Pastoral Daily Life (Rebirth) Chapter 117

Lu Lingxi made it sound simple on the phone, but Fang Lei hung up the phone and immediately rushed to the KTV. He knew that Lu Lingxi was not the kind of person to invite trouble, and he had been worried all the way that something might have happened to Lu Lingxi if he had arrived late. When he arrived at the KTV, he found that the police had already come, and the reason for their presence was that someone had reported that people were gathering here to take drugs.

In China, the allegations of drug abuse are very serious, and the police officer didn’t dare to neglect the call. After receiving the report, he immediately notified the nearby police station. The police station sent the people very quickly, and they went straight to the room of Lu Lingxi and others, but found nothing. The kids seemed to be in a clear state of mind and didn’t look like they had taken drugs. The four policemen who came to discuss the matter quickly left one policeman in charge of questioning, while the other three went to another room. The police officer receiving the calls had received two calls separately, and the reported location was the same KTV. The second call was sent directly to the four police officers for the sake of saving police resources.

The fact that they had found nothing at Lu Lingxi’s room had already given the officers the idea that this was a prank. But to their surprise, they did find a small bag of drugs in the other compartment.

“This is impossible!”

When the police found the bag of drugs inside the jacket of the sofa, a young man dressed in eye-catching clothes immediately shouted. The young man was none other than Xu Li, who was known as Brother Li. Xu Li had a look of disbelief on his face, as if he had seen something that surprised him. Because the recent shipment was good, he had only kept such a small packet of drugs on him. If it wasn’t to show off Shandian (Lightning) and teach those bastards who dared to mess with his brothers a lesson in the process, he wouldn’t have taken out this bag of drugs. How could it be here again when Shandian had obviously said she’d already delivered it?

“Be honest, what’s not possible!” The cop scolded angrily, “Are these your clothes?”

Xu Li shrank back and nodded. Seeing that the policeman was silent, he suddenly reacted, “Shandian, where’s Shadian?”

He mentioned Shandian, and the few people in the room being checked together knew he was talking about the little green snake. The policeman didn’t know and thought he had missed someone, so he took it very seriously, “Who’s Shan Dian? Where did he go?”

Xu Li hesitated for a few seconds and whispered, “Shadian is a pet snake that I raise.”

The policeman was somewhat unconvinced, but several other people testified that Shandian really wasn’t a person’s name, but a snake’s name. The three policemen looked at each other, and the policeman who had previously stayed by Lu Lingxi’s side for questioning brought Fang Lei over. The three policemen in the room were all a little surprised to see Fang Lei. They were not from the same police station but they all basically knew him. “Why is Team Fang coming over?”

Fang Lei smiled and explained, “I originally invited my little brother and a few of his friends to sing, but I didn’t expect to see Xiao Zheng in the room. So I listened to Xiao Zheng’s story and came over to see what was going on.”

When he said that, the three policemen from before suddenly realised, “So there was your younger brother among those kids just now. Which one was it?”

“The most well-behaved one.” Fang Lei laughed.

He said it in a serious manner, and the policemen laughed, but there was indeed one of the four kids from before who looked particularly well-behaved. Although they didn’t know when Fang Lei had gotten a younger brother, looking at the way Fang Lei talked about his brother, it was obvious that the two of them had a good relationship. It was a good thing that it was only a false alarm, otherwise they wouldn’t have known how to face Fang Lei.

Fang Lei acted as if he didn’t see what they were thinking and only cared about the situation over there. When he heard that a bag of drugs had been seized and they were about to take these people back for a urine test, he waved his hand, “Alright, you guys are busy then.”

The police officers nodded to him with a smile and took Xu Li and the others to leave. Xu Li was a bit anxious, “Shandian hasn’t been found yet.”

“It’s such a big KTV, where are you going to find that snake you’re keeping?!” A policeman chided.

“Didn’t you say that the snake wasn’t poisonous? Just inform the KTV to be careful.” Another policeman said.

No one took Xu Li’s pet seriously. Their manpower was already stretched thin, they had just received another call and were all too busy out on the streets to find the little green snake. Besides, the KTV covered such a large area and there were rooms everywhere, so it wasn’t practical to rely on just the four of them to find it. They could only inform the KTV to pay attention. After a few words, the police officers took the guys away and left. Fang Lei’s eyes fell on Xu Li and he frowned thoughtfully.

“Brother Fang.” Lu Lingxi saw that the police had left and approached him.

Fang Lei smiled at Lu Lingxi and fished out a red envelope from his pocket. “Xiao Xi, take it, it’s for you. I was planning to wait for Tiny Garden to open to see you, it’s lucky that I met you today.”

Lu Lingxi was taken aback for a moment, not expecting Fang Lei to give him a red envelope. While he hesitated, Fang Lei had already stuffed the red envelope into his hands. Lu Lingxi was a bit embarrassed, as he had already received several red envelopes in just a few days after the New Year. He always felt that red envelopes were something only children received, and it was a bit strange for him to receive red envelopes when he was already an adult. After hesitantly putting away the red envelope, Lu Lingxi was about to hint to Fang Lei about the little green snake when Fang Lei suddenly said, “Was one of the people who were just taken away also able to communicate with animals?”

Lu Lingxi looked up suddenly and gave Fang Lei a surprised look. From the moment Fang Lei arrived, he hadn’t even had the chance to say anything, and Fang Lei had already guessed it. Fang Lei looked at Lu Lingxi’s expression with amusement, reached out and rubbed his head, asking with a smile, “The one he can communicate with is a snake?”

Lu Lingxi nodded, simply not knowing what to say.

Fang Lei’s heart was beating hard; he had been a police officer for many years, reading people’s words and expressions was basic. Originally he was still confused as to what was going on. How could Xiao Xi be reported as taking drugs? It was inconvenient for him to ask in front of his colleagues, but when he saw the young man called Xu Li and noticed how nervous he was about a snake, Fang Lei figured out what was going on. Two different reporting calls, the former came from the arrested ones, and the latter was made by Lu Lingxi and the others. The ones who were caught were probably trying to frame Xiao Xi with drugs, but Xiao Xi saw through them, and instead set a trap for them.

As for how they were framed, Fang Lei looked at Lu Lingxi with a smirk, “Where is that snake?”

Lu Lingxi glanced around and tentatively called out to the sofa, “Xiaohei?”

From under the sofa, Xiaohei herded the little green snake to slowly crawl out, guarding his food vigilantly.

Fang Lei had an unexpected expression on his face; he guessed that Xiaohei must be by Lu Lingxi’s side. By now, Fang Lei had already affirmed that Xiaohei and Dahei could communicate with people. He remembered that Xiaohei was Yan Yue’s pet, which meant… Fang Lei was so envious when this thought flashed. He really couldn’t restrain his curiosity and asked in a low voice, “How do you guys do that?”

Lu Lingxi was actually also a little bewildered; at first it seemed like it was natural to communicate. He felt that evolution was a trend in the future. He didn’t know about other places, but the number of people who could evolve in Fengcheng would only increase. After thinking about it, Lu Lingxi came up with the idea and said, “Why don’t you also keep a pet by your side, Big Brother Fang?” This should be the fastest way to develop a tacit understanding, and the chances of being able to communicate with each other in the future would be greater. Fang Lei smiled and his eyes fell on the little green snake on the ground, “Then I’ll take this little green snake back with me as a pet.”

He instantly recognised this little green snake as a venomous snake, and quite a dangerous one. Although he didn’t know why the little green snake was afraid of Xiaohei, it certainly couldn’t be left by Lu Lingxi’s side. It would be troublesome in case it accidentally bit Lu Lingxi.

When Xiaohei heard that Fang Lei was going to snatch his food, he waved his tail angrily and hissed at Fang Lei.

Fang Lei looked at him with interest, “Xiaohei disagrees?”

Lu Lingxi looked at Xiaohei speechlessly and explained in a small voice, “The little green snake is Xiaohei’s food, Brother Fang, you can exchange it for a cake or a biscuit.”

Fang Lei: “……”

After paying five pieces of cake, Fang Lei finally exchanged the little green snake from Xiaohei. He found a plastic bottle and carefully stuffed the little green snake into it, threw it into the car, waved at Lu Lingxi and drove away from the KTV. While he waited for the green light, Lu Lingxi’s words flashed in Fang Lei’s mind. In fact, even if Lu Lingxi didn’t say it, Fang Lei was aware of the problem. It might not seem special that people could communicate with animals, but just as Xu Li had instructed a snake to frame Lu Lingxi today, there might be others who would use animals to achieve their own goals. Fang Lei’s initial thought was that if police dogs could communicate with people, it would be more convenient for them to solve cases. But since he could use animals to solve cases, there would be others who would use them to commit crimes, for the same reason.

Fang Lei looked somewhat grave. Although he didn’t understand why Lu Lingxi was sure that there would be more and more people like them, but for no reason he believed Lu Lingxi’s words. He always felt that Lu Lingxi and Yan Yue knew something, but the other party wasn’t willing to say, so he played dumb and didn’t ask. Anyway, he was friends with Yan Yue and Lu Lingxi, and that was enough.

Once Fang Lei left, Lu Lingxi and the others also hurriedly checked out of the room. Zheng Tan and Bai Yuan had long since lost the wish to sing, at first waiting excitedly for the police to come over, and later waiting to see what was going on at Xu Li’s side. After the excitement was over, their attention was again focused on Xiaohei and they kept asking Lu Lingxi where he bought Xiaohei. They also planned to buy a snake to raise. The scene of Xiaohei catching the little green snake was really too attractive.

Lu Lingxi honestly said that he didn’t buy Xiaohei, he found him in the plant nursery, and Zheng Tan immediately yelled that he would go to the plant nursery next time, so he might be able to pick one up too. Lu Lingxi actually wanted to suggest that they should also have a pet, so that they might evolve after a while. But Zheng Tan and Bai Yuan wanted to raise a snake that was the same as Xiaohei. Only Yi Hang guessed something and planned to raise a dog when he went back. He liked dogs more.

Instead of going straight home, they drove around the streets for a long time in Yi Hang’s little beat-up Jinbei. When they passed by the police station where Fang Lei was, Lu Lingxi took advantage of their lack of attention and used the point of the power of nature he had been rewarded with last time to purify the soil around the police station. There was only so much he could do to help Fang Lei. He hoped that Fang Lei would soon achieve what he wanted.

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