Buddha-like Rebirth Chapter 78

Among the four major families in Jiangnan, no one could tell who was richer. Qian Manguan had never had an opportunity to control the life and death of another family, but he did now.

No businessman is too scrupulous, and Qian Manguan considered himself to be a bottom-line profiteer, but he couldn’t help but feel uneasy in the face of this.

It was indeed a great gift, but it all depended on how he used it.

The Qian family and the Deng family had always been good friends, not only because he and Deng Qian were childhood friends, but also because of their interests. Let’s not talk about the intersection of the two businesses; in the case of the four companies with similar strengths, after the alliance, the effect of one and one against two was also obvious, and their united voices were indeed stronger.

However, once Fu Zhiyu had demonstrated his power, the benefits of the alliance were greatly reduced. After all, no matter how big their alliance was, no matter how big they were, they were not as big as Fu Zhiyu.

What happened before made Qian Manguan feel that no one in this world could be relied upon. No matter how good one’s words were, they were useless.

The result of his alliance with the Deng family was that he had fallen on his face, compared to the Lin family that had been left alone and was living as happily as ever.

But he was still a little wary to face this.

“Why give it to me?” Qian Manguan said.  He didn’t dare to take it, with an obviously cautious look on his face, “If Wang Zhao has this, he can ask the Deng family to do whatever he wants, right?”

Dr. Chen smiled and said, “Look, you underestimate Wang Zhao again. He was looking for this medicine all this time with the intention of saving people. Who knew that the Deng family would be so ignorant. But after all, the medicine was found and it is still necessary to save people. However, His Highness feels uncomfortable and doesn’t plan to give it directly.

His Highness is very satisfied with the Qian family. Although the trouble was unpleasant before, Master Qian was aware of his mistakes and corrected them. My master could see it and told me that at that time he didn’t expect it to be such a big deal and made the Qian family’s son suffer. Therefore, he would like to give this antidote to Master Qian.

For one thing, the Qian family and the Deng family have always been good friends. With this thing handed over to you, it is justified for you to deliver it. He also knows that the Deng and Qian families have had some misunderstandings recently. With this medicine, he hopes that the previous disagreements of the two families will be written off. What His Highness means here is that the matter of the coachman will not be pursued anymore. Secondly, although it is necessary to save people, the Deng family should indeed suffer a little. This medicine wasn’t obtained for nothing. Deng Qian’s life is also worth a lot of money. My master doesn’t want the Deng family’s things, but the Qian family can make up for some losses.”

At that time, Fu Zhiyu explained only a few words, and now most of what Dr. Chen said to Qian Manguan was his own play. Such a long passage of high-sounding words made Qian Manguan listen in a daze.

Indeed, although his son was coming back, Qian Manguan couldn’t help being in pain when he thought of the money he had lost.

After all, the barbarians and Chen wouldn’t refund his money.

But when it came to the matter of settling the score with the Deng family, Qian Manguan couldn’t let go even if he was told to.


The Deng family deliberately framed him, and even if it wasn’t at the behest of Deng Qian, now he had learned of the family’s sinister intentions.

Dr. Chen paused for a while, giving some time for him to think, and then said, “So, if Master Qian wants to think about it, I will leave this medicine to you. The rest will be left to the Qian family to decide.”

Qian Manguan was not stupid either. In fact, the main meaning of this long passage was to tell him that he had to choose for himself.

Option one, give the medicine directly, and after waking Deng Qian up, treat this as if nothing had happened. In the future, the two families would tuck in their tails and behave themselves, honestly making up for the losses of this period of time. Option two, take this medicine to knock down the Deng family. Anyway, Wang Zhao’s opinion on the Deng family was much lighter than that of the Qian family. Although there were losses, the Deng family had hardly ever begged Fu Zhiyu and no one could tell if he knew whether there was something wrong. Fu Zhiyu didn’t want to make trouble anymore, but in this case relied on this thing to be the whip for the Deng family to make them behave. 

Qian Manguan knew that he was Fu Zhiyu’s whip, and it depended on him whether he wanted to be or not.

Do you want to break up with the Deng family at this point?

Dr. Chen made his meaning very clear. After he finished speaking, he sat in his chair and drank tea slowly, letting Qian Manguan think.

In the process of listening, Qian Manguan actually had already made a choice in his heart.

Good birds choose good trees to live in, and it was very important for him to reverse Fu Zhiyu’s impression of him. He didn’t expect him to favour himself in the future, after all, no matter how good the Qian family was, it was not as close as the Yuan family. But at least in future Wang Zhao would stop picking fights whenever he was upset; no one could survive another fight with him.

As for the Deng family, he was already kind enough to see that he could knock off a little money for the sake of their previous relationship.

After all, businessmen are profiteers.

“Then I’ll trouble you,” Qian Manguan had decided, and a smile appeared on his face. “When the time comes, I will send someone to the medical centre to invite you.”

As soon as Dr. Chen heard this, he knew what choice he had made.

“No trouble, no trouble,” he waved his hand. His business here was done and he was ready to leave, “Then I will go first.”

Qian Manguan personally sent him to the door, and at this moment, people came out carrying several boxes.

“I have sent these things to the door of Wang Zhao several times, and he didn’t accept them. He was also angry before, and it was normal not to accept these gifts,” Qian Manguan gently took Dr. Chen’s hand; he was obviously meeting him for the first time but treating him like an old friend, “But this time you must accept it. Wang Zhao has clear rewards and punishments. Regardless of the past, there is Wang Zhao in Jiangnan, which is a great blessing for the people of Jiangnan.”

Dr. Chen remembered what Fu Zhiyu said, so he refused a few times and then accepted it.

Qian Manguan was also a smart person. He didn’t give the gifts when he was inside. He had to give them when Dr. Chen walked out of the door. There were a lot of people who saw it.

The outside world would soon know that Wang Zhao had accepted the Qian family’s gift. This could at least show everyone that the Qian family’s crisis was over, and also told some interested people in disguise that it was best not to make trouble at this time.


Dr. Chen shipped these boxes to Fu Zhiyu. Fu Zhiyu opened the boxes and took a look. Qian Manguan was quite serious. More than half of it was gold, silver and jewellery, and the rest were valuable things.

“I think there are still some medicinal materials in it. You can take them to the medical centre,” Fu Zhiyu said. “You can also take this box of money. Originally, it was meant for the Qian family to subsidise you.

You opened a medical centre and saved so many people. I didn’t care about anything back then and I didn’t ask about anything. Now that I think about it, I really shouldn’t have ignored it.”

Dr. Chen shook his head and said, “What is Master talking about? I can save people like this because I have your support. When I fled from the capital at that time, I didn’t bring much with me. At that time, you gave me the money to open the medical centre. After that, you asked Steward Zhou to send money every month. Otherwise, with the speed at which the medical centre is consuming money, I wouldn’t have been able to last for long.”

“But it is still not enough,” Fu Zhiyu sighed, holding the document in his hand, “This money is really a drop in the bucket for the entire Jiangnan.”

Qian Manguan was generous, but even for Dr. Chen’s medical centre it would barely be enough for half a year.

“Fortunately, the weather was good last year, there was no heavy rain, and there was no drought. The harvest in several cities was good, so this winter went well,” Fu Zhiyu continued, “But in the long run, it still won’t work.”

He didn’t want to use Qian Manguan’s money for himself. Fu Zhiyu wasn’t short of money. Not only did he not spend it, he was also preparing to put in more by himself.

But how to spend the money was also a problem.

Dr. Chen also knew that Fu Zhiyu wanted to do something big.

“Master, just take it easy,” he stroked his goatee with a very kind smile on his face, “I believe in you.”

Fu Zhiyu rubbed his brow, glanced at Dr. Chen and said, “Everyone says they believe in me, but I’m not sure what to do.”

Faced with the current situation in Jiangnan that he had learned about, he was afraid that no amount of money would be enough.

What’s more, Fu Zhiyu knew that it was better to teach people to fish than to give them fish. Even if he gathered all the money in his family and the Yuan family, it would be useless to divide it equally. Not to mention that there would be just a tiny bit for everyone, sooner or later, the money would be spent.

Equalisation was not the way to govern.

“It’s just the beginning of spring, and this time is not difficult. Let me think about it again.”Fu Zhiyu muttered as if talking to himself, “Taxes naturally can be reduced, but it’s more important to open the flow-in than to cut the flow-out. It is necessary to find a way for many people to make a living, and it is also necessary to give them a way to rise.”

The wish was very beautiful, but it was very complicated to realise.

Not to mention anything else, he hadn’t finished reading the key documents. Just looking at the documents wouldn’t work either. He had to go to visit many places to take a look before he could make a good choice, otherwise everything would just be on paper.

Fu Zhiyu didn’t plan so much for himself before. After he came to Jiangnan, he always lived one day at a time, often staying at home and spending the day doing nothing. Even if he went out occasionally, it was just to meet some people, such as Yuan Lu and the others, or if Yuan Wanyun was interested in something and pulled him out.

To be honest, Yuan Wanyun was much more active than him. After she came here, she realised the dream she had casually talked about when she was a girl, and she was finally able to live her own life. Seeing that she couldn’t pull out Fu Zhiyu, she followed Yuan Jiangwen’s caravan out by herself. The places she went were all around Jiangnan, and there was no danger. She often brought gifts back to Fu Zhiyu, trying to lure Fu Zhiyu to go out with her.

Fu Zhiyu didn’t want to spoil his mother’s fun, so he followed a few times, but unlike Yuan Wanyun, who was in high spirits, he wasn’t interested in anything he saw, and the beautiful scenery didn’t attract much of his attention.

Now that he decided to take over some of these things, Fu Zhiyu, who had been a salted fish for a long time, thought of everything that would come next, and felt a little pain in his skull.

“Do I have to work hard all my life, ah?” He said to himself, “After a few years of rest, I still have to come back to get involved in all this.”

Although he said so, he felt the enthusiasm flowing in his blood after a long time. This feeling made him feel that in fact, he still had some ambitions that he couldn’t let go of, and it was useless to deceive himself.

After Fu Zhiyu was reborn, he didn’t want to fight for power and profit, but what was in front of him had nothing to do with fighting for power and profit.

After all, he had been an emperor and had the conviction that his family was supposed to rule the country and the world. Before he died, he had many ambitious wishes about the world, even if he didn’t realise them in the end. He didn’t even have time to deal with disaster relief, which led to a catastrophe, so much so that he felt guilty about his position as emperor and didn’t dare to plan anything.

But the ideals he hadn’t realised were beautiful in themselves, and once they were evoked, it was difficult to calm down.

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