Buddha-like Rebirth Chapter 98

Meanwhile, Fu Zhiyu didn’t speak much, giving Xie Ke time. He could see that Xie Ke was very unsettled, and his heart felt actually just as complicated.

There were times when he felt that Xie Ke had really gone too far. From the beginning to the end, why couldn’t he ever discuss things with him? Every time Xie Ke made a decision, he was like this.

But perhaps that was why the two of them would be forever entangled. Otherwise, they would have parted ways a long time ago, and they wouldn’t be here now.

The World Consciousness had asked if Fu Zhiyu still loved Xie Ke.

Fu Zhiyu said at that time that he couldn’t say for sure. This was the truth. He had to wait until Xie Ke came back and the two of them had a good talk before they could sort it out.

But he also knew in his heart that Xie Ke was the only person he had ever loved. He loved Xie Ke as a lover. He loved him passionately and he loved him gently. All his memories of love were about Xie Ke. There was no possibility of anyone else.

Thinking of this, Fu Zhiyu sighed, stretched out his hand and rubbed his brow.

Xie Ke hadn’t really thought it through either, but seeing how irritable the young man in front of him was, he naturally focused on him again 

But before he could say anything, the door of the villa opened with a click, and Fu Zhiyu glanced up. It was the captain who came back.

It turned out that the relationship between Lin Yu and the other group members was relatively flimsy. Now that there was such a mess, the two of them didn’t even say hello.

“Why is someone here?” The captain walked to the living room and saw the man sitting opposite Fu Zhiyu. He frowned and subconsciously pulled down the cap on his head. His first reaction was to accuse, “Why do you bring someone here casually?”

Fu Zhiyu hadn’t spoken yet, and Xie Ke didn’t expect anyone to come back at this time. He glanced at this person with some hostility.

It was only then that they finally saw each other’s faces clearly. As a result, the captain’s original disgusted and defensive glare changed, turning into an indescribable surprise.

“Mr. Xie?” He immediately made his way to the dining room, “Why are you here?”


He glanced at Fu Zhiyu, and then reacted quickly.

“Xiao Yu and I are friends,” he patted Fu Zhiyu on the shoulder affectionately and then stretched out his hand to shake Xie Ke’s hand. “We just met a few days ago, at the opening ceremony of the film festival…”

When Xie Ke faced him, he was far from being as stunned as when he faced Fu Zhiyu. He returned a very cold and hard look: “Sorry, I don’t remember.”

The captain’s hand stopped in the air very awkwardly.

Seeing this scene, Fu Zhiyu sneered a little. He chuckled and said to Xie Ke: “Let’s go out, there are outsiders here.”

There was someone here, so he didn’t want to stay here anymore.

He cleaned up the bowls on the table. Lin Yu used to pile them up in the sink, waiting for the housekeeper to come and wash them. But after changing to Fu Zhiyu, he couldn’t see how dirty they were. It was fine for him to wash a bowl, he was not so precious.

But he wasn’t familiar with this kitchen, and after putting the bowls down and looking for detergent, he turned around and saw that Xie Ke had already finished washing the bowls and turned to draw a piece of paper towel to wipe his hands.

The captain who was sitting at the dinner table and watching all this seemed to have seen a ghost.

His thoughts at this point were highly overlapping with those of Zhou Yu who had already left. He felt that Lin Yu was a vixen who had been hiding for a long time and finally inexplicably hooked a man.

“Let’s go,” Xie Ke didn’t care what others thought, just looking at Fu Zhiyu brightly, “I… there are still many things to tell you.”

Fu Zhiyu actually wanted to know what Xie Ke had experienced in this world. He also took his phone and searched Xie Ke’s name in the process and came up with a whole bunch of stuff.

Most of Zhou Yu’s confidence in running away with Fang Rongyu came from Xie Ke. Although film and television investment was only part of Xie Ke’s group’s business, most of the news on the Internet was connected to it.

For example, a scandal with an actress.

Xie Ke’s eyes were sharp. He knew that Fu Zhiyu was searching for him, and he was very happy. He felt that this man wanted to know everything about him as much as he did, but when those pictures came out, he wasn’t so glad and started to worry.

“They’re all fake, they’re all fake,” He immediately began to explain. “Those reporters, they’re just taking pictures indiscriminately, just using them to get heat. I, I don’t like her, and I’ve never been in a relationship.”

“What are you nervous about?” Fu Zhiyu put the phone back and glanced at him with a smile, “We are only meeting for the first time. You don’t need to explain so much to me.”

“It’s not…”

Xie Ke couldn’t fully express all his inner thoughts at this time. He thought to himself, how could it be the first time they met?

Meeting you for the first time is like return of an old friend.

He remembered these words inexplicably; the indescribable familiarity of the person in front of him made him want to get close.


“Maybe it was a previous life?” He tried hard to explain, but after he said it, he felt very ridiculous while boldly expressing his thoughts, “Zhiyu, I think that if people really have a previous life, we must have been a couple of lovers in the previous life.”

After hearing the name “Fu Zhiyu”, Xie Ke felt that the name seemed to open up something, and it was more acceptable to him than the name “Lin Yu”.

Fu Zhiyu shook his head and said, “No, we have never been a couple.”

Xie Ke was a little disappointed when he heard his words, but he still added: “If we haven’t been together, then I must have loved you very much.”

So much so that I felt it as soon as I saw you.

When Fu Zhiyu heard this, he stopped talking, which could be regarded as a tacit acknowledgement.

“In the future, can I still ask you out for dinner?” Xie Ke pushed relentlessly, “If you still want to eat what I cook, it’s fine. I’ll learn more dishes and make sure they’re better than the ones made outside, okay?”

Fu Zhiyu nodded.

Xie Ke had been in this world for more than twenty years, but Fu Zhiyu had been working in the system space for far longer than this, not to mention that the time in the system space was much slower than in the world in the book.

Xie Ke had really disappeared for a long time, and Fu Zhiyu didn’t know why he became the “Xie Ke” of this world inexplicably.

Fu Zhiyu didn’t like the way the World Consciousness acted and couldn’t understand why it was doing this. If it found something, couldn’t it just tell him?

He didn’t want to play any more puzzle games.

Xie Ke really didn’t remember anything, and only a vague impression of him was left. Fu Zhiyu wanted to talk to him a lot, but looking into his eyes, he couldn’t say all these words

Forget it, it was useless to say it.

Fu Zhiyu originally wanted Xie Ke to remember. He obviously hadn’t lost all his memories, he might just have sealed them up. Maybe it meant that if a way was found, Xie Ke could remember and the problems of this world could be solved together.

He felt that the only way the two of them could have a good conversation was if Xie Ke remembered; but as time went on, his thoughts changed somewhat.

Xie Ke didn’t remember anything. He still treated him very kindly, but this kind of kindness no longer carried a heavy sense of guilt. Although Xie Ke was still cautious, still worried, and facing Fu Zhiyu, he would still show some silliness, but these feelings became pure and direct, making Fu Zhiyu feel a lot more comfortable.

As time went by, Fu Zhiyu felt a little something else in it.

If only fate hadn’t gotten in the way, if this and that misunderstanding hadn’t overlapped, if only they had both seen their own hearts clearly, if only they had met under normal circumstances…

So many ifs, and now it was really happening. If he, like Xie Ke, had no memories, such an encounter could be called perfect.

The precious feelings of love and understanding that Fu Zhiyu had seen between Yuan Xi and her husband could in fact happen to him as well.

For example, Xie Ke really devoted himself to learning to cook because of that one sentence. He was really talented in cooking, and he was proficient in it. He learned quickly, as if he had learned it before. After learning to cook, make soups and stir-fry, he also learned to make desserts.

“What kind of snacks does Zhiyu want to eat?” He asked gently, “I’ll learn them all.”

Fu Zhiyu looked at his busy back in the kitchen, pondered for a while, and said lightly: “Osmanthus candy.”

It was just the right night outside, and today happened to be the Qixi Festival again.

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