Buddha-like Rebirth Chapter 25

Xie Ke knew in his heart that rebooting a world was not that simple. No one had ever done it before, and even the Lord God had never done it. Besides, the world of “His Name Will Live On in History” was a high-level world, and any accident could happen. But he only thought of Zhiyu and didn’t care about these things.

The possibility that Zhiyu was also reborn… It was not that he hadn’t thought about it, but… he didn’t want to face it.

But when the last thing he wanted to face was likely to become a reality, Xie Ke’s reaction was also very quick.

During the time he stayed alone in the private room, he had already sent people to find out as much as possible about Wang Zhao’s itinerary today. Although he couldn’t get the full information, for example, the events in Mei Pavilion were blurry, the brothel keeper was extremely cagey and didn’t dare to reveal the specific actions of Wang Zhao there, just saying that she didn’t know anything, but Shen Yang was seen by many people in the Fengyue House that night. A lot could be found just after a little questioning.

Xie Ke was now very sure that Shen Yang was a data that went against the current during the reboot of the world, and Yuan Mingdao was also very likely to be. They didn’t matter, but Zhiyu… he was afraid it was his bad luck.

But he worked desperately to reboot the world so that he could see Zhiyu again, and he wouldn’t give up anyway.

“You don’t have to worry about Zhiyu,” After thinking about it, Xie Ke said to Shen Yang, “He is mine, and I will naturally guard him.”

“You stay away from him!” When Shen Yang heard this, his face showed some fierceness, “Didn’t you hurt him enough in your previous life?”

Xie Ke looked at him unkindly, sneered, and said, “In what capacity are you here to say this to me? Are you worthy of protecting Zhiyu? At the Fengyue House today, did he talk to you? Who stole the imperial seal in the previous life and sent it to me? Shen Yang, do you really think that everything will start again, and the previous things will be written off?”

Xie Ke’s series of questions made Shen Yang’s face turn pale, but saying these words was to hurt a thousand enemies by losing eight hundred of his own. Constantly reminding himself of what happened before was like a knife stabbing in Xie Ke’s heart, leaving one bloody wound after another.

But in front of others, Xie Ke never showed any weakness. He stood up from his seat.

Although he was a few years younger than Shen Yang, he was practising martial arts and was taller than Shen Yang, a skinny scholar. He looked down at Shen Yang and said word by word: “If you are willing to cooperate, you can follow me, but don’t feel that you have bargaining chips to negotiate with me. Without you, I will do the same things. If you try to be a stumbling block for me, I promise you will die without a whole body.

Especially for Zhiyu’s affairs, I have my own plan. Do your own things. Don’t interfere or disturb him again.”

“You!” Shen Yang was furious, “You’re too shameless! I was… it was obviously because you lied to me! You lied to me that it would be better for Zhiyu!”

“You did it all, and you blame it all on me. Do you feel that you have done nothing wrong? Try to deceive yourself.” Xie Ke sneered, “Get out of here. I was willing to take you in and use such a white-eyed wolf as you at that time, you should be grateful to me.”


Shen Yang was so angry that he couldn’t say a word. He had been reading poems and books for so long but unfortunately he hadn’t learned how to curse in his two lifetimes. At this time, he couldn’t get back to Xie Ke. In the end, struggling with anger, he was sent out by Xie Ke’s servant.

After the servant came back, seeing that his master’s face wasn’t good, he asked one more question: “Master, did you fail to negotiate?”

“He is a bit useful but he thinks too much,” Xie Ke glanced at the servant and said, “Don’t worry, he will come back. If you see him around here in the future, there is no need to drive him away. If he wants to come in, let him come in. Clean a side room for him to live in and feed him enough. If he wants to see me, just say that I will come to see him if I have time.”

The servant nodded and quickly retreated.

There were too many things last night; Xie Ke stayed up all night, and early in the morning he entered the palace to do his duty.

He still carried a jade pendant in his sleeve that he had not given away. This jade pendant was the only thing the protagonist’s dead mother had left him, and it was very important to the plot. In his previous life, Zhiyu had always wanted it. He really didn’t mean anything else, he just wanted to get a little bit of sense of security from this thing, like a promise; but Xie Ke never gave it to him.

Because according to the plot, this jade pendant was an important prop and would be of great use later, and it was impossible to give it to others.

Xie Ke now thought of his previous self, and only felt ridiculous. He was stubbornly clinging to the completion of the plot and other things that he shouldn’t have been clinging to. He always thought that he still had a chance to compensate Zhiyu. He was in the game but didn’t know what the game was, never understanding the most important thing. All the pain after that was just retribution.

He originally wanted to give the jade pendant to Zhiyu yesterday. Although he couldn’t make his intentions clear all at once, at least he could make up for a little regret, which could be regarded as a sustenance.

Looks like now Zhiyu will definitely not accept this jade, right? If he doesn’t drop it on the spot, it will already be very kind.

Xie Ke smiled bitterly; for the first time he felt helpless, felt that wherever he went it was a dead end.

There is no solution to things like feelings. If he insisted on getting together at this time, it would only annoy Zhiyu. Zhiyu’s attitude towards him was already obvious. Xie Ke thought Zhiyu had forgotten about the ice lake and didn’t like to deal with outsiders. Now it seemed that he just wanted to stay away from Xie Ke.

But if he obeyed Zhiyu’s wishes and really didn’t step forward, just looked at him from a distance… Xie Ke felt that he really couldn’t do it.

He didn’t know when the number of the guards in Zhiyu’s courtyard in Liuli Palace was doubled, and now Yuan Mingdao was sleeping next to Zhiyu. The child was very vigilant and woke up as soon as there was any movement. It was difficult for Xie Ke to find another chance to enter.

He accepted the emperor’s order and was in charge of the martial arts examination with Xie Lin. During this period of time, he was rarely in the palace and worked in the field. All in all, he hadn’t seen Zhiyu for more than a month.

His face expressed nothing, but he was very anxious in his heart. However, during this time, Zhiyu stayed in Liuli Palace and didn’t come out, spending most of his time in his own courtyard. Even if Xie Ke followed the emperor to Liuli Palace, he could only see Consort Yun, not Zhiyu.

In contrast, Fu Zhiyu was in a very happy mood. He lived an extremely easy life. He slept until he woke up naturally every day. Except for the emperor who stayed in Liuli Palace at night, he couldn’t see any people he disliked. 

Besides, the imperial examination was approaching, and the emperor was also very busy. He had no time to visit his harem. He came to see Consort Yun once in a while, but there was not much time. As for the others, they didn’t dare to offend Liuli Palace. Moreover, the Third Prince had been in the limelight recently, and the Crown Prince had no time to deal with Fu Zhiyu, which made Fu Zhiyu feel even more happy and leisurely.

In the meantime, he didn’t forget to ask the emperor’s permission to let Old Master Yuan and Old Mrs. Yuan enter the harem once. The family had a happy day, which made Liuli Palace a lot more lively.

After truly experiencing this kind of life, Fu Zhiyu didn’t want to go out anymore. He took a break for a while and had a good time. He was now with his mother and raising a child. He was very happy.

His mother was gentle and virtuous, Mingdao was lively and cute, and he was full of joy every moment he spent with them. He finally felt that he was a real, living person.

Yuan Mingdao had been nourished well in Liuli Palace. He had a lot more flesh on his face, which made him even more beautiful. He was white and pink, like a porcelain doll.

“Spring is coming.” Holding Fu Zhiyu’s hand, he leaned on the window sill to look at the scenery outside. The trees in the yard began to sprout new buds. The snow had already melted; the grass wasn’t there yet but was close. It was a vibrant scenery that made one smile. “It’s so nice.”

Caimei next to him also agreed, “The view in the imperial garden is not as good as that of Liuli Palace. The trees here are the first to grow green leaves in the whole palace.”

Fu Zhiyu knew that Caimei’s words were not flattery, and he knew very well in his heart what the reason for that was.

It was just that he was not sure if it was as beneficial to people. If he mixed his blood in water or other things for his mother to consume, could her vitality become stronger, like it happened to plants?

There was also the Yuan family, especially the Old Master and his wife who were old. Even if they were not harmed by others, their health was no longer good. Fu Zhiyu just wanted them to live a few more years.

He hesitated for a long time. After all, this matter couldn’t be explained by common sense, and they wouldn’t understand what data virus infection was, but he measured the pros and cons, and finally told his mother and Mingdao about it.

His mother was smart and Mingdao was loyal, they should be able to accept this matter… right?

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