Buddha-like Rebirth Chapter 12

Fu Zhiyu believed that in the harem, Fu Qingyan’s favourite person was his mother consort, but this so-called love was also comparative. If it was compared with the power, it was nothing.

But Fu Qingyan couldn’t be truly ruthless. He had love in his heart, so his feelings towards Consort Yun were extremely complicated. It was love mixed with guilt, but he didn’t dare to be unrestrained, afraid that this unique emotion would be used to break the balance he maintained.

Especially when Fu Zhiyu grew older and showed different talents and abilities. Fu Qingyan felt happy for this child in his heart, after all, it was the son born to the woman he loved the most. Who doesn’t want his favourite child to perform well? But on the other hand, he didn’t dare to be too biassed and didn’t want to show favour too much.

Everyone wants to leave their most precious things to their favourite child, including the throne, but if Fu Qingyan was too obvious, the Lin and Xue families, who were still in power, would not rest easy and would cause him endless trouble.

It was in Fu Qingyan’s nature to maintain a balance, and it was also something he had to do in his position as emperor.

Emperor Qingyuan couldn’t help thinking that it would be great if Fu Zhiyu was a princess. This name was given to him before Consort Yun gave birth to him. Zhiyu (zhī = know, yù = jade) sounded like a name for a delicate girl. If she looked like his beloved consort, it would be even better. He would have loved his daughter endlessly and spoiled her into the most pampered noble lady in the world. But against his hope, Zhiyu was born a boy.

This child did look very much like his beloved consort, and his temper was also similar. Sometimes his image overlapped with that of Yuan Wanyun, the famous beauty in the capital when she was young, making Emperor Qingyuan feel stunned for a long time.

But Fu Zhiyu’s cleverness sometimes made him feel scared. This was the emperor’s instinctive vigilance. Fu Qingyan’s throne was not easy to come by. He was a little too concerned about his position and always had a lingering sense of defensiveness about it.

He had learned from the failed experience of the last two emperors, didn’t dote on anyone in the harem and cautiously shared rain and dew among the concubines, so as to avoid having the situation that almost caused the decline of the Fu family’s imperial power because of the lack of children. There were now more than a dozen children in the palace, including seven princes. The eldest prince was twenty one this year, and the youngest, Sixteenth Prince, was only six months old. Finally, Fu Qingyan had solved his hidden worries, but with more children, new worries were coming.

When Fu Zhiyu saw these two decrees, he had already guessed the course of Emperor Qingyuan’s thoughts. He had read the original book and knew the twists and turns in Emperor Qingyuan’s heart very well. Although in his opinion, the man was completely overthinking it, Fu Qingyan was really such a person.

It is very tiring to be defensive and worried all the time, especially in front of your beloved woman.

The fact that Fu Zhiyu became stupid allowed Emperor Qingyuan’s defensive mind to finally let go of some worries temporarily, or perhaps, he finally found a reason to let go.

He finally felt that this child and the woman he loved could be completely controlled by him and would not create any unsettling factors for him in the future, let alone have any influence on the balance. He could be reckless for once, so there was nothing wrong with pampering a little more.

Consort Yun also knew Fu Qingyan very well. If Fu Zhiyu could think of something, she could do the same. After gathering her thoughts, she whispered again: “The Crown Prince and the Xue family still have doubts. I think the spies placed in our palace are all ready to move, trying to find out if you are really stupid. And the emperor, although he also tested you, he seemed to believe it rather straightforwardly. He…”

“People always believe in what they want to see,” Fu Zhiyu said. He stretched out his hand to gently wipe the tears from his mother’s face, “Let’s not talk about him, let’s talk about other things. The Imperial Noble Consort’s ceremony will begin in three days. I’ll make sure to keep an eye on the Imperial Household Department and have them sew the most beautiful clothes for Mother Consort. Then, Mother Consort will be the most beautiful woman in the world.”

Consort Yun snorted, patted his face and said, “I’m all old, there’s nothing to look good or bad.”

“If I say you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful,” Fu Zhiyu said softly, holding her hand, “Mother must believe me.”

Consort Yun stopped talking, just looked at him and smiled.

Since the time she had lost her first child, her heart had been almost dead and she only felt that her life was dark and dim. Even if Fu Qingyan spoiled her to heaven a few years later, she only felt that this man was extremely disgusting.

She even thought about dying. After all, every day was a day of torture for her. The turning point was Fu Zhiyu. Like a miracle, her injured body was pregnant with another child.

This child was almost nothing like his father. He was smart, kind and cute. He was her unique baby. Consort Yun was no longer loveless. She seemed to have gained a new lease of life and had grown into a mother who was as strong as iron inside.

But in the past, Zhiyu was very busy. At a young age, he was reading and writing all day, or else he would have other things to do, and sometimes he didn’t say a few words a day to her.

But after he got sick, he seemed to have changed. He was very clingy. He stayed with her all day, and he talked and made her laugh. Although he had always been filial in the past, he was not like now. Now he was willing to say coquettish things and his mouth was as sweet as honey. Having him next to her was like holding a soft cotton-padded jacket in the winter and like wearing armour to protect her.

Consort Yun felt that she had been much happier these days, and even when she saw Fu Qingyan, she felt that he didn’t look so annoying anymore.

She thought privately that it would be great if it would be like this in the future, them being just like an ordinary mother and son, with Zhiyu not struggling to be good but just staying with her for a long time.

When Fu Zhiyu said that he was going to keep an eye on the Imperial Noble Consort’s auspicious clothes, he wasn’t just talking, he really went and did so.

He didn’t think it was strange for a man to stare at the embroiderers in the palace to make clothes. Anyway, what he did now was normal to him, and he was not afraid of what others said.

The news that the Ninth Prince had been given the title of Wang Zhao spread very quickly, and the whole palace knew it. Although it was not clear why the prince became stupid but was favoured even more, no one in the palace dared to offend Liuli Palace now.

The Momo from the embroidery workshop waited cautiously on the side, accompanying Fu Zhiyu with a smile on her face: “Don’t worry, Wang Zhao, the embroidery workshop is busy day and night, and the gold silk and silver thread are used like flowing water. We will definitely use the best materials to make the most luxurious auspicious clothes for the Imperial Noble Consort Yun.”

Fu Zhiyu nodded, turned his head and smiled at her, saying, “Momo doesn’t need to be nervous.”

He looked at the Momo, who was old and sweating, as if afraid that he had come to look for trouble, and motioned to her to sit down.

The Momo looked at him blankly and said “Master didn’t sit down, how can this slave…”

Fu Zhiyu was helpless. He had been in the system space for a long time, and his thoughts had long been less feudal. He thought for a while, took a plate of snacks next to him, stuffed it into the Momo’s hands and said, “Momo just sits here, eats a snack and doesn’t follow.”

He looked around, only to find that the way those embroiderers’ needles and threads were flying was extremely fascinating. He had never paid attention to these things in his previous life, always busy with competing. He didn’t know that a dark flower on his clothes needed to be carefully embroidered by an embroiderer for so long.

Although this was a book and there was not a word in the book that mentioned this group of embroiderers, they still existed for the sake of the perfection of the world and lived their own lives.

Anyway, when Fu Zhiyu watched them, he just felt it was much more interesting than the main plot.

He picked up a silver needle casually, just to take a look. Who knew that he didn’t hold it right and the needle would prick his finger.

It didn’t hurt much but a drop of blood appeared on his fingertip pitifully. Fu Zhiyu quickly wiped it off, pretending that nothing had happened, otherwise the palace people who followed would make a fuss again.

But after the blood was wiped off, the silver needle that accidentally pricked him slowly turned red under Fu Zhiyu’s eyes, as if it was infected by that drop of blood. Fu Zhiyu felt it was a little hot when he touched it. After a while, it gradually returned to its original state.

Fu Zhiyu: ???

What is going on here? Is my blood… poisonous?

He reacted in an instant. The Lord God told him about the mutation, but nothing happened for several days, so he left the matter behind.

Fu Zhiyu frowned; his first worry was about whether the people who had been in contact with him, such as his mother, would be affected in some way.

He couldn’t stay in the embroidery room anymore, so he put away the silver needle, turned around and went back to the palace.

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