Buddha-like Rebirth Chapter 67

Fu Zhiyu and Du Yin really didn’t have a common ground. Not only was it a matter of different perspectives, but the information the two people had was also very different, and they wouldn’t clear it up even if they talked for three days and three nights.

“I don’t remember how many times I told him,” Fu Zhiyu said, a little helpless, “If Xie Ke can learn to let me go, each of us will naturally be happy. No one has to hurt anyone, right?”

Du Yin didn’t go on; he sighed and said, “I hope so.”

But he knew in his heart that it was impossible.

With Xie Ke being like that, although he might not guard Fu Zhiyu like before, he still wouldn’t give up and would just choose a different way.

The decree had been announced, and Du Yin had no reason to stay, so he quickly left and returned to the capital.

Before leaving, he stared at Fu Zhiyu deeply for a long time, but didn’t say anything.

Fu Zhiyu also turned around and went back, as if nothing had happened.

After receiving the decree, he lived his life as before, with his mother, Yuan Mingdao and the animals from his former residence. Jiangnan was under the jurisdiction of various officials, and with Yuan Jiangxing leading the troops, he was able to leave everything alone, not worrying about anything.

However, Jiangnan was indeed a very comfortable place to live, better than Fu Zhiyu had imagined before, so leisurely that one would forget the passage of time.

It wasn’t until his mother gave him a gift that Fu Zhiyu suddenly realised that more than three years had passed.

“I sewed you a new winter coat, try it on?”

Yuan Wanyun had been away from the palace for a long time, and she looked much younger. When she walked out, others looked at her and thought she was a woman in her early thirties. She had the kind of mature charm that others didn’t have. Her temperament was much better than that of ordinary young women, making her unforgettable.

She looked at Fu Zhiyu intently, and when she saw that he had changed into his new winter clothes, she reached out to fix his hair.

His mother’s craftsmanship was naturally skillful. Fu Zhiyu looked in the mirror, praised it a few times, and then was silent for a while.

Twenty-two years old…

Fu Zhiyu’s birthday was unsurprisingly celebrated enthusiastically by the whole family.

Mingdao was fifteen years old this year, maybe sixteen. He didn’t know which day he was born, but at this age, the stature of a young man was gradually showing up.

He had grown a lot taller, growing wildly in the past few years. Fu Zhiyu used to be able to touch his head casually, but now he couldn’t. Mingdao was almost as tall as Fu Zhiyu.

He hadn’t grown up so fast in their previous life… Fu Zhiyu muttered.

Could it be his blood?

The physical fitness of the family had indeed improved because of it, after all, they had been eating it for several years.

Since Fu Zhiyu became the King of Jiangnan, there was no need to sell things to the outside world. He originally didn’t sell much and the price was sky-high. When he sold it, he never promised that it would always be provided. The reason given for stopping now was also very simple. It was just said that there were no raw materials. Even if the other party had some opinions, there was nothing they could do. If it was no, it meant no.

The birthday dinner in the evening was also lively. Yuan Mingdao came back from hunting a deer. After eating dinner, the whole family sat down in the garden, set up a stove, and grilled venison on it. The fresh venison was delicious with just a little salt, and it was roasted on the fire, so even in winter, it was not very cold.

Rongrong was also wrapped in a small red dress, and he lowered his head to chew on the boiled bone intently. Ah Tang still looked lazy, hiding under the stool and falling asleep. The rabbits were raised in the backyard. The change of the place didn’t make them feel anything, they were still the same.

Steward Zhou was also here; he had come a little later.

When Fu Zhiyu was in the capital, he didn’t include Steward Zhou into the group of people he really trusted, and many things were hidden from him. But after Fu Zhiyu was crowned King of Jiangnan, Fu Yanran sent him over.

Steward Zhou was really a very good steward, and Fu Zhiyu was gradually getting used to having him in his life. He was very obedient, and Fu Zhiyu couldn’t find a single fault.

Steward Zhou himself cherished it very much. He had been serving people all his life. Fu Zhiyu was the best master he had ever met. Basically, he had no requirements and was generous. Jiangnan was also a good place.

He was also getting older, and he really hoped to find a place to retire, so that he could live his life safely.

Dr. Chen was also here, but he was not an imperial doctor anymore. He opened a medical centre in Luanzhou, accepted a few apprentices, and often carried a medical box to visit the poor and administer medicine. He wasn’t in the palace anymore. He was prosperous and rich, but now the outside world praised him for being the reincarnation of Hua Tuo and said that he was a peerless benefactor; unlike before, when he was always carrying the risk of getting punished.

Yuan Xi was married to one of Yuan Jiangxing’s people. The two grew up together. Fu Zhiyu had also seen the man in his previous life. He was a good and loyal person.

He wasn’t there when the Yuan family was slaughtered by the Crown Prince in the previous life. He guarded the frontier wholeheartedly. After receiving the news, he had changed completely, becoming silent and gloomy. Later, he followed Fu Zhiyu for some time. After killing the Crown Prince to avenge the Yuan family, he refused an official position and left soon. Fu Zhiyu never heard from him again.

Now he and Yuan Xi were happily married. Fu Zhiyu’s impression of him being gloomy in the previous life was swept away. He was a honest man, stupidly infatuated with his wife. Now he was seriously roasting venison for Yuan Xi. While roasting, he carefully admonished: “The venison is dry, you can’t eat too much of it.”

Although that was what he said, he couldn’t stop Yuan Xi from eating it. He could only obediently roast meat for his wife and hand her fruit to try to reduce the fire element of the food.

Yuan Lu had actually grown a little taller. He was about the same age as Mingdao. After coming to Jiangnan, the two got along well and naturally became best friends. But unlike Yuan Mingdao’s growing spurts, Yuan Lu belonged to the kind of slow growers. Now he still looked like a child, and his face still retained some baby fat.

Fu Zhiyu knew that he wasn’t as simple as seemed on the surface. He had followed Yuan Jiangwen with the caravans since he was three years old and a lot of his ways were very subtle. Yuan Lu had recently been drumming up his own business and was trying to rope Mingdao into it.

Fu Zhiyu was extremely supportive. He only felt happy when he saw these things. It was true that everyone was starting all over again. They all had a different life from the previous life, and everyone was happy.

As for himself…

He had a new winter coat to wear. Fu Zhiyu touched the winter coat that was warmed by the fire, lowered his head and smiled.

He occasionally thought of other people in these three years, but this thought was fleeting. The things in the past were too complicated, like a ball of wool that couldn’t be untangled. He didn’t plan to untangle it either, just letting it go after getting to know everything.

Even if he sometimes accidentally thought about someone, he would just laugh it off, turn around and forget about it.

After the birthday party, Fu Zhiyu sent everyone out and looked at the pile of gifts.

He was so happy today that he didn’t fall asleep when he went to bed at night, so he sat on the bed and opened the gifts, each of them surprising him.

Yuan Mingdao saw that the lights in his bedroom were still on and asked the kitchen to cook a bowl of sweet milk soup and send it over to relieve the greasy feeling of grilled venison, so that he could sleep well after drinking it.

Fu Zhiyu just opened the gift from Yuan Mingdao.

It was a jade hairpin, a specially rare green imperial jade; even in the imperial family, such a thing was a rarity.

Fu Zhiyu tied his hair casually, and the turquoise hairpin was stuck in his dark hair, like a swirl of water melting into it, full of understated elegance.

Yuan Mingdao smiled and said, “Master looks great wearing this.”

It wasn’t in vain that he had put so much thought into it.

There was no need for Fu Zhiyu to take the initiative to ask him where it came from. Yuan Mingdao was quite willing to talk to him about it.

“Yuan Lu and I went to Southern Xinjiang some time ago to do business,” he said. “They actually reject outsiders there. Although Yuan Lu’s father’s caravan had been there a few times, it was only after he accidentally saved a few people from Southern Xinjiang and it happened that those people had some reputation there that they agreed to deal with us and have some business. Yuan Lu wanted to make a big deal this time, but many things over there were uncertain, so he asked me to go with him.”

An important part of the merchant caravan actually came from physical protection, and Yuan Mingdao’s current strength was second to none in Yuan Jiangwen’s merchant caravans. Choosing him to cooperate was not only the result of Yuan Lu’s friendly feelings; from the perspective of interests, Mingdao was also the best.

“Make a big deal?” Fu Zhiyu stretched out his hand and took off the jade hairpin; his hair fell loose, “Jade?”

“Yes,” Yuan Mingdao nodded, “Southern Xinjiang produces fine jade, but the jade mines over there are rarely mined by outsiders. We have not crossed this hurdle for the time being, but we have reached a cooperation. We can buy and sell a large amount of raw jade from there.”

Gold had a price and jade was priceless. If this business was really done well, the future was indeed limitless.

“If Mingdao has any needs, tell me,” Fu Zhiyu said to him, “I will do whatever I can.”

Yuan Mingdao smiled and said, “Master doesn’t have to worry so much, I will do it well. From now on, I will earn money to support Master.”

When children get older, they always have their own ideas.

Fu Zhiyu didn’t argue with him at that time, but just smiled, lowered his head and finished the sweet milk soup.

The next morning, Yuan Mingdao went out again early in the morning, and Yuan Jiangxing came to see Fu Zhiyu.

Jiangnan already had its own fairly complete administrative structure. Not a single official of any rank was removed by Fu Zhiyu. He left them alone and kept everything as it was. Nothing happened in the past three years. If there was really anything that needed to be decided by him as the king, and Yuan Jiangxing felt he could not make the decision, he would come to Fu Zhiyu.

“These major merchants have handed you letters again, are you still not going?”

Fu Zhiyu looked down at the gilded invitation in his hand and shook his head.

In this part of Jiangnan, there were many wealthy merchants, and the four major merchants were Yuan, Lin, Deng and Qian. Yuan was naturally Yuan Jiangwen. As for the remaining three, Fu Zhiyu had only met them a few times and had no impression of them. He didn’t intend to talk to them much.

But just because he didn’t want to talk didn’t mean that others didn’t want to.

Although he didn’t care about anything, the entire Jiangnan was nominally Fu Zhiyu’s place. It was impossible for the rich businessmen who lived here not to think about dealing with him.

These wealthy businessmen had always had a very high status in this area of Jiangnan. The emperor was far away, and they couldn’t be controlled from the capital. The officials in Jiangnan were like brothers to them but now there was one more person above them, Fu Zhiyu, and it was quite a different scenery.

At first, everyone wanted to find out what he was up to, and invitations came flying in like snow. But Fu Zhiyu didn’t care, and after a while, they stopped.

But that didn’t mean they stopped forever; you see, wasn’t this another invitation?

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