Buddha-like Rebirth Chapter 75

Qian Manguan was still running around looking for connections, not knowing that Fu Zhiyu’s mind was no longer on him.To be precise, even if he thought of things about the Deng and Qian families, his attention wasn’t focused on them.

He knew about Deng Qian’s poisoning, but he didn’t have the antidote and he didn’t know what kind of poison Deng Qian had been poisoned with. He wasn’t in charge of Chen and the barbarians who dealt with the Qian family. It was someone hiding behind the scenes.

Now it was just another proof that in the face of real power, all conspiracy methods were useless.

It was not a good idea to drag it out until today. Fu Zhiyu rubbed his brow and talked to Yuan Jiangxing about it: “I wrote two letters to the barbarians and Chen, and I also stamped them with my seal. If Qian Manguan comes next time, I will give them to him. As for whether they will be useful or not, I can’t guarantee it. As for Deng Qian’s poison, there is nothing I can do.”

However, the Deng family wasn’t as anxious as Qian Manguan. Deng Qian, who was the family’s backbone, had an accident, but the Deng family was much calmer than Qian Manguan was about his son’s plight. It was weirdly quiet. The shopkeeper who ran away with the money didn’t make any waves, and the storm calmed down inexplicably.

No matter what angle you looked at it from, there was no good outcome if this went on. Fu Zhiyu was done with his anger, and the Deng family had countless shops in their hands, supporting many employees. If they collapsed too much, no one would be able to do anything and a long standoff would only result in a lose-lose situation.

This incident was started by them, but for Fu Zhiyu, it didn’t end like this.

Yuan Jiangxing nodded and asked him: “Are you still going to the government office to look at the documents today?”

Fu Zhiyu nodded.

In the past, Yuan Jiangxing brought a few representative volumes to his mansion to show him, but Fu Zhiyu read more and more, and finally went out of the mansion to the government office to look through the documents every day.

When Yuan Jiangxing looked at Fu Zhiyu now, he felt very happy in his heart and felt that Zhiyu now was a bit more alive than before.

Although the beginning of this matter wasn’t good, it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing for Zhiyu.

But today Fu Zhiyu encountered a little accident. He got in the carriage to go to the government office. There was a section of the road through the western part of the city. There were a lot of people there. Fu Zhiyu still held a document in his hand, reading it. This was a local journal and there was a copy of the topography. He took the topography back home to look at it carefully and now in the carriage he didn’t forget to take it out to look at it some more.

At this moment, he suddenly instinctively felt something was wrong. Maybe it was that he had turned too many corners today, which made him feel strange sitting in the carriage. Fu Zhiyu frowned and slowly opened the curtains. The road in front of him was very strange.

Sure enough, this was not the way to the government office.

Fu Zhiyu was puzzled for a while, and then looked around. He often went to the government office recently, and the road was all within the city, so he was familiar with it a long time ago. Nowadays, people viewed Fu Zhiyu as a poisonous snake and couldn’t wait to get as far away from him as possible. No one would touch him. He brought guards a few times before, but stopped bringing them because it was too troublesome. He simply brought a coachman, travelling light. Who knew such a thing would happen today.

When he found out that something was wrong, Fu Zhiyu didn’t worry too much. He took a look and knew that he hadn’t left the city yet, but it was a remote area and there were fewer people.

When one went through the city gate, leaving the city, soldiers usually had to cross-examine the carriage when they saw it. As long as he was not deaf in the carriage, he would hear the questioning.

“Where are you taking me?” Fu Zhiyu glanced at the unfamiliar back of the coachman and asked in a kind voice, “I am relatively busy today, I have a lot of things to do. I don’t have time to be angry with others. You send me back now and I will let you go.”

When the coachman saw that he had already discovered the situation, he was taken aback at first and then revealed his fierce face. He stopped the carriage and drew a knife from under the seat in an instant, but before he could say any threatening words, Fu Zhiyu hit his wrist with a palm, and the knife fell down.

“Who told you to come here? Qian Manguan or Deng Jinghe?” Fu Zhiyu still felt very strange to see the man being so easy to deal with. It was impossible for these two people not to know the result of the incense burner incident and to be so careless. Sending such a useless coachman to deal with him, these two people couldn’t be stupid to this extent, right?

The coachman gritted his teeth, looked at him in disbelief, and asked, “Why are you still awake?”

Fu Zhiyu glanced around the carriage and suddenly realised: “Oh, it doesn’t seem to be so stupid, you guys have also drugged me.”

No wonder he smelled that the incense burning in the carriage today was different from usual, but Steward Zhou often came up with some fresh tricks, and Fu Zhiyu didn’t think much about it. He had a special physique, and his strength and blood had changed with age. His mother had given feedback to him that his blood effectiveness had become stronger, and often reminded him to be careful and never reveal the abnormality of his blood to the outside world.

The incense they put in here didn’t make him feel anything other than that he was a little dizzy when he inhaled too much.

There was no telling where this man intended to send him.

Fu Zhiyu didn’t bother to ask. He knocked him out with a slash of his hand and tied him up, then threw him into the carriage, and drove the carriage to the government office by himself. He handed this person over to Yuan Jiangxing’s soldiers, briefly explained the matter, and then told them to interrogate him well to see who was making trouble again.

The person guarding the government office now happened to be Yuan Xi’s husband. After listening to Fu Zhiyu’s words, in addition to obeying orders, he couldn’t help but care about his brother-in-law: “Are you okay?”

The incense burning in the carriage was also brought over. He just sniffed it from a distance, and even though he was on guard, he suddenly felt dizzy. Was Fu Zhiyu actually okay?

“When I was in the imperial family, I received some training,” Fu Zhiyu found an excuse. Anyway, no one would poke holes in him here. “You can investigate for now. If you find something, wait for me to come out and tell me. I’ll go here to look at the documents.”

Because of this accident, he arrived at the government office much later than expected. Fu Zhiyu took the document he hadn’t finished reading yesterday and sat down to flip through it.

After a while, someone came in. Fu Zhiyu didn’t look up. It was probably the servant who came to serve him tea.

The servant had his head lowered, served Fu Zhiyu a fruit plate and snacks, and then hot tea. He said in a muffled voice: “The weather is still cold, take a sip of hot tea and warm yourself up.”

Fu Zhiyu still didn’t look up. He turned a page, then said “Yes” absent-mindedly, and added, “I will drink it. Close the door when you go out.”

The servant answered “En”, and after completing the arrangements lowered his head and prepared to go out.

He was halfway out when he heard Fu Zhiyu call out to him, “Wait!”

The figure of the servant stiffened abruptly, and he was frozen  unnaturally for a while, then slowly turned around, still lowering his head, and asked, “Does Wang Zhao have any orders?”

“Take this out,” Fu Zhiyu pointed to the stove on the table, “This is where the documents are stored, there can be no open flame.”

In order to heat the tea for him, the servant brought a small stove with charcoal burning inside, so as to ensure that the tea the master drank was always warm.

Fu Zhiyu was careful. It was fine if he didn’t take a sip of hot tea, but if this room full of documents was burned down, it would be a damn nuisance.

This was the master’s order, and the servant couldn’t say anything. He took the teapot off the stove and carefully took the stove away.

“You… be careful not to burn your hands.”

The special teapot had just been taken off the stove and set aside to cool, and the servant couldn’t help but care: “When the time comes, please call, and this slave will come in and add hot tea to you.”

Fu Zhiyu nodded casually and told him to leave.

When he felt that his mouth was dry, he took a sip of tea. The temperature of the tea was just right. When a mouthful of warm tea moistened his throat, it cleared his mind.

The incense burning in the carriage wasn’t very effective for Fu Zhiyu on the spot, but the aftereffects of this medicine were very lingering. Fu Zhiyu felt them after sitting for a long time. There was always a faint feeling of drowsiness. He felt much better after drinking this sip of tea.

He felt comfortable, so he slowly finished drinking the pot of tea that was left behind. When the servant came to add hot tea again, Fu Zhiyu asked with some interest: “What kind of tea is this?”

“It was the Ujeon treasured by the former governor,” the servant explained. “The commander outside said that the master was dizzy today and asked to make him some good tea. This is the best tea in the house, but there is not much left, this was one last brew.”

After listening to this, Fu Zhiyu felt it was a pity that he hadn’t tasted this tea before. He was thinking about buying some to take home, but good tea was rare, and he was fortunate to be able to take a sip at this time.

He stayed in the room until a little before evening; when the daylight outside wasn’t enough for him to read, he was ready to go back.

When Fu Zhiyu went out, he also asked about the coachman by the way: “How is the interrogation going?”

“It is almost done. He knocked out the original coachman this morning and changed his clothes. He said he was… instructed by the Qian family, but he just wanted to threaten you.”

Fu Zhiyu looked puzzled: “Didn’t I give the Qian family the letters today?”

Then he guessed that this thing was planned ahead. When he went out in the morning, Yuan Jiangxing shouldn’t have delivered the letters yet.

“This is really…” Fu Zhiyu rubbed his brow, “Don’t let the coachman go, lock him up carefully.”

As a result, when Fu Zhiyu returned to his mansion in the soldier’s carriage, he met Qian Manguan head-on.

“Wang Zhao!” Qian Manguan’s eyes lit up as soon as he saw him, “I have already received the letters. Thank you for your kindness. I have prepared this gift, but your steward just won’t let me in! Do you think this…?”

Before Fu Zhiyu could speak, the soldiers beside him came up to stop Qian Manguan. Fu Zhiyu said with a cold snort, “I think it’s a weasel paying his respects to a chicken. Master Qian still hasn’t reconciled this time, has he?”

Qian Manguan was taken aback, wondering if Fu Zhiyu was still angry. It didn’t make sense. If he was still angry, it would have been enough not to give those two letters, there was no need to give him a cold face.

“What does it mean?”Qian Manguan looked puzzled, “I beg Wang Zhao to explain.”

When he stood in front of the door and understood the matter clearly, his first reaction was to deny it.

“Absolutely impossible!” Qian Manguan was shocked first, and then his face darkened, “This must be someone deliberately slandering our Qian family! Your Highness Wang Zhao, with things being like this, how can I have the courage to do this kind of thing again? Isn’t that fatal?”

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