Buddha-like Rebirth Chapter 94

It was said that it is a test world. It took a lot of time for the Lord God to set up a simulation environment in the world of “His Name Will Live On in History”.

The reason for choosing it was also because “His Name Will Live On in History” had a good historical foundation. According to the World Consciousness’s analysis, the “vitality” of this world was much stronger than that of other worlds, which meant that the authenticity and personality of the characters inside would be much stronger, which fully met the screening criteria.

But this foundation alone was not enough. The World Consciousness had put part of its own power into some of the main characters in this world. Shen Yang had it, and Yuan Mingdao also had, in order to make them do more things that were different from the original work. 

Fu Zhiyu, the villain, attracted the World Consciousness. It put a lot of its cognizance into Fu Zhiyu and spent more effort on him. But even this was not enough. It made this role an interference task and wanted to find an actor to create new difficulties.

The World Consciousness interference with Fu Zhiyu’s role in the mission was leaked out. It didn’t care. This mission was very different from the previous interference mission. The actors thought they knew the situation and were caught off guard. This way, on the contrary, allowed the World Consciousness to better test Xie Ke’s level and test whether he could get this authority.

Obviously everything was ready, but when Xie Ke entered the world, everything changed.

To be precise, Fu Zhiyu had changed.

When the mission opened, the moment the character was “lit up”, it was like a black hole, sucking up most of the World’s Consciousness’s layout and power left in that world, and the person who was given the task of playing the role couldn’t take over, because this “Fu Zhiyu” had absorbed so much that he almost became part of the World Consciousness.

Fu Zhiyu completely deviated from the character that belonged to the original; he was a new “person”, and very different compared to the other people in this world.

Because of this accident, the original arrangement of the World Consciousness almost failed, and the character Fu Zhiyu didn’t live according to its original arrangement and was far from the original work.

Xie Ke was supposed to have an alternative method of scoring the mission, and of course, his system would have received a reminder when he started the mission, but because of this accident, many of the arrangements didn’t work.

The World Consciousness: “……”

This could be regarded as its fault. It probably spent too much effort on the character Fu Zhiyu, and it was the first time it did this. Maybe it didn’t control its sense of proportion and finally created this kind of accident, and it couldn’t help it. 

The mission had already begun, and forced adjustment at this time might have caused the world to collapse, so this character was just allowed to go on.

In all fairness, Xie Ke did a good job. He should have received another rating rule, but he didn’t. In the end, he followed the original one. Fu Zhiyu’s accident made the risk of deducting points in many aspects greater, and in many places points were deducted. Even so, Xie Ke still passed, indicating that he was indeed an excellent actor. 

But in the end, the World Consciousness didn’t give him the authority it had originally promised, because the result was different from its imagination.

However, except for one Xie Ke, none of the actors were able to withstand the test of the World Consciousness to that extent. Originally, the World Consciousness was waiting to see if Xie Ke could do it again, but it didn’t expect this actor favoured by the World Consciousness would go crazy.

Because of “Fu Zhiyu”.

The World Consciousness had received news from the Lord God, but it doesn’t know how to reply.

It was certain that “Fu Zhiyu” couldn’t be deleted. He was almost completely composed of the World Consciousness. In other words, he was part of the origin of this world, and he was one level higher than the master brain and the Lord God. How could he be deleted by them!

The World Consciousness deeply regretted the entire self-inflicted mistake, but it didn’t know how to solve it and it couldn’t delete a part of itself.

“Zhiyu, I’ve just told you that we are all hired workers of the World Consciousness. As for me, I’m just a senior employee, but you are different. To use an appropriate and inappropriate metaphor, you are a child of the World Consciousness.”

Fu Zhiyu: “……”

He didn’t have any expression of excitement, just a dawning realisation.

It seemed that he was neither a bug nor a virus. His inexplicable strength and the blood in his body probably came from the World Consciousness.

The Lord God also knew what he was thinking, and explained: “You didn’t have it when you were in the mission world. It was because the mission world itself had restrictions, and the World Consciousness is not omnipotent. For example, after the mission starts, it can’t make changes anymore, so you are the same.

But after the world becomes a free world, it’s different. You no longer have these restrictions on you. Zhiyu, you have also discovered that not only your blood was useful and your strength increased, but these two items were just the most external manifestations. The power of the World Consciousness in you is much more than that.

And you are not the same as the World Consciousness. It has no specific image and cannot come to this world. It is just a managing existence. But you are different. You have a body. In other words, you can do anything. Zhiyu, the ability you were born with is already higher than mine and higher than the master brain’s, but you don’t know how to use it yet.”

No wonder the Lord God wanted to find a place for him to sit down at the beginning. Fu Zhiyu looked at his hands and listened in shock. It took a while before he digested this amount of information.

He really didn’t think so much. After he left the world, he thought he would go back to the small room again, reading those never-ending books with no concept of time.

But since the Lord God was telling him this now, it was probably not that simple.

“Then, what does the World Consciousness think of the matter of ‘His Name Will Live On in History’ rebooting?” Fu Zhiyu asked the Lord God, “There is me and there is Xie Ke. At that time, you said that this world could easily have an impact on the overall stability, so it was very important. What about the World Consciousness, did it care?”

“It cared,” the Lord God said, “Didn’t I tell you at the beginning that the world of ‘His Name Will Live On in History’ should have returned to its normal track a long time ago?”

After listening to this, Fu Zhiyu sensitively felt that this matter seemed to be different from what he understood at that time.

“When… was it supposed to return to normal?”

“Its reboot was supported by Xie Ke. The time of its return to normal was naturally when Xie Ke couldn’t support it anymore,” the Lord God said. “You should remember, it was that arrow.”

Fu Zhiyu naturally remembered, and his fingers curled up unconsciously.

The Lord God said: “It should have returned to normal at that time, but Xie Ke was underestimated by the World Consciousness. He was indeed an excellent actor, very good.

Because the trauma was too serious, his body couldn’t hold on for the time being. He had come back once. At about that time, he had some clues. He had some correct conjectures about your true identity, and he also had some guesses about the actions of World Consciousness.”

“…What guesses?” Fu Zhiyu asked. In fact, when he heard the beginning, he already had a faint sense of crisis, “The World Consciousness should not tolerate accidents like me. The authority is too high to control.”

The World Consciousness couldn’t tolerate him, the “child” who escaped inexplicably.

The Lord God was silent for a while and said, “Indeed, I don’t deny that the World Consciousness wanted to delete you. To be precise, not to delete, it just wanted to take back its power. But it was not good to do this directly. After you and Xie Ke entered ‘His Name Will Live On in History’, it wanted to pack up the troubles and solve them together. When Xie Ke was at his weakest, it was indeed the best opportunity.”

When Fu Zhiyu heard this, he clenched his fists tightly.

Although the Lord God said that… nothing happened.

He lived in Jiangnan at that time, thinking that everything was fine, not knowing that the dark currents were raging outside.

“Delete the world of ‘His Name Will Live On in History’, maybe delete you along with it, take back part of your power, and then enter the initial data of that world again. Then it could be regarded as nothing ever happened,” the Lord God said. “Xie Ke was actually not the goal of the World Consciousness. As an actor, he still could be controlled. The World Consciousness also had a use of him. He was temporarily out of the world at that time. Originally, Xie Ke could escape all of this.”

Fu Zhiyu froze. When he heard this, he suddenly remembered that when he saw Xie Ke for the last time, he saw his white hair and his visibly aged face.

“Why didn’t I know any of this?” Fu Zhiyu felt that his hands were shaking, “I…”

He originally felt that he and the Lord God were friends, and wanted to ask why it didn’t let him know, but he quickly remembered that the Lord God was a responsible manager before it was his friend.

“Have you ever opened three red bloodstone boxes?” The Lord God asked him, “This man Xie Ke really… I don’t know how to describe it. Maybe he was planning ahead. He was probably afraid that you would disappear again, so he used this. This thing… it worked on you.”

Fu Zhiyu had some memories.

But at that time, he just felt that it was a boring thing Xie Ke did in his free time and deliberately used his curiosity to make him open three boxes just to see what he wrote in them.

“This is about the most advanced prop that the current actor can get. It’s a transfer prop, a box that gives the actor a chance to escape obliteration. Of course, the effect is more than that, it all depends on how people use it. Xie Ke took it and reversed it. He relied on his high authority and high points to bind himself to you. Maybe he was afraid that you would disappear at that time,” the Lord God said, “If it were only him, he would probably not be able to resist the World Consciousness. But Xie Ke was the first person to play this kind of role. Although he exchanged many things before, he still had residual power and he pulled almost half of the actors to make temporary resistance. He also relied on those three boxes to leave everything to you.”

“…What do you mean?”

“The World Consciousness also has operating rules. For example, it cannot delete you directly. For example, the actor can only be obliterated when the mission fails. This is the only way to die.” The mechanical voice of the Lord God was very calm, without any emotion. “Xie Ke gave you his power through the links in those three boxes. If you were half an actor, it was useless for the World Consciousness to delete ‘His Name Will Leave On in History’, so nothing could be done.

But you will have to come back one day. When Xie Ke’s power is exhausted, which is now, you will come back.”

Fu Zhiyu didn’t speak for a long time.

When he uncovered the layers of truth and saw the reality hidden at the bottom, he knew what was going on behind the quiet years in the world in the book.

“You are very special now, half of you is the World Consciousness and half of you is the actor,” the Lord God said, “It’s a good thing. The World Consciousness was originally afraid that it wouldn’t be able to control you at all, so it had to take back your power. But now that you have the identity of half of the actor, you have to be subject to some control, so that it can rest assured. Instead it feels good that you have such great innate conditions, and it’s a pity not to use them. Now, it won’t delete you because you can do many things for it.”

“…Where’s Xie Ke?”

“Naturally, he disappeared,” the Lord God said, “There is no longer Actor 027 in the system record.”

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