Buddha-like Rebirth Chapter 76

Fu Zhiyu knew it wasn’t that simple, but he was already prepared to let the Deng and Qian families off the hook, so there was no point in dwelling on it now.

He didn’t accept Qian Manguan’s gift, nor did he say anything about Qian Manguan’s explanation, he just smiled and went into the house by himself. It was none of his business what other people speculated about, so he left it to others to be frightened.

However, Qian Manguan, who was stopped by Fu Zhiyu’s soldiers, didn’t leave and shouted loudly enough for Fu Zhiyu to hear him when he entered the house.

“Call that person out, I want to confront him on the spot! How can you stain people’s innocence out of thin air!” He said, “I’d like to see, at this juncture, which villain is doing it behind our backs?! The loyalty of my Qian family to Wang Zhao can be seen by heaven and earth!”

Fu Zhiyu really laughed at this sentence. If the Qian family was really loyal to him, how could so many things happen?

Business required a thick skin, and Qian Manguan’s ability to see the wind and set the helm (to be flexible and take advantage of the situation) was first-class.

“Early tomorrow morning, let them confront each other,” Fu Zhiyu ordered, “Let’s see who is playing tricks again.”

However, the two letters from Fu Zhiyu were really useful. Within a few days, news came that Chen had released the people, and the barbarians also immediately relented. Although a lot of silver and goods were lost and the Qian family was bleeding heavily, at any rate there was a result.

But there seemed to be no movement in the Deng family. Perhaps it was because they saw the Qian family’s lessons from the recent past and felt that even if they begged Fu Zhiyu, it would be useless, this Wang Zhao was too hard-hearted. Or perhaps their family was in turmoil and they really didn’t have the time to do anything.

Although the Qian family was hit hard, both the barbarians and Chen relented now. Money was lost but in the future, they could still make money from doing business. Anyway, the problem that money could solve was not a problem in this case.

But the Deng family, according to Yuan Lu’s gossip, was now in a difficult position to protect itself, and the trouble was coming from inside the family.

“It is all messed up. In fact, no one in this family can make decisions except Deng Qian,” Yuan Lu shook his head. He didn’t gloat at this time, but thought deeply, “I can’t say anything about the others, but Deng Jinghe, I don’t think he is that simple. He is not the kind of person who sits and waits to die. But even he doesn’t move. The muddy waters of the Deng family are much more complicated than the Qian family.”

The countless women in Deng Qian’s backyard were all obedient like rabbits when he was still there, like a pool full of white lotuses. After he had an accident, some people pretended to serve the sick honestly for a few days. Then the shopkeeper ran away, and the rumour that the Deng and Qian families offended Wang Zhao couldn’t be held back. Things spread like wildfire, and within a few days, something started to happen in the Deng family’s backyard.

“It was said that the steward in the mansion was seduced by a concubine in the backyard and stole the things from the treasury in the mansion. The stolen things were the treasures of the Deng family’s ancestors, and he ran away with them,” Yuan Lu told Fu Zhiyu. “This is a small problem, and Deng Qian hasn’t woken up yet. An ant hole destroys a thousand-mile dam. The longer he sleeps, the more trouble he’ll be in.”

“The poison is not my fault,” Fu Zhiyu shook his head after listening to it. “In fact, their family is in a much better situation than the Qian family. If it weren’t for Deng Qian’s monopoly, his absence during this period of time would have little effect. Moreover, for the poison, you can find a wandering doctor to solve it.”

While he was talking about this, Dr. Chen came in.

He was no longer an imperial doctor, but his mood was much better than when he was in the palace. Steward Zhou knew that his relationship with Fu Zhiyu was extraordinary and didn’t stop him, just letting him inside.

“Master, there is something strange.” He saluted Fu Zhiyu and then went straight to the point, “When I was cleaning the table today, I found that someone put this there.”

Fu Zhiyu took it and glanced at it. It was a very small package. He didn’t open it immediately, but just asked, “What’s inside?”

Dr. Chen’s words were concise: “The method of treating Deng Qian and the medicine. And it requires the application of needles, so I can save this Jiangnan man.”

Speak of Cao Cao, and Cao Cao arrives. Fu Zhiyu even found it a bit funny and asked, “Did you find it today?”

“Yes, but the desk hasn’t been cleaned up for several days. It was very messy. Today, the apprentice took the time to clean it up and I found it. I came here as soon as I saw it,” Dr. Chen explained. “I don’t know if it was left there today. Maybe it was a few days ago, but the people in the medical centre came and went, and I really don’t have the impression of who put it there. Master… what do you want to do, to save this man or not?”

The fact that Dr. Chen was a person brought over by Fu Zhiyu was known to everyone. Although he now ran a medical centre, he was not so selfless as to run to save anyone. Regarding this kind of big event, he naturally still needed to ask Fu Zhiyu’s opinion, he was not old and confused yet.

“Who gave it?” Yuan Lu also took it and looked at it, and then glanced at Fu Zhiyu again, with a very surprised expression, “Isn’t this… doesn’t it mean to leave it all to Cousin to decide? Cousin, who the hell is it? Is it really like what is said outside, that it is the current emperor secretly helping you?”

Yuan Lu hadn’t been in the capital for a long time. He was really unaware of his cousin’s hard-to-sort-out relationships, and only felt curious.

“Really?” He couldn’t help but re-confirm, “I can’t think of anyone else with such abilities and connections.”

He couldn’t think, but Yuan Mingdao’s face darkened when he heard it. He glanced at Yuan Lu and said, “Don’t ask any more questions.”

It was the first time Yuan Lu saw him so unhappy; he wasn’t stupid and immediately closed his mouth.

If it weren’t in front of his cousin, such disrespectful words would be a great crime to be heard.

“I looked at the package. I also heard of the poison Deng Qian had been poisoned with. It is a soul-soothing poison from the Western Regions,” Dr. Chen added. “It is not really a poison. It doesn’t cause much damage to the human body. It just makes people lethargic. If it is not solved, you will continue to sleep. Even if it lasts a little longer, you will not die. You may have to be weak for a few more days after waking up.”

What Dr. Chen meant was that Fu Zhiyu would be fine if he thought about it for a few more days.

Without that matter about the coachman, Fu Zhiyu would directly tell Dr. Chen to go. After all, in his heart now, the affairs of these two families were already in the past.

But looking at Qian Manguan like that, he really didn’t know. Fu Zhiyu listened to the report of the confrontation between the two, and Yuan Jiangxing’s soldiers watched Qian Manguan all the time, so Fu Zhiyu also had some insights.

“I think that someone uses this matter to use me as a spearhead,” Fu Zhiyu said. “People outside are afraid of me now, and they don’t dare to talk too much, but if this continues, all the troubles that have happened during this time will be considered my doing.”

He paused when he said this, then thought for a while, tapped his fingers on the desktop, handed the package to Dr. Chen, and then said, “You give this thing to Qian Manguan. If he wants you to save Deng Qian, do it.”

Yuan Lu said suspiciously: “The Qian family and the Deng family are good friends, it is impossible for him not to save Deng Qian, right?”

“This… is really not certain.”

Dr. Chen didn’t know the reason, he just nodded and was about to leave when he heard Fu Zhiyu say: “By the way, when you go to deliver this thing, if Qian Manguan stuffs you with something, whether it is silver or whatever, take it all, just think of it as a deal between you and me. Go first thing tomorrow morning.”

After he finished speaking, he explained a few other things. Dr. Chen understood what he meant, and after listening to these words, his heart was at ease.

“I see, Master, don’t worry.”

Yuan Lu rolled his eyes, guessing what Fu Zhiyu was going to do, and said nothing more.

But Yuan Mingdao next to him was still angry about his previous speculation. After Yuan Lu left, his face turned even darker.

“What’s the matter with you?” Fu Zhiyu looked at him, propping up his face, with a little smile on his lips, “The more you grow up, the more you like to be stone-faced. Obviously, you’re not old yet, you’re just like a little old man.”

“Master clearly knows,” Yuan Mingdao moved closer to him. Even though he was teased by Fu Zhiyu, his face didn’t change much. “I discussed it with Yuan Lu. During this time, I won’t go out to travel on business, I will stay with Master. I can tell who did this at first glance.”

Fu Zhiyu didn’t deny it; he smiled a little, lowered his head and took a sip of wine.

“What do we need him for!” Yuan Mingdao held back his anger and continued, “It is as if no one else can do anything! We also have an army, and Yuan Lu and I had plans after we knew. Even if Master doesn’t do anything, we can make the Deng and Qian families bow their heads. He…”

“Even I’m not so angry, look at you, who is remembering him?” Fu Zhiyu smiled, interrupting Yuan Mingdao’s resentful words, “Mingdao, calm down, do you want to have a drink? It is very good peach blossom brew, you see, I was not willing to give it to Dr. Chen when he came over.”

He brought the cup to Yuan Mingdao’s mouth, but Yuan Mingdao always retained a little bit of childishness in front of him. He turned his head away, obviously throwing a little tantrum. He felt that Fu Zhiyu was blocking his mouth and didn’t want to seriously talk to him about this issue.

Seeing that he didn’t drink, Fu Zhi smiled and drank the wine himself.

After he finished drinking, he sighed, and his tone became serious: “Mingdao, there is really no point in caring about what has happened. No matter who did it, even if it was Xie Ke, this matter really went my way.

No matter how good a thing is, it will never be perfect. Focusing on the immediate situation is the important thing. The past really cannot be changed. Just look at the results. Mingdao, it is useless for you to be angry. Better go with me and look at the documents tomorrow. Anyway, you have to do business with Yuan Lu here, and it’s right to understand the situation in all parts of Jiangnan.”

Yuan Mingdao’s eye still twitched uncontrollably when he heard Fu Zhiyu mention Xie Ke’s name.

“I hate him,” he said in a muffled voice, “He is coming to haunt Master again, I hate him.”

Fu Zhiyu shook his head, sighed and said, “Mingdao, I still say the same thing. I don’t remember the past and don’t worry about the future. This is actually the truth. You will only make yourself uncomfortable if you keep getting depressed.

Besides, me and Xie Ke are not as simple as you think.”

Yuan Mingdao stopped talking.

“Now, I have more important things to do, even the Deng and Qian families can’t compare, let alone the so-called love affairs,” Fu Zhiyu continued, “Mingdao, isn’t this what you want to see? Why, instead of focusing on me, you are now setting your sights on others?”

Yuan Mingdao finally turned his head, stared at Fu Zhiyu for a long time and said, “Master, I’m sorry. I just hope you live a good life and are not disturbed.”

“I have been living a good life,” Fu Zhiyu smiled, “You won’t find another person in this world who has a better life than me, really.”

After Yuan Mingdao heard this, he looked into Fu Zhiyu’s eyes and couldn’t help but smile.

“Go to bed early,” Fu Zhiyu patted him on the shoulder; he was also tired, “There are more things to do tomorrow.”

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