Buddha-like Rebirth Chapter 97

Fu Zhiyu’s mind was blank for a moment.

At the same time, a doubt quickly emerged in his thoughts. Why did the World Consciousness inexplicably send him here? Perhaps the stuck middle-level world was not the reason. The bigger reason was the person in front of him, right?

Was it brain-damaged? Was it necessary to make these twists and turns? As soon as Fu Zhiyu finished thinking that, he immediately realised that the World Consciousness was originally brainless.

After Zhou Yu met the man, he obediently took Fang Rongyu into the car, but the man he called “Youngest Uncle” remained in the same place, staring at Fu Zhiyu intently, unable to say a word.

Fu Zhiyu took the initiative to step forward, stared at him for a long time, and asked him, “Who are you?”

“I…” The man in the suit stuttered and even became obviously nervous, “I am… Xie Ke.”

Xie Ke also felt very strange. Because of his nephew’s affairs, he had seen the photos of everyone in their “idol group”. Lin Yu’s photo was a promotional photo taken by a fashion magazine. His face was very beautiful, but Xie Ke didn’t remember much after looking at it and forgot it almost immediately.

Why was meeting a real person so different?

After Fu Zhiyu heard this name, his face became even more indescribable.

After all this, you can’t say it’s a coincidence, can you?

This was him.

Xie Ke felt uneasy when he saw the young man’s stern face in front of him.

Did he seem too serious for their first meeting?

He regretted that he didn’t change into more casual clothes when he came from the meeting, making himself look more approachable.

“I, I’m Zhou Yu’s uncle, and I’m here to pick him up,” He tried to squeeze out a kind smile, but because of nervousness, the smile seemed very stiff, “Lin Yu, it’s very, very nice to meet you.”

He habitually stretched out a hand, probably because he was doing too much business. This handshake was no different from when he was negotiating a deal. As soon as he stretched out his hand, he regretted it.

It was too formal and didn’t express the friendliness he wanted to express at all.

But what he didn’t expect was that Lin Yu would stare at him for a while, reach out and shake his hand.

Although he quickly withdrew his hand, Xie Ke felt that his heartbeat had reached its peak at that moment.

His, his hand was so soft!

He didn’t understand what was wrong with him. Although Lin Yu was very good-looking, Xie Ke had seen hundreds of beauties and he had never taken more than one look. But the first glance at this person standing there had already made him unable to move his eyes away.

When Lin Yu stared at him, Xie Ke felt that his eyes seemed to be talking. He didn’t fully understand the meaning, but he couldn’t help but focus all his attention on Lin Yu.

“We… have we met before?”

The two of them stood in front of the car and talked. Zhou Yu took Fang Rongyu to sit down, and his uncle still didn’t come for a long time. He didn’t close the car window, so he could hear their conversation.

“Uncle?” He looked incredulous, “Your way of striking up a conversation is too old-fashioned, right?”

Xie Ke turned his head, and his eyes changed in a moment. Zhou Yu didn’t dare to joke with him like this, so he shrank his head back.

“Take him home immediately,” Xie Ke said to the driver, “I still have something to do.”

The driver nodded, and the car drove away quickly. Fu Zhiyu looked at Zhou Yu in the car, who watched him with very complicated eyes, and then said something to him.

The voice was too low, Fu Zhiyu didn’t hear it, but looking at the mouth shape, it should be “damn vixen”.

Xie Ke also saw it; he turned his head to Fu Zhiyu and said, “I’ll beat him up when I get back.”

Fu Zhiyu didn’t take this matter to heart. Zhou Yu’s silly behaviour was no different from that of a child. He had lived for so long, what would be the point of caring about this?

He tilted his head, glanced at Xie Ke and asked, “Aren’t you leaving? Didn’t you come to pick him up?”

“Zhou Yu has his mother to take care of him, I don’t usually need to bother,” Xie Ke explained hurriedly, “I, I have a lot of time today.”

Fu Zhiyu understood his frantic hint and thought for a while: “Are you free to have dinner with me?”

He looked at the sky and added, “Breakfast.”

Xie Ke was happier than ever at this moment and couldn’t help but grin, quickly agreeing: “Sure.”

Fu Zhiyu didn’t avoid him either, turned around and took him into the villa.

The strange relationship between the two of them meeting for the first time was a bit abnormal, but neither of them raised any objections.

Meanwhile, Zhou Yu, who took Fang Rongyu away, looked uncomfortable, and Fang Rongyu was also very worried.

“Whose car is this, is it your uncle’s?” He couldn’t help but look back, “Your uncle… what is he going to do to Xiao Yu?”

Zhou Yu looked at him and his tone sounded softer as he explained: “It’s my family’s car. You will understand when we get home. My uncle just has a cold personality, he won’t do anything to him. I think this guy Lin Yu is not simple. The way he looked at my uncle was like a hook.”

“Don’t talk nonsense,” Fang Rongyu looked at him disapprovingly, “Xiao Yu is very good, don’t be prejudiced against him.”

Zhou Yu curled his lips, but didn’t say anything.

Fu Zhiyu took Xie Ke into the house, told him to sit down on the sofa first and went upstairs to change his clothes.

He was used to dressing simply. He pulled out a camel-colored jumper that was at the bottom of his wardrobe and changed into it, then looked in the mirror.

This face was not at all similar to his original one, but looking at Xie Ke’s reaction, there was definitely something strange.

Did he… recognise him or not?

While Xie Ke was sitting on the sofa, he actually felt very confused. He looked around. After a while, he saw Fu Zhiyu, who had changed his clothes, walking down from upstairs, and quickly followed.

Fu Zhiyu first walked to the kitchen and took a look. Everything was new and almost unused.

The group had not lived here a lot, and even if they were here, no one would cook.

Fu Zhiyu wanted to go to the fridge to see if there were any ingredients, but as soon as he turned around, he bumped into Xie Ke who was following him.

“Why don’t I take you out to eat?” Xie Ke plucked up the courage to invite him, “I know a few restaurants that are not bad.”

“No,” Fu Zhiyu shook his head. “This is a suburb. It takes more than an hour to drive, and I’m already very hungry.”


“Can you cook?” Fu Zhiyu asked him. He went to the fridge and took a look. There were noodles and some vegetables, probably bought by the housekeeper. “Just something simple.”

Xie Ke really could.

But he cooked very little, and no one had eaten his meals except himself.

It was strange. It was obviously the first time they met, but he couldn’t refuse anything Lin Yu said. Zhou Yu complained about his old-fashioned way of striking up a conversation, but he was telling the truth.

Why was he so familiar?

While thinking about it, Xie Ke took off his coat and obediently went to the kitchen to make Fu Zhiyu a bowl of tomato and egg noodles.

The noodles were ordinary packaged noodles bought in the supermarket. The tomatoes had probably been in the fridge for several days. The ingredients were not fresh anymore. To be honest, this bowl of noodles was not very delicious.

Fu Zhiyu looked at the man in front of him, lowered his head and finished eating.

“Where do you know me from?” He asked, “Because of Zhou Yu?”

Xie Ke nodded and said, “Lin Yu…”

Fu Zhiyu interrupted him at this moment, and suddenly asked him: “I have another name, Fu Zhiyu, do you remember?”

He felt that the problem of this world should basically lie with Xie Ke, otherwise the World Consciousness wouldn’t send him over inexplicably.

But what would it take for this man to become “normal”?

Whether it was for the sake of the world becoming normal or for his own sake, this matter of Xie Ke had to be resolved.

Xie Ke couldn’t hide from him those things he had done for him inexplicably and then disappear quietly. Now Fu Zhiyu finally saw him again, but Xie Ke didn’t remember anything.

He had to remember all the memories, good or bad; no matter what, it was something the two of them had experienced.

“Fu Zhiyu,” Xie Ke looked at him blankly, muttering the name repeatedly, “Fu Zhiyu…”

The name seemed to be imprinted in his soul, and as soon as it was mentioned, it made the deepest part of his heart tremble.

He tried to look back on his life. Xie Ke’s memory was very good; since he remembered himself at an extremely young age, he wouldn’t forget a single thing, not a single thing had been missed.

But why wasn’t Fu Zhiyu there? It shouldn’t have been like that.

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