Buddha-like Rebirth Chapter 80

From Deng Jinghe’s point of view, the plan was really foolproof. Even if Fu Zhiyu got angry, there was the framed Qian family in front of him to block his anger. If it didn’t help, the trail would lead to Deng Lang, and he would hand Deng Lang over. He liked it even more, he had to deal with Deng Lang anyway.

It was not that all the Deng family was required to be buried. One Deng Qian and one Deng Lang were enough. Deng Jinghe even took the time to carefully inquire about what Fu Zhiyu did when he was in the capital, trying to understand his mentality, and he also knew that this person wasn’t someone who would kill indiscriminately.

As for the losses in the process, it was actually nothing. It was always necessary to sacrifice something to achieve something. Deng Jinghe had long been prepared. When the Deng family was in his own hands, the money would be earned back sooner or later.

Who knew Fu Zhiyu would do this? He was obviously attacked by the coachman. Although he didn’t succeed, Fu Zhiyu suddenly stopped being angry. He looked like he didn’t bother to care about their shit. Not only did the Qian family get the letters from him, but he really took out the antidote and actually gave it to Qian Manguan?

Deng Qian and Qian Manguan were good friends. The coachman incident was to make Qian Manguan disappointed in the Deng family, and it also eliminated the possibility of Qian Manguan lending a helping hand, which could be described as killing two birds with one stone.

But for now, none of Deng Jinghe’s ideas had come true, they all fell flat. He couldn’t predict Fu Zhiyu’s actions at all. This person didn’t play cards according to common sense and avoided all the pits. With a slight change, all his careful plans had fallen through.

Although Qian Manguan was making a scene now, he had the antidote in his hand, and he didn’t really want Deng Qian’s life. As long as the Deng family came up with the money, they could really get the antidote.

As soon as Deng Qian woke up, Deng Jinghe’s right to speak and initiative would be nothing, and he would have to start all over again.

Now he was gritting his teeth, looking at Qian Manguan, who was still bossing around in the hall.

Deng Lang didn’t dare to speak when he heard Qian Manguan mention the coachman. He was shaking all over. When he heard the end, he simply knelt directly in front of Qian Manguan.

“It was all my idea. If Uncle Qian is angry, come towards me. My mother has never been involved in these things, let alone my father. He has been sick in bed for a long time and can’t wake up. It was all because of my momentary obsession. I am willing to compensate for the loss of the Qian family. I only ask Uncle Qian to remember the affection of the past and save my father’s life.”

After that, he kowtowed to Qian Manguan.

Anyway, it was the child who had grown up in front of his eyes. Qian Manguan looked at him and couldn’t bear to do anything.

He opened his mouth and didn’t say anything. Seeing her son like this, the lady of the Deng family threw herself down beside him and lay collapsed, crying and choking. Even the old lady who was sitting in the front stood up tremblingly, not knowing what to do.

After all, she was an old woman. Qian Manguan gave a sign, and someone beside him went to help the old lady, not letting her do anything more.

Qian Manguan looked at Deng Lang, then at the messy hall, and sighed.

The situation when the Deng family entirely relied on Deng Qian to hold on was really dangerous. He had warned Deng Qian about it many times before, but it was useless.

Deng Lang was raised to be like this, unable to accomplish anything but liable to fail. It was not that the thing with the coachman couldn’t be done, the business world was like this. It was nothing to take risks. Seeking wisdom and wealth in danger was a famous saying, but it was not tantamount to recklessness.

When Deng Lang did this, he neither carefully considered whether it could be successful, nor how to deal with the aftermath. He relied too much on Deng Qian, always thinking that as long as his father woke up, everything would be fine.

How could such a child inherit the Deng family’s business in the future?

“Get up,” Qian Manguan rubbed his brow, “Forget it, I only need the shops in Yongzhou on this list, and I don’t want the rest. Just… paying back the affection of so many years.”

Deng Lang heard this and breathed a sigh of relief. Although the shops in Yongzhou made money, they were not as important as Deng Qian’s life.

“You go to Yongzhou with my people to do the handover now, and I will call someone to save Deng Qian,” Qian Manguan said. He gave in, but now his tone became tougher, “Don’t play tricks. You need to apply the needles several times with the medicine. The medicine is a three-day amount, not a single time less, otherwise Deng Qian will die.”

“Okay, okay,” Deng Lang was overjoyed and nodded quickly, “As long as my father can wake up, I’ll do anything.”

He followed Qian Manguan’s people out. Deng Qian’s wife in the hall was still crying. Deng Jinghe didn’t speak from beginning to end. At this time, he felt that Qian Manguan’s eyes passed the many people in front of him and looked directly at him.

Deng Jinghe avoided his gaze.

Qian Manguan looked at him for a while, but didn’t say a word, just turned around and went out.

He waited in front of the mansion until Deng Lang came out with a small box.

“It is the title deed to the shops,” He was afraid that Qian Manguan would change his mind, so he showed it to him directly. “There are some long-term workers in the shops who have signed the deed of sale. They are all included, nothing is missing. I’m bringing the family seal to go to the shops to hand them over. At that time, Uncle Qian can use those people if he wants to use them, or not.”

Qian Manguan took a look, then waved his hand, told him to put it away, and said, “Let’s go.”

Deng Lang got into the carriage, and Qian Manguan also sat in together with him, but didn’t set off immediately.

“Who is guarding Deng Qian now that he is unconscious?”

“Uncle Qian, don’t worry,” Deng Lang said. “Grandma is afraid that someone will harm him, so the courtyard is surrounded by martial artists. Only a few of us can enter, and those concubines are not allowed to approach him.”

The old lady of the Deng family had seen some of the world and had some skills. After Qian Manguan heard it, he didn’t say anything anymore, so the carriage set off and headed towards Yongzhou.

It didn’t take long for Qian Manguan to ask him again: “Deng Jinghe… what has he been doing recently?”

Hearing the name, Deng Lang frowned obviously, as if very unhappy.

“This family doesn’t have his share. I heard that he got a new caravan outside and made some money. It was just that he didn’t succeed much. My father has never looked up to him.” Deng Lang didn’t seem to take Deng Jinghe seriously at all. “Recently, my father had an accident, and he didn’t care much about it. Really an unfilial bastard!”

Deng Jinghe going out to make money by himself was something Qian Manguan knew, but he didn’t win over Yuan Lu on the Southern Xinjiang jade line. Although his other deals were successful, they were not enough for the Deng family to pay attention to him.

When the business had developed to the point where all the ways to make money were divided up, leaving little room to make a lot of money, one had to put a lot of effort into developing new ways, and this was much more difficult, so Deng Qian didn’t take Deng Jinghe to heart.

Qian Manguan twisted the beads in his hand and said, “The last time I came to the Deng mansion, he came out to receive me.”

“He didn’t neglect you, did he?” Deng Lang heard Qian Manguan’s words and thought he was asking for an explanation, so he quickly added, “At that time, the old lady hadn’t slept for several days because of this incident, and she couldn’t hold on and fainted. My mother was praying in the Buddha hall and I took the steward outside to deal with emergencies. Coincidentally, you came here at that time, and only he happened to hear the commotion to come out.”

Was it really a coincidence?

Qian Manguan felt otherwise, but he wasn’t Deng Lang’s father. Deng Qian taught him like this, it was his own problem. He had already warned this youngster enough, and if he failed in the future, it would be none of his business.

Yongzhou wasn’t too far from Luanzhou, but after this round trip and the handover, it was already late at night when they returned to Luanzhou City.

Qian Manguan was in a better mood with the pile of contracts. He looked at Deng Lang, who was tired and still in high spirits, and finally reminded him: “Be careful in the future, think twice before doing things. Jiangnan will never be like before again. Learn from your mistakes, you will never go wrong if you restrain yourself in the future. If we hadn’t messed with Fu Zhiyu, nothing would have happened.”

Deng Lang suffered several losses from Fu Zhiyu and didn’t dare to look down on him. He nodded and said that he had taken note of it.

“Go back,” Qian Man said, “From now on, our two families will be like this, no mention of the so-called affection. The days in Jiangnan will change. To be able to persevere will be more important than anything.”

After he said this, regardless of whether Deng Lang heard these words or not, he turned around and left.

Fu Zhiyu didn’t care about this anymore. The Deng and Qian families were now a thing of the past in his eyes. He came to a village under Luanzhou alone today, wearing ordinary clothes.

“It is no use for you to change your clothes,” Steward Zhou reminded him when he saw him go out like this, “Although it’s a private visit, your face and hands look like those of a well-bred gentleman, so no matter how you dress up you look different from ordinary people.”

“it’s fine, it’s fine,” Fu Zhiyu waved his hand, “as long as I don’t make them too nervous. I’m not going undercover, I’m just going to see what’s going on.”

He didn’t take a carriage and rode a horse instead. He planned to pretend to be a passerby to ask for a sip of water to see how ordinary people were doing.

But he didn’t expect that in the first house on the side of the road where he stopped he would be recognised straight away.

Fu Zhiyu saw this small house at the entrance of the village, surrounded by a fence, with a few chickens in the yard. Someone happened to be feeding the chickens there, a middle-aged man by the look of his back, dressed very simply, scattering the rice bran for the chickens on the ground bit by bit.

Fu Zhiyu didn’t plan to knock on the door yet. He just stood there and looked around, but as if he felt something or heard something, the man glanced back.

“…Wang Zhao?”

He stared at Fu Zhiyu’s face for a while, hesitated a little, and then called his title.

Fu Zhiyu was a little puzzled. Although he didn’t disguise himself much, it seemed strange to be recognised so quickly.

He didn’t go out much in Jiangnan, right?

The man glanced at him a few more times, as if making sure, and then bowed to Fu Zhiyu in a formal manner.

Unlike the kowtowing of ordinary people, his salute was very standard and should have been specially studied.

Was he lucky or unlucky to have met someone so different the first time he came out?

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