Buddha-like Rebirth Chapter 100

Xie Ke’s current mood was like a roller-coaster; just when he felt that he was going to die, a surprise gift package suddenly fell from the sky.

He spent a long time looking at Fu Zhiyu’s post, word by word, afraid that he would misread a single one of them.

Trying to have a relationship!

To have a relationship!

A relationship!

Rounding up one to ten, it meant that he and Zhiyu were already married!

Fu Zhiyu served him a bowl of porridge, but saw Xie Ke staring at his mobile phone in a daze, looking as if he was about to cry, so he knew what Xie Ke must have seen.

“Eat first,” he said, “I didn’t think much about it. I thought it was like this, so I posted it. Is it a problem?”

No problem! No problem!

How could there be a problem!

Xie Ke’s brain and heart were screaming, but he himself couldn’t say a word. He just looked at his mobile phone and looked at the person in front of him, as if he had lost his ability to speak.

Fu Zhiyu lowered his head and took a sip of the porridge, frowned, and put the spoon down.

Probably used to the taste of Xie Ke’s cooking, he felt that the porridge at the hotel wasn’t cooked so carefully, so it was naturally not up to his taste.

“It’s actually very complicated between us, but I don’t know what to tell you now.” After Fu Zhiyu finished speaking, he felt that this sentence was a bit strange. He looked directly into Xie Ke’s eyes, “During this time, I actually haven’t thought about my intentions clearly, but I think we can give it a try. That’s why I said we’re trying to have a relationship. Xie Ke, I’m trying.”

He couldn’t say to Xie Ke something like “I like you too” or “I love you too”. At present, even if he said that, it would be a lie. He was now mostly grateful to Xie Ke.

But after all that, it was worth a try, right?

Not only to give Xie Ke a chance, but also to give himself a chance.

Let the time judge whether you can find the person who is willing to stay together with you for the rest of your life.

“Can you give me time?” Fu Zhiyu paused and asked.

Xie Ke stood up all at once, and the table was shifted by his movement. The bowl of porridge slid down the side of the table and fell to the floor.

At this critical moment, this scene really killed the atmosphere.

Xie Ke glanced at the bowl of porridge that had been broken, and felt as if he had sobered up. At least he had regained the ability to speak.

He took a few steps over to Fu Zhiyu and hugged him tightly.

“I’m willing to give you time, as long as you want,” he murmured, “Zhiyu, I seem to have been waiting for this moment for a long time. I’m really happy to hear you say that. I, I love you, Zhiyu, I’ve always loved you…”

Fu Zhiyu didn’t push him away and let him hold him.

By the end of Xie Ke’s speech, his tone was a little choked, and his body trembled slightly as he hugged Fu Zhiyu.

He was really happy.

Because the crew was shut down for a day, the two of them didn’t leave the hotel. Xie Ke was remotely dealing with public opinion issues on the Internet and deleted some excessive and malicious comments. He also forwarded Fu Zhiyu’s post, officially releasing what he wanted to say.

“The two of us are not only trying to have a relationship, but will also get married in the future.”

This post contained a lot of his personal ideas, but Fu Zhiyu read it and didn’t say anything.

The crew also clarified the casting in a timely manner. The director was a highly respected person, and the male and female leads also stepped in to speak for Fu Zhiyu, saying that he performed extremely well in the audition and was the most suitable person for this role. In this way, there were much fewer people gossiping.

After this public opinion incident, people’s attention was quickly attracted by other things, and for Fu Zhiyu and Xie Ke, life gradually returned to calm.

But after it calmed down, it seemed to be a bit different from the past.

Fu Zhiyu went home with Xie Ke during the New Year this year.

There were many messy relatives, not all of them friendly, but the old man in the family liked him, and Xie Ke was there, so others didn’t dare to say much.

It was true that Zhou Yu looked a bit weird. He probably couldn’t accept that his former teammate had become the significant other of his most feared youngest uncle. But he had matured a lot over the years. Although he felt a little uncomfortable in his heart, at least he wouldn’t demonstrate it on his face.

However, he originally thought that his youngest uncle, who was cold and indifferent to everyone, was going to die alone. When he saw Xie Ke lower his head and beg for a kiss, Zhou Yu’s expression still cracked uncontrollably.

Falling in love was really scary.

All in all, the two got a lot of blessings.

After Fu Zhiyu finished filming the movie, he took a long break. He lived with Xie Ke, and the two naturally became closer.

Because of previous memories, Fu Zhiyu had some shadow over being intimate with Xie Ke. But they started slowly from holding hands, and both of them gradually became familiar with this relationship.

Although Fu Zhiyu was trying to accept it, as he had said, in comparison with what Xie Ke was giving him, what he was giving Xie Ke was not in the same class.

There were times when he would be uncomfortable, saying to Xie Ke that there was no need to do this.

For example, his food and clothing didn’t need to be taken care of in his daily life, and he didn’t expect that Xie Ke would do something for him if he just said a word casually.

“You don’t have to be so nice to me,” Fu Zhiyu said, “Just… just be normal.”

But when he said this, Xie Ke would look at him with a very uncomprehending look.

“It’s not that exaggerated, is it? It’s already normal,” he said, even a little regretful, “There is still a lot more to do, it’s a pity…”

Whatever was done wasn’t much as long as it was for the person in front of him.

After living in this world for so long, sometimes Fu Zhiyu would forget what his true identity was.

He and Xie Ke gradually became an impeccable couple of lovers. It seemed that they had never had those memories of the past. Some new and beautiful memories gradually replaced the bad ones from before, and the shadows caused by Xie Ke were also erased by Xie Ke one by one.

When he finally left this world, his body was already old.

Time seemed to have passed very quickly. Fu Zhiyu held Xie Ke’s hand and looked at him. Suddenly he thought that everything was a big dream.

But the man in front of him had always been by his side.

“Zhiyu,” Xie Ke hugged him as tenderly as always, “will we meet again?”

Fu Zhiyu nodded and replied, “We will.”

“That’s good.”

Xie Ke leaned closer and kissed his forehead, and then Fu Zhiyu heard him say softly in his ear: “I love you.”

There were many things he wanted to say. For example, after meeting Zhiyu in this life, he hadn’t been unhappy for a moment, and for example, how much he didn’t want to let go. But a thousand words only came together into one sentence.

“Zhiyu, I love you so much…”

This scene reminded Fu Zhiyu of the last time they parted. He lowered his eyes and listened to these words. Xie Ke didn’t hear his response for a long time.

He only heard a reply from Fu Zhiyu at the last moment.

“Me too. I’ve fallen in love with you all over again,” Fu Zhiyu said, and then sighed softly, “Round and round, Xie Ke, we will be together. After you leave, you have to remember to come to see me. You can’t forget it anymore.”

Not long after Xie Ke left this world, Fu Zhiyu also returned to the system space.

When he first came back, he was a little unaccustomed, he had a feeling of being in a different world and was dizzy.

He sat in the chair for a while, a bit unsteady, but the voice of the World Consciousness attracted his attention.

“That world has returned to normal.”

When Fu Zhiyu heard this voice, he felt his head ache even more.

“You simply had another agenda,” he accused, “It’s the Lord God who solves all such systemic problems, but this time it was me. You already knew Xie Ke was in there.”

“What do you mean, another agenda? Don’t talk nonsense,” the World Consciousness was very serious. “The reason that world was stuck was that there was still an actor in it. A world with an actor naturally cannot be transformed into a free world. You helped bring the actor out and the problem was solved. Isn’t that great? The Lord God is also very busy, you happen to have time, so help it too.”

Listen to your nonsense here.

Fu Zhiyu didn’t want to argue with the World Consciousness about it. After hearing this, he also grasped the point and asked, “After Xie Ke left, where is he?”

“I don’t know,” the World Consciousness said, “The little things about the actors are all managed by the Lord God. Go and ask it.”

It was really tiring to talk to the World Consciousness. Fu Zhiyu planned to go to the Lord God, but turned back halfway.

“When I went to that world, I replaced Lin Yu’s identity. Where did Lin Yu’s data go?”

After borrowing someone else’s identity for so long, Fu Zhiyu felt that he should have cared about it, but he couldn’t contact the outside when he was in the world, so he didn’t have an opportunity to ask until now.

“Before you came over, he signed the actor’s agreement, and he had already left the world to be the actor, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to get in,” the World Consciousness did know this, “If you are interested, you can also go and see him. His number is… um… let me check… 20367, the task was completed quite well.”

Fu Zhiyu said “Oh”, then squinted his eyes and asked rhetorically: “Didn’t you say that you don’t care about the little things about the actors? So you can check it, huh?”

The World Consciousness was very suspiciously silent for a while, and then replied in an evasive manner: “I’m so busy, I’ll go first.”

Busy? I think you are too idle.

Fu Zhiyu turned around and went to find the Lord God, but when the Lord God heard his question, he was also confused.

“I know about Lin Yu, but Xie Ke…” the Lord God said, “I haven’t received any news. Are you sure it was him in that world?”

“I’m sure it’s him,” Fu Zhiyu said, “It must be him.”

“I really don’t know,” the Lord God sounded very honest, “If the World Consciousness doesn’t tell you, maybe it has its own considerations.”

But when Fu Zhiyu tried to contact the World Consciousness again, there was no response, as if it was really busy.

After several attempts, Fu Zhiyu couldn’t help but feel somewhat anxious.

Finally one day the Lord God took the initiative to give him some news.

“There is a new manager in the system space.” The tone of the Lord God sounded a little strange, “He is said to be sent to be in charge of the actors, and he took away part of my responsibilities. Do you… want to take a look?”

Fu Zhiyu originally thought that the World Consciousness had made another ball like the Lord God, but the tone of the Lord God sounded so strange that his heart pounded and he subconsciously thought of what he had been worrying about recently. 

It’s better to be him.

Otherwise, if the World Consciousness continued to play its games, Fu Zhiyu felt that sooner or later he would kill it.

He walked from his quarters to the master brain, but before he made a few steps, he saw a man standing there.

The man stood there stupidly, hesitating, and when he saw Fu Zhiyu come out, he first froze, and then looked like he was going to run. But he just took a few steps back and stopped.

“Zhiyu,” Xie Ke lowered his head and called his name anxiously, “I…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he was hugged by Fu Zhiyu.

“Scared me to death,” he complained in Xie Ke’s arms with a sigh of relief, “I really thought you were gone.”

Xie Ke was very pleased. He hugged Fu Zhiyu as if holding a treasure. After a while, he lowered his head and kissed Zhiyu’s hair.

“Why are you standing outside?” Fu Zhiyu looked up and asked him, “Why didn’t you come in and find me?”

Xie Ke opened his mouth. He couldn’t describe what he was afraid of for a while, and finally only managed a sentence: “I remembered what happened before.”

Compared with him who had lost all his memories apart from the deepest impression in his heart, Xie Ke, who remembered everything, was not as confident as back then. Even though he remembered the process of Zhiyu gradually softening and accepting him, now he could barely trust his own memory.

He didn’t expect that he could still be accepted by Zhiyu.

He was afraid that as soon as he went in, Zhiyu wouldn’t be like that, so even that beautiful memory would be shattered.

When he stammered out his thoughts, Fu Zhiyu didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh.

He knew that Xie Ke was actually very insecure and was very afraid of him leaving when he was in that world, let alone now when he remembered everything.

“You had no memories, but I had. In that world, I really wanted to try it again with you,” Fu Zhiyu sighed, and then said, “On the contrary, sometimes I was afraid that you would not be able to hold on. I… Sometimes I didn’t like you as much as you liked me.”

Fu Zhiyu, who was passionate and desperately in love in the first life, no longer existed, after all. Even if he wanted to be with Xie Ke again, he couldn’t go back to being the same.

Xie Ke heard him say this, but he didn’t feel that something was wrong at all. A big stone fell from his heart, and the corners of his mouth curled up in an uncontrollable smile.

“It’s okay, Zhiyu,” Xie Ke said, “As long as you are willing to like me even a little, it is already a big surprise to me.”

He lowered his head and cautiously kissed the corner of his beloved’s lips. Fu Zhiyu gave him a funny look and took the initiative to really kiss him, finally biting him a little.

Xie Ke hissed. Although he was bitten, he still looked like a fool who was sweetly in love.

“But you still have to explain to me clearly,” Fu Zhiyu said, “What happened in between?”

Many things the World Consciousness and the Lord God had explained to him, but there were still many things he didn’t know.

There was nothing Xie Ke couldn’t say to him, so he told him everything.

“In fact, the World Consciousness has been testing me all the time. Because its first test of ‘His Name Will Live On in History’ didn’t meet its requirements, the test has not stopped.” Xie Ke said, “Even when the world rebooted, there was its shadow.”

The abilities that Xie Ke showed during the reboot of the world were much higher than the ones he had revealed in “His Name Will Live On in History”, which was what the World Consciousness wanted to see.

In the end, it was Fu Zhiyu who made him pass.

The World Consciousness had never wanted the actors to become mindless, ruthless task machines. All the worlds had become alive, and if the actors had not changed, they wouldn’t be able to keep up with reality.

Therefore, for the World Consciousness, the Xie Ke it saw in this process was multifaceted, capable, experienced, keen and intuitive. For example, back then, he relied on some clues to quickly discover the source of Fu Zhiyu’s abnormality, and when it came to the critical moment, he was decisively willing to give everything for the person he loved.

This test was considered to have been passed.

“The authority I get now is the authority it planned to give me back then,” Xie Ke said, “So at the last moment, it decided to keep me.”

According to Xie Ke’s thoughts, if the World Consciousness really didn’t keep him, even if he was unwilling to leave Fu Zhiyu, he would definitely not be able to stay, let alone be here today.

But it took time to go through this process and to recover, and there was still the matter of the authority granted.

Xie Ke showed Fu Zhiyu his actor panel, and the numbers on it had changed.

As the Lord God said, 027 had disappeared, and the number on Xie Ke’s actor panel was 001.

“I am also familiar with all this, but I find that I don’t know a lot about this world,” Xie Ke lowered his head and couldn’t help but kiss his beloved baby again. “All things considered, Zhiyu is my senior. Excuse me, can Senior take the time to teach me?”

Fu Zhiyu didn’t push him away. After letting him kiss greedily, he smiled and replied: “The two of us go round and round, but we still have to work for the World Consciousness.”

Although it was quite a troll, the World Consciousness was the origin of all the worlds. It was annoying, but it was never vague in major matters, and all the choices it made were right.

Just the little things…

Other things could be explained, but Fu Zhiyu deeply suspected that the stuck world was most likely the bad taste of the World Consciousness, even though it didn’t admit it.

But it was really good to have that world. Without the sincere and open Xie Ke at that time, the two of them each would have a heavy past in their hearts, and even if they met again, they probably would have to make many detours.

Forget it, Fu Zhiyu thought after a while. Although sometimes he was so angry that he really wanted to kill the World Consciousness, overall, it wasn’t bad.

Now, he was also beginning to look forward to his future life.

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