Buddha-like Rebirth Chapter 26

Of course, the process of explaining was a bit bumpy. Fu Zhiyu and Yuan Mingdao unanimously decided not to tell Consort Yun about the rebirth. Fu Zhiyu gathered the two to talk about the abnormality in his body, and they looked at him with extremely puzzled eyes.

“Well… I know it’s not that easy to accept all of a sudden,” Fu Zhiyu sighed, “I can prove it for you, and you will understand.”

Although Consort Yun didn’t understand why the little one, Yuan Mingdao, was also there on such an important occasion, she still liked this child very much. He was obedient and serious; not just as smart as a ten-year-old boy, he was simply like an adult. Indeed, he was a good seedling. She also understood that Fu Zhiyu wanted to cultivate his mind, so she didn’t say anything.

“Do you feel any discomfort?” It was the first thing Consort Yun worried about, “Did Dr. Chen’s needles harm you at that time?”

Seeing the worried eyes of his mother, Fu Zhiyu quickly explained: “No, Dr. Chen comes to see me every day. He says that I am in good health and there are no sequelae. The recovery speed is also much faster than he thought.”

When Consort Yun heard this, the worry in her eyes still didn’t recede. Even Yuan Mingdao was worried and stretched out his hand to touch Fu Zhiyu’s forehead.

“Master…” Yuan Mingdao hesitated for a while but still said what was in his heart, “Aren’t you… really thinking too much? This thing doesn’t make any sense at all.”

“I really didn’t burn out my brain!” Fu Zhiyu didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, “I’ll show it to you, Mingdao, come and try to attack me.”

“No,” Yuan Mingdao didn’t dare to do it at all and his face became serious, “You can’t beat me now.”

He practised martial arts in the courtyard whenever he had free time. Although he couldn’t fully recover his skills in such a short period, there was a lot he could do.

“Don’t worry,” Fu Zhiyu comforted him, “Listen to me, everything will be fine, you don’t have to stop, just punch.”

The child, Yuan Mingdao, had to obey Fu Zhiyu’s words. He glanced at Consort Yun and finally stood up and moved.

It’s okay, he silently comforted himself. If the Master can’t take it, he still has the power to quickly withdraw his fist and it will be fine.

But Yuan Mingdao’s punch seemed to have hit an iron plate. Fu Zhiyu reached out and caught his fist, then easily pulled him over, using Yuan Mingdao’s momentum. His other hand reached out and squeezed the child’s soft cheek.

Yuan Mingdao: “???”

He felt that the strength of his master suddenly increased, and he couldn’t resist at all, he could only be carried by that power.

“What’s going on?” He was astonished, “Master, you… you obviously don’t have martial arts skills!”

“You should believe it now, there have really been some changes in me,” Fu Zhiyu said, “The ones of the good kind.”

The flowers and plants in the yard clearly grew very well. Of course, he couldn’t deliberately pour blood on them, but he lived here for a long time and the surrounding environment was also affected.

It stood to reason that Mingdao would change, and Consort Yun too, but this change was slow and might not be noticed all at once.

If someone directly absorbed his blood, the effect would be obvious, but Fu Zhiyu didn’t dare to try it directly on people. If something really went wrong, it would be useless for him to regret it.

But after saying that he wanted to do an experiment to prove it to them, Fu Zhiyu took a teacup from the table, took a hairpin from his mother’s head, pricked his finger, squeezed a few drops of blood out, merged with the water in the cup, and then picked a tree at random in the yard and poured the water on its roots.

After all, this was a tree. It didn’t change in an instant like the pot of flowers that Fu Zhiyu tried at the beginning. He was also afraid of scaring his mother and Yuan Mingdao, so he just said to wait a few days to see what happened.

This tree was originally shorter than the trees next to it. It might be that there was less sunlight in the place where it was planted. But in those days, it seemed to be re-energised. The green leaves grew quickly and abundantly, and even the blossoms were the first to bloom. Now it became the best and the most upright one in that group of trees.

The reactions of Consort Yun and Yuan Mingdao were very similar. During this time, the two of them ran to the tree whenever they could, touched the leaves and looked at the blossoms, and lowered their heads to look at its trunk and its roots. If the tree was sensible, it would have probably scolded the two stinky gangsters for being shameless.

But after seeing the obvious changes in the tree, both Consort Yun and Yuan Mingdao were very serious.

Fu Zhiyu’s ability could be a big thing and he knew that, so he only told the two people, his mother and Mingdao. Not only out of trust; he also believed that the two of them would keep it secret and at the same time would have a normal attitude towards this matter. It also gave them the right to choose: do you want to take a risk?

“Let me try it first,” Yuan Mingdao raised his hand and said, “I want to grow up quickly to protect the Master, but it takes time for my body to change. Now it would be great to have this shortcut. Besides, I have been staring at the appearance of that tree, and I believe that the Master will never harm me.”

Fu Zhiyu had at least 95% certainty in his heart. He knew that in this world, whether it was a tree or a person, it was the same data. The method was the same, as long as you paid attention to the dosage and didn’t rush it.

“Will it… cause damage to your body?” Although Consort Yun understood Fu Zhiyu’s thoughts and naturally wanted her parents to live longer, this couldn’t be at the cost of Zhiyu’s health.

“No,” Fu Zhiyu said with relief, “Just a few drops of blood, I have a sense of measure.”

As he said it, he squeezed a drop of blood into the teacup and poured some tea into it to make the blood taste less heavy.

Yuan Mingdao didn’t hesitate and drank it in one gulp.

“Do you feel anything?”Fu Zhiyu asked quickly, “Is it uncomfortable?”

Yuan Mingdao didn’t answer immediately. He stretched out his hand and touched his face, feeling a little hot, then picked up the teapot next to him and poured a few sips of water.

But the heat still didn’t go down, especially in his dantian. He felt like there was a stream of heat flowing through the meridians of his whole body, not of the uncomfortable kind but as if something had been opened up.

After a while, the temperature dropped, and Yuan Mingdao was sweating, but his eyes were very bright.

“The meridians have been opened up, and the internal strength has greatly enhanced.” He tried to punch, carefully feeling the changes in his body, “It’s just that it’s a bit overwhelming. If the Imperial Noble Consort and the Old Master want to take it, they can’t have so much at once. You need to mix it up, and you can’t take it all at once, otherwise it might be counterproductive.”

Fu Zhiyu nodded and said, “I see.”

Yuan Mingdao was happy for a while, then he thought of something and knelt down in front of Fu Zhiyu all of a sudden.

He knew in his heart that now his master regarded him as his own younger brother. No one in the Yuan residence knew about such an important matter, only he and Consort Yun knew.

Consort Yun was his master’s mother and her position in his master’s heart was such that Yuan Mingdao didn’t dare to think about it.

“Please rest assured, Master, and please don’t worry,” he kowtowed to these two people. “I, Yuan Mingdao, swear on my head that I will never betray you.”

It was Consort Yun who stepped forward to help him up and comforted him: “It’s fine, you don’t have to swear here. Zhiyu gave you the surname of the Yuan family, brought you here and told you these things. He trusts you and really regards you as his younger brother. Naturally, this concubine also believes in you. These days, I also got to know that you are a pure and kind child. It is reasonable for Zhiyu to treat you like this.

When we really leave this cage, we won’t have to stick to the etiquette, we are a family.”

Yuan Mingdao’s nose was sour, and seeing that he was about to shed tears again, Fu Zhiyu hugged him.

“Don’t think too much,” Fu Zhiyu coaxed softly, “Just listen to me this time.”

A few days after Yuan Mingdao drank the blood again, there was nothing unusual, just that his martial arts practice became more and more smooth. Fu Zhiyu completely relaxed, mixed his blood with some water and made a pack of pine nut candies in the kitchen. 

“Mother, just take one a day,” Fu Zhiyu said. “If you feel uncomfortable, you must tell me at once.”

Because of Consort Yun’s first pregnancy, her body was weak. Although she was under Dr. Chen’s care, she hadn’t been well for many years. If she could get better and suffer less, she would be very lucky.

Consort Yun opened the small bag of pine nut candies, took out one and took a bite. The pine nut candy was crispy and sweet. After eating it, she felt warm all over her body and the warmth spread to her heart.

“I sent some to the Yuan residence, and I also instructed them that pine nut candy is hot food(1), so it is not advisable to eat much of it at this time of year. Just one a day is enough.” Fu Zhiyu said, “Counting the days, when the imperial examination is over, the two uncles should also come back. I will go to the Yuan residence again then, especially to discuss some things with my younger uncle.”

  1. Traditional Chinese medicine divides food into five categories: hot, warm, neutral, cool, and cold. By eating certain foods, you restore balance to your qi, or lifeforce.

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