Rebirth of Glory and Splendour Chapter 10

Helian Zhuo had always been violent and unrestrained in bed, causing Wei Zhao bruises and pain.

Usually it was just that, and Wei Zhao could grit his teeth and endure, but yesterday he was injured, and now he was tossed by Helian Zhuo again. How could he bear the injury on top of the injury? He lost consciousness before the long night was over.

Helian Zhuo was not satisfied, but he didn’t want to torture Wei Zhao to death, so he had to stop and sent for a shaman doctor in the middle of the night to take a look at him.

The shaman doctor rushed to the Northern Courtyard and after checking Wei Zhao’s pulse, looked at Helian Zhuo suspiciously and asked him what his plans were.

Helian Zhuo was puzzled, and stared back fiercely. If you are invited to save people, save them, why bother to talk so much nonsense? If it weren’t for the shaman doctor’s excellent medical skills, he would have been told to retire in his old age.

The shaman doctor saw that Helian Zhuo didn’t understand what he meant, so he had to explain to him in detail that Wei Zhao’s body had been damaged too much during Yi Yin’s birth, and if he didn’t carefully recuperate, his life would definitely be short. If Helian Zhuo wanted to keep him alive for a longer period of time, he should not be too harsh, otherwise, not to mention him, even the Great Golden Immortal would not be able to save Wei Zhao’s life. Of course, if Helian Zhuo’s intention was to torture the person to death in agony, then treat it as if he had not said anything and continue to do so for three more years at least and five more years at most, no problem.

Helian Zhuo was stunned when he heard these words. He looked down at Wei Zhao’s pale face and frowning brow even in a coma and ordered the shaman doctor to treat him well, then turned and left.

The shaman doctor sighed and went to prescribe the medicine without saying anything else. The words he said to Helian Zhuo were a little exaggerated, but they were still true. As for Helian Zhuo’s plans, he really couldn’t understand them.

The next morning, Yi Yin woke up to learn that Wei Zhao was sick, and that his condition was serious. His hatred for Helian Zhuo deepened.

A man who was not as good as his opponent, who didn’t know how to win on the battlefield, but used such methods to humiliate his opponent in private, was shameful. Yi Yin really didn’t want to admit that he had his blood in him.

Without waiting for his nanny to help him, Yi Yin dressed himself and ran to the back rooms. He couldn’t feel at ease until he saw Wei Zhao with his own eyes.

As he ran into the backyard, Yi Yin suddenly remembered something and immediately slowed down.  He didn’t dare to push the door too hard, fearing that Wei Zhao would wake up if he was still asleep.

Wei Zhao had just taken his medicine and was now awake. When he saw Yi Yin enter carefully, he looked surprised.

When Yi Yin found out that Wei Zhao was awake, he stopped tiptoeing and ran to the bed on his short legs, asking a series of questions, “Daddy, I heard you were sick. Have you taken medicine? Do you feel uncomfortable?”

Wei Zhao smiled, pleased, and said that he had taken his medicine and was not uncomfortable anywhere. After he finished speaking, he wanted to pick up Yi Yin to the kang but was stopped by Yi Yin, who said that he could do it himself.

Most of Fuyu’s kangs were made of clay, about half a person high. It was a bit difficult for an ordinary three-year-old child to get up there by himself. Fortunately, Yi Yin was not short, and he had the martial arts background of his previous life. After jumping several times in a row, he finally climbed up.

Yi Yin sat down on the kang and forced Wei Zhao, who was half lying, to lie back again, saying righteously, “Nanny said that when you are sick, you should sleep more, and when you wake up, you will get better.”

Wei Zhao had no choice but to comply with him, but his heart felt warm. Of course Helian Zhuo was an asshole, but this little guy, Yi Yin, was really sweet, and could be regarded as a blessing in disguise for him.

Staying by Wei Zhao’s side, Yi Yin had nothing to do and felt bored, but he didn’t dare to speak casually. Who knew what a three-year-old child should say; if he made Wei Zhao suspicious, the gain would not be worth the loss.

The medicine the shaman doctor prescribed for Wei Zhao had soothing ingredients and he fell asleep not long after lying down. Listening to Wei Zhao’s peaceful breathing, Yi Yin began to figure out their possible escape plan in his mind.

Wei Zhao was sick for more than half a month, and Yi Yin was guarding him every day, talking with him and relieving his boredom.The relationship between father and son had reached an unprecedented harmony, and no one bothered them during this time.

Yi Yin guessed that Helian Zhuo might have listened to the shaman doctor and made some arrangements in the palace. Yi Yin didn’t know why the shaman doctor had spoken up for Wei Zhao, whether it was because of the kindness of a healer or because of another purpose, but he was grateful to him.

After Wei Zhao recovered from his illness, the Great Yan-zhi didn’t come either. Yi Yin secretly overheard his nanny gossiping with the maids and suspected that she didn’t have time, as Farida was pregnant and the Great Yan-zhi had to focus on her and had no time for Wei Zhao.

The Fuyu and Tiele people had long had good relations, and back when the Zhengao were dominating the grasslands, they were both affiliated tribes and it was common for them to marry each other.

Later, when war broke out in the Central Plains, the Zhengao gained the world and gradually shifted their centre of gravity southwards, and their people moved south. The Tiele and Fuyu took this opportunity to develop their own forces to fill the gap left by the Zhengao, and their people grew in number.

The Zhengao people had been rooted in the Central Plains for more than a hundred years. The invincible iron cavalry had melted in the gentle environment. They no longer had the strength they had had at the beginning, and they were depleted by various rebel armies. When they returned to the north, they found that their nest had been occupied by the Tiele people, and Fuyu had established a state in the former land of the Donghu.

In the early years, the Great Yan pursued a policy of “befriending Fuyu and fighting Tiele”, wooing one and fighting the other, determined not to give Tiele and Fuyu the chance to join forces. Otherwise the northern border would have been under fire in all directions and even if the Great Yan was large and strong, it would be too much for it to handle.

Fuyu was the weakest of the three states, and with all the benefits of trading with the Great Yan, it was naturally willing to sit on the sidelines.

However, after Ji Qing and Jun Lin had defeated Tiele, an expedition was sent to the Western Regions, and the Western Regions that had been independent for many years succumbed to the Great Yan one after another. The only target of Wei Su’s conquest in the north was Fuyu, and the Great Yan had once regained all of Youzhou.

At this point, Tiele and Fuyu finally realised that they had to join forces in order to fight the Great Yan, and the recapture of the four northern counties of Youzhou earlier in the year was the result of their cooperation.

As a gesture of good will, Tiele sent Farida, the youngest daughter of Khan Vaziri, and Helian Zhuo treated her with kindness. She was different from ordinary concubines; even compared to the Great Yan-zhi, she was only short of the name of the main wife.

The Great Yan-zhi was worried that if Farida gave birth to a son, he would threaten Pei Di’s position. This was completely different from the little bastard Yi Yin.

Wei Zhao’s son had been raised by his side since he was born, but even if he had been taken away right after being born, Helian Zhuo still might not have dared to pass the throne to him in the future. The minds of those Central Plains people were tricky and no one could understand what they were thinking.

Farida was different. For a woman on the steppes, no matter how good a father and a husband were, a son was better. As long as Farida had a son by Helian Zhuo, she would never betray Fuyu for Tiele.

Yi Yin didn’t know how the Great Yan-zhi fought with Farida, and he was not interested. As long as they didn’t disturb him and Wei Zhao, he was happy and at ease. Anyway, Fuyu’s throne had nothing to do with him.

On the contrary, Helian Zhuo from time to time still came to Wei Zhao, but seeing that he was sickly, he restrained himself, probably because he didn’t want to torment Wei Zhao to death.

The year ended with a double monthly payment, and the palace was filled with the joy of New Year’s Eve.

Pei Di was probably still scared because of being beaten by Yi Yin that day, or was being detained by the Great Yan-zhi for some other reason, but he didn’t come back to trouble Yi Yin, and Yi Yin’s life was calm.

The snow kept falling, piling up in thick layers on the ground, reaching up to the knees of adults, making it difficult for people to walk. The wind was blowing so hard that it chilled people to the bones.

Yi Yin couldn’t go out and was bored with reciting books all day, so he just took a horse stance in the house and practised kicking and punching. He was worried that Wei Zhao would find it strange when he saw it, as he was only three years old and no one had taught him anything. It would be a bit of an exaggeration for him to be able to do it all by himself, wouldn’t it?

As it turned out, Yi Yin was overthinking. Wei Zhao was not surprised to see his fancy punches and kicks, and just shook his head in disdain. Fuyu had a strong martial culture and the people were tough. During the summer in the grasslands, Yi Yin had many opportunities to watch people practise martial arts, and it was normal for him to learn a few moves.

Finding that he was looked down upon by Wei Zhao, Yi Yin was very depressed. The most powerful thing in his previous life was his martial arts. Now he was just too small and couldn’t control his body. Fortunately, Wei Zhao not only looked down on him, but also gave him some pointers, which made Yi Yin feel a little proud.

In any case, compared to the unbearable memories of their previous life, their relationship as father and son was already very warm. However, Yi Yin still couldn’t figure out what had happened afterwards that would cause Wei Zhao’s tendons to be cut. He tried very hard to remember, but he couldn’t remember anything at all.

All Yi Yin could remember was what happened after Wei Zhao’s limbs had been crippled. At that time, they lived in a village in the countryside. Wei Zhao was lifeless all day long and didn’t speak. Yi Yin was very afraid of him and didn’t dare to approach him. He played crazily outside every day and would never go back until dark.

“Ah Yin, keep your back straight, don’t slack off.” Perhaps because he was thinking too hard, Yi Yin’s little body failed to maintain the standard posture of holding his head high, and he was criticised by Wei Zhao.

He didn’t dare to be negligent, so he immediately adjusted his posture and replied honestly, “Daddy, don’t be angry, this child knows he’s wrong.” Wei Zhao nodded in approval. Although the child was young, he had plenty of perseverance and was good material for martial arts training.

Because he had been distracted earlier, Wei Zhao punished Yi Yin by standing for an extra incense stick. Yi Yin didn’t argue and did as he was told, but when he finished, his legs went weak and he lunged straight forward. However, thanks to Wei Zhao’s timely action, he was caught in his father’s arms.

“Ah Yin, are you tired?” Wei Zhao was very serious about teaching the child to practise, not allowing any sloppiness, but when he was done, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

Yi Yin nestled in Wei Zhao’s arms and wrapped his arms around Wei Zhao’s neck, saying seriously, “No, I want to get better at martial arts so that I can protect Daddy.”

Wei Zhao looked moved, but didn’t know what to say, so he could only hug Yi Yin tighter. He didn’t know when this child, whom he didn’t want to see at all, had become a very important part of his life.

Yi Yin patted Wei Zhao’s back and smiled brightly. In his previous life, he had never learned martial arts systematically until he was more than ten years old. Later, when Wei Yang had no one else to use, he was thrown into the military camp.

Now, Wei Zhao was teaching him hand in hand, with the right methods, the right intensity, and a clear explanation of any shortcomings, and he was many times more kind than Yi Yin’s former master, so how could he feel any bitterness?

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