Buddha-like Rebirth Chapter 96

The World Consciousness was always like this. It only had the idea of “achieving the goal”, and if it couldn’t be achieved, it would force it willy-nilly anyway.

Fu Zhiyu wanted to ignore it, turned around and was going to leave, but as soon as he took a step, he heard a “ding” in his ear.

“The world is loading, please be prepared.”

Fu Zhiyu: “……”

How could this world have such an unreasonable consciousness!

Before he could curse, his vision went black, and when he opened his eyes again, the system space was no longer in front of him.

At this moment, a huge amount of information from this world instantly poured into his mind.

Fu Zhiyu had never had such an experience; he felt light-headed, and it took him a long time to recover.

This was a strange world to him. Although he had seen many various worlds when he was in the system space, it was like watching surveillance, and there were many differences from actually entering.

Moreover, this was not the same as the ancient world of “His Name Will Live On in History”. This was a modern world. The original work was a plot-driven novel. It is about the journey of the female protagonist from obscurity to becoming a movie queen. Although the emotional line with the male lead was not much, it was not too difficult.

The overall difficulty of playing was not high; Fu Zhiyu judged that it was probably a middle-level world.

The original work only said that after the female protagonist won the Best Actress award, she accepted the male protagonist’s marriage proposal and it was over. The actress in charge of the world played this part well, got the points reward and left the world.

After that, the heroine, the daughter of luck, still existed, but became a normal data. It stood to reason that the whole world should have become a free world, but it was the program that had an abnormality, and it was stuck there half up and half down.

Now it seemed that although everything was working as usual, it definitely would not be good in the long run. Stuck in the middle, there would be a risk of the world dissipating.

This kind of situation had never happened before. The situation was indeed quite urgent, but the problems that arose during the operation like this should be managed by the Lord God according to the distribution of responsibilities. Fu Zhiyu didn’t know what the World Consciousness was crazy about sending him in.

Fu Zhiyu’s identity this time was a supporting role. This supporting character was regarded as one of the heroine’s admirers, but the book was mainly plot-based and there were very few emotional lines. Even the male lead could be regarded as a part of the background.

In fact, his supporting character was at best agreeable. In addition to reflecting the charm of the heroine in the plot, there were very few other scenes. In short, he was an instrumental passerby.

The name of this supporting character was Lin Yu, and it partly coincided with Fu Zhiyu’s name, which could barely be considered a bit of fate.

This book was mainly about the entertainment industry. Lin Yu was an idol singer. When the book was over, he was only eighteen years old. The heroine treated him as her younger brother.

Fu Zhiyu walked to the mirror and looked at his face to familiarise himself with it somewhat.

It was good to have the face of an idol singer. Besides, Lin Yu was a popular idol. He was young and took the sweet boy route. His curly hair was dyed golden and surrounded his porcelain-white face, making him look like a cute doll.

Not like him, but a little bit like Yuan Lu.

Lin Yu was not living alone yet. He was a member of an idol group. The company rented a small villa for five people of the group, each having a separate room.

The allocation of the rooms showed the company’s bias. The popularity of the group members was not equal. Lin Yu alone carried more than half of the attention. He lived in the largest room on the second floor, with a separate cloakroom, bathroom and even a small garden. Members who were not so popular lived in the rooms that were not half as big as his and had no private bathroom.

This kind of approach with pleasing the winner and stepping on the loser was actually quite bad. No matter when and where, no one would be happy with such differential treatment.

As a result, the plot had developed to the point when the group could no longer sustain itself and was already in the process of disbanding. Everyone was waiting to fly solo. The popular members didn’t want to be dragged down. The non-popular ones also felt that they didn’t want to live in the shadow of the others. After they left, there would definitely be more opportunities in the future. Anyway, no one wanted to stay.

Fu Zhiyu didn’t care about this. He was thinking about the key to the world’s problem of being stuck. Was there something wrong with the female protagonist and the male lead?

He had some contact with the heroine in this identity, and the relationship was okay. He belonged to the kind of person who couldn’t be a lover but could be a friend. He fished out his mobile phone from the bed, groped it carefully, and then sent a message to the heroine, asking if she had time to come out to meet.

After he waited for a while, the heroine didn’t reply, probably very busy.

But at this time, there was a noise downstairs.

“Don’t bully people too much!”

Then there was a bang, like the sound of a cup being smashed.

And as if this was not enough, the noise was getting louder and louder, and it sounded as if a fight was about to start. Fu Zhiyu glanced at his mobile phone. The heroine hadn’t replied to him yet. Fu Zhiyu and the male lead were not familiar with each other, so he could only go down to the living room to have a look.

There was a group of people sitting on the sofa in the living room. The agent was sitting in the middle, his face ugly. But after seeing Fu Zhiyu coming down, he forced out a smile.

“Woke up from your nap? Come on, come and sit here.”

Fu Zhiyu took a look; it was a glass cup that had just been broken. It was right at his feet, and no one went to clean up the broken glass on the floor.

He didn’t go over either, afraid of cutting his feet. He found a stool and sat down, asking, “What’s the matter? What’s all the noise about?”

The people present didn’t seem to be in a good mood, so when he asked, no one said anything, and the scene was very awkward for a while.

Fu Zhiyu looked around. The captain was regarded as the second most popular in the group, making some splashes in the circle. Today, he wore a very formal suit. He lowered his head and was thinking about something. Among the other three, one was admitted to the film academy and was going to school next month, feeling very impatient. Sitting at the dining table, far away from everyone, there were two more people, the least popular ones. One huddled on the small sofa and seemed to have cried; his eyes were red. The other one stood in front of him. His protective posture was obvious, and his face was the most discontent.

To Fu Zhiyu, these people were nothing to be concerned about, they didn’t even add up to a few pages in the original story, but there was one of them that made Fu Zhiyu take a few more looks.

It was the one with the most angry face; Fu Zhiyu remembered, his name was Zhou Yu.

He was not bad-looking but he was extremely arrogant and often looked at people down his nose, offending many people. He didn’t like to participate in business activities, so it was normal for him to be at the bottom of the popularity.

But this young master’s temper was not unwarranted. He was really a young master. He fell out with his family and ran away to be an idol. He never told the company about his family background from beginning to end. Otherwise, this very ordinary entertainment company would have put him to use a long time ago.

The strange thing was that this setting was actually not mentioned in the original work. After all, these people were not worthy of the author’s attention to develop in so much detail. But perhaps the world completed itself or some changes occurred in the process. The information Fu Zhiyu received was not only from the original work, but also from the current situation in the world.

The world’s completion of the original work was actually quite interesting. Everyone had an independent story. Just like now, when the story of the wealthy and noble young master hiding his identity and falling in love with Cinderella was happening.

The red-eyed “Cinderella” who was protected by Zhou Yu was called Fang Rongyu. Perhaps because they both were the least popular, the two of them sympathised with each other, and their relationship was getting better and better. Fang Rongyu’s family was very ordinary or even poor. He was probably the most troubled soul in the group, but Zhou Yu didn’t want him to be wronged, so he was dragging him away.

The disbandment was a certainty, and now they were talking about the termination of the contract.

In fact, all five people wanted to terminate their contracts. This small company was simply lucky to get a group that became a big hit. But it was run so poorly that everyone didn’t want to stay. However, there were still three years left in the contract, so there was a quarrel.

Zhou Yu hadn’t said anything about his family background yet; he hadn’t even mentioned it to Fang Rongyu. In the future, he planned to take Fang Rongyu to sign up with his relative’s company, which was currently the best company in the industry.

Fu Zhiyu had already received this information when he entered the world. It was really too detailed. The World Consciousness didn’t tell him where the problem was, so he could only pay attention to everything, like a headless fly, hoping to solve it as soon as possible and go back quickly.

There was a solid quarrel in the living room for a long time, and Fu Zhiyu waited until the evening before getting the heroine’s reply.

“Sorry, ah, Xiao Yu, I have been filming abroad for the last month, and I may not have time to go out. When I return home, I will bring you a gift.”

Followed by a smiley face.

It seemed everything was normal with the heroine.

Fu Zhiyu flipped through her Moments. Last night, the heroine also posted a photo of a loving scene with the male lead. The two most important people in the world seemed to be very stable emotionally, and there was no problem.

Could it be that the problem lay with other people?

While Fu Zhiyu was thinking hard, the living room continued to be noisy; but there was no result anyway, and everyone finally broke up unhappily.

But the good thing was that recently, because of this incident, the team’s activities had basically come to a standstill. Fu Zhiyu was happy to be free and spend time looking around for the problem.

He hadn’t found anything in the next few days, but Zhou Yu’s plan to terminate the contract had basically come to fruition.

The company wasn’t concerned about the two unpopular ones, mainly because it thought that Lin Yu and the captain couldn’t run away, and the one who had gotten into film school was also a potential stock. As for the rest, they could go wherever they wanted to.

On the day Zhou Yu took Fang Rongyu away, Fang Rongyu seemed to have cried again. He saw Fu Zhiyu coming down the stairs and looked at him expectantly.

“What’s wrong with you?” Fu Zhiyu was taken aback by his look.

“Xiao Yu, after we separate, you have to be good,” Fang Rongyu sniffed and shoved at him something he was holding behind his back. “I will always remember our days together.”

Fu Zhiyu looked down and saw that it was five little dolls. It was probably something that had been sold to the fan circle before, but the dolls were well done and seemed alive.

“Let’s go.” Zhou Yu saw it, pulled Fang Rongyu over with a cold face and glared at Fu Zhiyu as he left.

Fu Zhiyu: “……”

What does it have to do with me? It’s not that I provoked him.

Fang Rongyu was pulled by Zhou Yu, and the two quickly walked to the door of the villa, where in addition to the moving company’s truck, there was also a car parked behind.

Zhou Yu pulled Fang Rongyu to the car and told him to sit inside, but when Fang Rongyu looked at the car logo, his face became weird, and he stopped on his tracks.

He was simple but not stupid. This car was obviously not something they could afford to drive.

“I’ll explain to you slowly,” Zhou Yu also saw his doubts and coaxed, “You get in first.”

Fu Zhiyu was already at the door at this time. He hadn’t received a gift for a long time, and Fang Rongyu was also a friend of the original owner. He thought about seeing them off; anyway, it was just an effort of a few words.

But before he could say anything, a man came out of the parked car.

“You get in too.” The man wore a decent suit, as if he had just gotten out of a meeting. He glanced at Zhou Yu and said to him in a calm voice, “When you get home, you can also explain to us slowly.”

There was a look of surprise on Zhou Yu’s face when saw the man. His raised head immediately lowered; he even looked a little cramped and laughed dryly: “Youngest Uncle… why are you here?”

As he spoke, he subconsciously pulled Fang Rongyu aside for symbolical protection.

Fu Zhiyu originally wanted to see them off at the door. He was still wearing home clothes and walked in a pair of bear slippers, just in time to meet this man.

The “youngest uncle” Zhou Yu mentioned had Xie Ke’s face.

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