful. He was also surprised when he saw Fu Zhiyu.

When there were fewer people, he came forward and greeted Fu Zhiyu in a regular manner: “Hello, Youngest Aunt.”

Fu Zhiyu: “…Don’t call people names indiscriminately.”

Fang Rongyu looked at him in surprise: “Why? Are you and Youngest Uncle not together yet?”

He and Zhou Yu got married early, and the marriage certificate was also made public. This world had a high degree of acceptance of homosexuality, and they had received a lot of blessings, so it made sense for Fang Rongyu to call Xie Ke “Uncle”.

“Didn’t you come home with Xie Ke when the old man had his birthday? I thought this was ‘meeting the parents’,” Fang Rongyu couldn’t understand. “I don’t know how many times Uncle and the family said that his life is all about you. I thought you were together a long time ago.”

Fu Zhiyu shook his head and said, “No, we are… supposed to be just friends now.”

He was very sure when he said this, but when he said it, his tone was a little inexplicably hesitant, and a “supposed” appeared.

Fang Rongyu looked at him with a very meaningful gaze.

“You’re being called over there, go in and audition,” Fu Zhiyu frowned and averted her eyes, “Don’t be so nosy.”

As a result of the final audition, the studio chose Fu Zhiyu.

Fang Rongyu was also magnanimous, came over to say goodbye, and even brought him some supplements from the nanny car, saying that Zhou Yu had brought them and that it was good for his health to eat more.

“I have watched the clip of your audition. It is indeed better than me. If it was me, I would have chosen you too.” Fang Rongyu said. He didn’t feel uncomfortable about losing to Fu Zhiyu, nor did he have any thoughts because of Xie Ke. He knew in his heart that if Xie Ke had spoken out, there would be no audition at all.

“You and Xie Ke… are actually quite suitable, but I can’t say much about the matter between the two of you, so you decide for yourself,” Fang Rongyu couldn’t help saying before he left. “He really likes you.”

After Fang Rongyu’s car left, Fu Zhiyu stood still. He seemed to be thinking about life. Then he spoke by himself and said, “I know.”

After he joined the set, life became a lot busier, but the filming place happened to be not far from Xie Ke’s house. So before the scene was changed, Fu Zhiyu could occasionally go home after he finished filming.

He was very cautious in his usual life, but perhaps because the drama had received a lot of attention from the beginning and there were too many paparazzi following him, using all kinds of tactics, Fu Zhiyu couldn’t prevent it.

Today, he was awakened by a call from his assistant.

Fu Zhiyu didn’t have an agent. He usually had few commercial activities, so he could pick his own appearances. However, for convenience, he still hired an assistant. The assistant usually only followed him when he was filming, and he didn’t even know about him and Xie Ke. 

“Something happened!” The assistant seemed to be anxious and panicked as if he had suffered a catastrophe, “Take a look, the hot search doesn’t go down!”

The paparazzi got the material that exploded last night. Fu Zhiyu took a look. In fact, it wasn’t that explosive. It was a series of photos of him and Xie Ke. He got out of Xie Ke’s car, and then the other party put a coat on him. The two talked in front of the car for a while. Fu Zhiyu turned and went to the set. Xie Ke stood there, watching his back. He waited until he couldn’t see Fu Zhiyu anymore before leaving, and then he was gone.

The next few photos probably showed the car driving out of Xie Ke’s house, and the rest was left to everyone’s imagination.

There were several explosive points in this incident. One was that Xie Ke had an awesome net worth and was a young talent. He had always been well-known to the public, and there were countless people who wanted to attract his attention. The second was that Fu Zhiyu was famous. He had had almost no scandals and dark spots over the years. This thing suddenly broke out, and people were very interested. The third was the movie. Many people speculated that his role as the second male lead was a covert operation, secured behind the scenes.

Anyway, there was a mess of all kinds of things being said.

Fu Zhiyu was quite calm. Before he finished reading the comments on the Internet, he saw that many malicious comments quickly disappeared, probably deleted forcibly.

Xie Ke also reacted?

Deleting comments was one aspect, but Fu Zhiyu felt that things like blocking public opinion were not the best way to go.

Not long after, he received a call from Xie Ke.

“Are you at the hotel?” Xie Ke’s tone sounded very anxious and worried, “Zhiyu, don’t come down yet. There are too many reporters below. The crew is also being followed today, so they can’t film. There is a temporary shutdown over there. It’ll continue when this matter is resolved. You wait for me in the room, I’ll go over now, let’s talk about it in detail, okay?”


Fu Zhiyu didn’t expect to cause trouble to the crew, and he was going to apologise to the director and the lead actors when the time came.

Fu Zhiyu silently mused about it while he got out of bed and got dressed. When he slowly washed his face, he heard the sound of knocking on the door.

As soon as he opened the door, Xie Ke couldn’t help but step forward and hug him.

Fu Zhiyu didn’t know where he came back from, but his coat was wet.

“I’m sorry, Zhiyu,” Xie Ke was very nervous, “I, I didn’t pay attention at that time, I didn’t know someone was filming there.”

Fu Zhiyu thought for a while and didn’t push Xie Ke away. He stretched out his hand and patted him on the back, comforting: “It’s okay, this matter is not your responsibility.”

Although Zhiyu said that, after all, it caused him trouble.

At first, Xie Ke wanted to go to his official account to clarify this matter. He wanted to tell everyone that Zhiyu wasn’t holding his thigh, let alone being nurtured. He was pursuing Zhiyu seriously and it had been several years. Now there were a few signs of progress but he was afraid they would be extinguished because of this matter.

Before he was about to send the post, he changed his mind and stopped. He thought that if he sent it, it would also cause unnecessary pressure on Zhiyu.

The only thing Xie Ke could think about was his beloved.

“Zhiyu, how do you want to solve it?” He asked cautiously, “I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Just make it clear,” Fu Zhiyu said indifferently, and asked him, “Have you had breakfast yet?”

Xie Ke was taken aback, shook his head subconsciously and said, “Not yet.”

“Just in time, let’s eat together,” Fu Zhiyu said. “Before you came, the hotel brought breakfast over. It is quite rich, I can’t finish it alone.”

Xie Ke was a little confused. He didn’t know why the topic suddenly switched to breakfast. When the two of them sat down, he seemed to have guessed something, turned on his mobile phone, and secretly flipped through Fu Zhiyu’s public social account.

This account was rarely updated, and the number of posts per year could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Fu Zhiyu’s latest one already had a lot of likes.

“Thank you all for your concern. Xie Ke and I are currently trying to have a relationship.”

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