Pastoral Daily Life (Rebirth) Chapter 70

Lu Wei’an’s appearance was just an episode. Yan Yue didn’t take it seriously, but when he returned to Yan’s house, he heard a message from the housekeeper. His mother was interested in introducing Yin Ya to Lu Wei’an.

Although Yin Ya had half of the Yin family’s blood in her veins, her father had been just a bodyguard for Yin Qinglan and had risen to power by falling in love with her. All these years, Yin Ya’s status had always been awkward and it was difficult for her to fit into Yan Yue’s circle. Now, as Yin Ya grew older every year, Yin Qinglan began to think about Yin Ya’s future. However, given Yin Ya’s background, it was difficult to find a suitable match. But when Yin Qinglan met Lu Wei’an, she came up with this idea.

The corners of Yan Yue’s mouth curved up in mockery as he listened. His mother really wanted the best for Yin Ya. He didn’t care much about this news anyway. He had nothing to do with who Yin Ya wanted to marry, and it was even better if Yin Ya could marry into the Lu family. Ye Kang was joking earlier that Yan Hai was probably the only one who would dare to marry the Li family at this time. Now that Yan Yue thought about it, he thought it would be interesting if it was really as Ye Kang said.

Seeing that he was in an okay mood, the housekeeper told another piece of news. Yan Shihui wanted to see him.

Yan Yue paused, the mockery on his face deepening: “I see.”

Unlike Yin Qinglan, who hadn’t done her motherly duty since he was six, Yan Shihui had somehow managed to do his fatherly duty. Although he had moved out of the Yan family mansion, he would come back to see Yan Yue from time to time and was very attentive to Yan Yue’s education. Yan Yue believed that when he was young, his father didn’t have the idea of changing his heir. Otherwise, his father would have had the opportunity to raise him to be a fop, ignorant and lazy.

It was only as Yan Hai and Yan Qian grew up that Yan Shihui’s heart gradually began to shift. Compared to the eldest son who was destined to have everything, the second son and the youngest daughter would be left with nothing after his death. What Yan Shihui probably wanted most was for Yan Yue and Yan Hai to have a good relationship and for the two brothers to work together to develop Hopewell, so that he could put his mind at ease when Hopewell was handed over to Yan Yue. However, Yan Yue had always hated the existence of Yan Hai and Yin Ya since he was a child, and refused to even play next to them. Yan Shihui could do nothing with Yan Yue, and with it, even Yan Yue’s inheritance rights to Hopewell were shaken.

After changing his clothes, Yan Yue went to Hopewell’s headquarters by himself, without taking An Jie. For so many years, Yan Yue had never set foot in Yan Shihui’s new home. Father and son talked about things either in the Yan family mansion or at the Hopewell headquarters.

Upon receiving the news that Yan Yue was coming over, Yan Shihui put off all his arrangements for the afternoon. Of his three children, Yan Yue was the most like him, both in terms of personality and behaviour. Yan Shihui himself understood that it was the best arrangement for Hopewell to be handed over to Yan Yue. But the problem was that Yan Yue was too prejudiced against Yan Hai and he could foresee that once he was gone, Yan Yue would definitely suppress Yan Hai until he had no place in Zhongjing.

To Yan Shihui, the palms of his hands were flesh and the backs of his hands were flesh (both were dear). Yan Yue and Yan Hai were both his sons. The reason he had been suppressing Yan Yue all these years was because he hoped that Yan Yue would give in and take a step back to acknowledge Yan Hai as his younger brother. Unfortunately… Yan Yue was too much like him. Even Yan Yue’s temperament was exactly the same as his when he was young.


Yan Yue arrived quickly, standing in front of Yan Shihui with a polite and alienated attitude.

Yan Shihui was used to Yan Yue’s arrogance and didn’t take it personally. He carefully surveyed Yan Yue’s complexion and smiled slightly, “It seems that Ah Yue has recuperated well in Fengcheng and his complexion has improved a lot.”

The corners of Yan Yue’s mouth curved up in a standard smile, “It’s alright.”

Yan Shihui invited Yan Yue to sit down, “What are your plans, Ah Yue? Some time ago you were away and Ah Hai was sent abroad to temporarily take your place. I was considering if you wanted to return home and experience some time at the headquarters?”

Returning to the headquarters from abroad looked like a move closer to the centre of Hopewell, but in reality it was nothing more than an overt promotion and a covert demotion. At least there was freedom abroad, but what was there to come back to? No matter what he did, he would be under Yan Shihui’s watchful eye, like a puppet. Yan Yue was a little impatient with this routine and refused: “I want to continue to recuperate for a while. Ye Kang has already contacted a sanatorium abroad for me, and I plan to go there in the near future.”

Yan Shihui was a little surprised at his words, and his gaze couldn’t help but carry scrutiny. Yan Yue’s character was definitely not the type to be obedient, and he had considered many ways to appease Yan Yue. But he had not expected that Yan Yue would actually propose to continue recuperating on his own. “Have you thought it over, Ah Yue?” Yan Shihui said tentatively.

Yan Yue was calm and collected as Yan Shihui looked at him, “I’ve thought it over.”


Yan Shihui had seen Yan Yue’s records from the psychologist, and unlike Yin Qinglan’s denial, he knew that Yan Yue really had psychological problems. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if he could take this opportunity to recuperate. Yan Shihui didn’t say anything else and acquiesced to Yan Yue’s decision.

Yan Yue didn’t stay at Hopewell for long. His father-son relationship with Yan Shihui was thin, so they had nothing to say to each other. After leaving Yan Shihui’s office, Yan Yue saw Yin Ya from afar. Yin Ya seemed to be waiting for Yan Yue on purpose and looked at him provocatively.

Yan Yue glanced at her lightly, looking at her as if he was looking at the air. Yin Ya’s expression was somewhat choked as Yan Yue turned around and got on the elevator, leaving Yin Ya only with the sight of his back.

Yin Ya bit her lip reluctantly. What was the big deal about Yan Yue? She had been practically squeezed out of Hopewell by him and Yan Hai. Once she had gained a firm foothold in Hopewell, let’s see what Yan Yue would do then.

Lu Lingxi didn’t know anything about these intrigues far away in Zhongjing. As soon as Wang Chaoliang left in the morning, Gao Yongliang came over in the afternoon. Gao Yongliang could tell that Lu Lingxi was interested in the plant nursery of Luxuan Gardening, so he took advantage of the situation to invite him to go and have a look after the shop closed today.

“Lao Xue’s crystal orchid is in bloom, doesn’t the little boss want to go and have a look?” Gao Yongliang invited enthusiastically.

The crystal orchid he was talking about was not an orchid, but a plant of the ericaceae family. This plant was crystal white and had the appearance of a crystal-like pipe. Every year, from May to June, the crystal orchid was in bloom. At the top of the plant, white long bell-shaped florets would be drawn out, accompanied by bright white transparent leaves that had degenerated into scales attached to the stem. making everything from the flowers to the leaves of the plant white and transparent. With no chlorophyll throughout its body, the crystal orchid did not photosynthesise, but obtained its nutrients from decaying vegetation. It usually grew at an altitude of 1500-2500 metres, deep in the damp, cold forest, emitting an attractive white glow and swaying slightly in the wind, like a flower of death.

Lu Lingxi hesitantly agreed; it was really hard for him to resist this temptation. He had read about the crystal orchid in the World’s Magical Plants catalogue before, and this flower was also known as the ghost plant because of its unique habits and appearance. However, this flower only grew in specific climates, and it was difficult to cultivate successfully artificially when it left its native place, so it was almost impossible to see this flower in the market. Lu Lingxi didn’t expect it to be found inside Luxuan Gardening, and it was even blooming at this time of the year.

As soon as Lu Lingxi nodded, Gao Yongliang smiled. There was a saying in China about catering to someone’s tastes, and Gao Yongliang was doing exactly that right now. He had already figured out that Lu Lingxi having a gardening shop proved that he liked plants, and what would quickly bring them closer together was plants. There were a lot of strange plants in Lao Xue’s plant nursery, so if he took Lu Lingxi there to see one kind of plant a day, there would be enough to see for half a year. Gao Yongliang didn’t believe that after half a year he still couldn’t get closer to Lu Lingxi.

When he got off work in the evening, Lu Lingxi talked to Wang Shuxiu and followed Gao Yongliang to the plant nursery of Luxuan Gardening. Speaking of which, the plant nursery of Luxuan Gardening was not far from Lingshui Village; they both were in the same direction. Today was a weekend and there weren’t many cars on the road, so the two of them got out of town without any problems and made their way to their destination where Xue Yongtong was waiting.

“Little boss.” Xue Yongtong came up enthusiastically to greet Lu Lingxi when he saw him.

Lu Lingxi got out of the car and Dahei jumped down after him. “Mr. Xue.” Lu Lingxi said politely.

Gao Yongliang smiled, “Just call him Uncle Xue, Mr. Xue is too rusty.”

“……” Lu Lingxi hesitated for a few seconds and called out, “Uncle Xue.”

Xue Yongtong immediately followed the trend and changed his words, “Xiao Xi.”

Gao Yongliang was quite happy, “Go go, let’s go see the crystal orchid.” He hadn’t forgotten what he had relied on to lure Lu Lingxi over, and with a clear goal in mind, he took Lu Lingxi straight to the crystal orchid. Xue Yongtong helplessly followed behind the two. He had wanted to take them to dinner first.

Xue Yongtong’s plant nursery was very large, divided into three areas: open-air planting, greenhouse planting and aquatic planting. The crystal orchids were cultivated in the innermost part of the greenhouse. Xue Yongtong strictly simulated the native environment in which the crystal orchids grew to encourage their budding and growth.

They got into a small electric car; the plant nursery was so large that most of the movement inside had to be done on the electric car. Lu Lingxi was somewhat curious as he sat in the car, unconsciously spreading out his mental scan.

Halfway through the aquatic planting area, the white panel suddenly surfaced and floated in front of Lu Lingxi’s face.

Plant name: First-class victoria

Plant needs: none

Plant viability: very high

Plant status: first-level peak

Plant evolution condition triggered, please select the direction of plant evolution.

Lu Lingxi froze for a moment, his eyes falling on the victoria in the pool.

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