Pastoral Daily Life (Rebirth) Chapter 34

Yi Hang’s car was really as he said; it looked shitty, but it was fast. Lu Lingxi felt in a daze that they rushed to the outskirts of the city and then rushed back, all before it was nine o’clock in the morning.

At the door of Tiny Garden Dahei desperately jumped out of the open window even before the car stopped fully, Lu Lingxi poked his head out anxiously and glanced at Dahei. Seeing that he was alive and kicking outside, not looking like he was going to be sick any moment as he had been inside, Lu Lingxi breathed a sigh of relief.

Yi Hang waited for the car to stop, proudly pulled out the car keys, raised his eyebrows at Lu Lingxi and said, “How was that?”

Lu Lingxi was speechless for a long time and reluctantly gave a thumbs up. The speed was no problem, but it would be nice if it wasn’t so bumpy. It didn’t bother him but Dahei was completely dizzy. Yi Hang harrumphed, obviously proud to accept Lu Lingxi’s praise.

This time they went to the plant nursery they only brought half of the potted plants. There was no other way; the trunk of the old Jinbei was too small and the large-leave golden pothos and money trees were both half a person high, so they could only take half of them and make another trip for the rest. The two of them didn’t go directly to Brother Han’s work but went back to Tiny Garden first. Lu Lingxi wanted to make full use of the space in the Jinbei by also picking up the small potted plants in the shop, so that he could make one less trip. He didn’t dare to take Dahei in Yi Hang’s car again, so he had to leave Dahei at Brother Dong’s place.

After settling Dahei, Lu Lingxi put up a sign at the entrance of Tiny Garden, explaining that he would be opening the shop late and leaving his phone number in case anyone was looking for him. The two of them followed the address left by Brother Han last time and arrived at the entrance of Brother Han’s unit. When Yi Hang parked the car, Lu Lingxi took out his mobile phone and called Brother Han. Brother Han had been waiting a long time for Lu Lingxi and when he answered the phone, he brought a few colleagues with him.

As soon as the door of the car was pulled open, Brother Han nodded in satisfaction. For the convenience of the delivery, the seats at the back of the Jinbei were removed, and the car full of greenery was very eye-catching. Before loading the car in the morning, Lu Lingxi deliberately watered all the potted plants, and under the sunlight, the green plants looked as if they had been washed. As Brother Han took a look, he felt that all the dryness of the morning had disappeared and he was in a good mood for no reason.

Although the colleagues brought by Brother Han didn’t raise flowers, they could see that the plants were really good and that Brother Han had not praised them for nothing.

The bunch of people worked all together and soon finished unloading the car. Lu Lingxi was a little embarrassed to say that his car was rather small and he would have to make a few more trips later.

Brother Han smiled, “It’s okay. How about this, our unit also has a car. I’ll go and talk to the boss about going with you. It will save you trouble.”

“Will it be troublesome?” Lu Lingxi was a little uneasy.

The man behind Brother Han laughed: “What’s the trouble, I’m the driver. If I say it’s no trouble, it’s no trouble.”

Lu Lingxi’s appearance was really pleasing, and there was his age, about the same as Brother Han’s and the driver’s children. If you don’t go to school and work at this age, it means that either the family is not good or the child himself is not good. As soon as these people saw Lu Lingxi, no one thought that it was the child who was bad and they took it for granted that it was the family’s problem. When they looked at Lu Lingxi again, they couldn’t help but feel sympathy for him, and their attitude became more accepting.

Brother Han asked Lu Lingxi to wait while he went to the boss to talk. Lu Lingxi smiled gratefully and thought to himself that he would give Brother Han an extra pot when he went back to Tiny Garden to bring more potted plants, as a thank you to Brother Han for his help. Since Brother Han’s unit had a car, Yi Hang didn’t need to wait here. The two agreed that Yi Hang would go back to the plant nursery, and Lu Lingxi would take Brother Han directly to bring all the remaining small potted plants from Tiny Garden, and basically finish the job before noon.

As soon as Yi Hang left, Lu Lingxi heard someone calling him from behind.

“Xiao Xi?”

Lu Lingxi turned around and said in surprise, “Brother Li.” The person calling him was none other than the patient from his ward at the hospital, Brother Li from Bed 19.

“Xiao Xi, it’s really you, why are you here? Looking for someone?”

Li Weisheng was quite happy to see Lu Lingxi. His bed was next to Lu Lingxi’s when he was in the hospital, so they were familiar with each other. When Lu Lingxi was discharged from the hospital, Brother Li soon followed and they hadn’t seen each other since then. Later on, he heard his wife Tian Lei say that she wanted him to arrange the school for Lu Lingxi. He had just found someone to ask for connections when Tian Lei received a call from Wang Shuxiu who said that Lu Lingxi insisted on not going to school and that she had no choice but to let him go to work for a few days first.

During that time, Tian Lei mentioned Lu Lingxi a lot at home, saying that she thought it was a pity for the child to not go to school at a young age. Brother Li’s ears were getting calloused from hearing this, but he never expected he would meet Lu Lingxi here.

“I’m not looking for someone, I’m here to deliver potted plants.” Lu Lingxi explained, “How is Sister Tian doing lately?”

“Good, your Sister Tian is fine, she just misses you quite a bit and has mentioned you a few times.”

Lu Lingxi smiled, a little embarrassed. He had been busy with work since he was discharged from the hospital. At that time he was thinking of finding time to go back to the hospital for a visit, but he never had the time. That is, he sent a text message to Sister Tian once and he was surprised that Sister Tian still remembered him.

Li Weisheng paid attention to what he had just said about the potted plants, “What? You work in a gardening shop?”

Lu Lingxi nodded.

Li Weisheng was interested, “Xiao Xi, you still remember that pot of chlorophytum of yours, right?” He was the first to laugh when he said that, “Your Sister Tian treats that chlorophytum like a treasure and likes it very much. A friend of mine moved to a new home some time ago and asked for the pot of chlorophytum, saying that he had never seen such a good chlorophytum before and that he wanted to use it to help absorb formaldehyde in his new home. But it made your Sister Tian feel bad. You’re in a gardening shop now, aren’t you? Leave me the address, I’ll ask your Sister Tian to look for you, and you can pick another pot for her, so that she won’t have to talk about that pot of chlorophytum every day.”

Lu Lingxi smiled and left the address of Tiny Garden to Li Weisheng. Li Weisheng had some things to do, so he left after saying a few words to Lu Lingxi. Lu Lingxi watched him enter Brother Han’s unit and thought that the two might even know each other.

Not long after, Brother Han came out with the driver and took Lu Lingxi back to Tiny Garden. From a distance, Lu Lingxi saw Yan Yue standing at the entrance of Tiny Garden, with Dahei squatting by his feet. There was a familiar figure beside Yan Yue. Surprisingly it was Dr. Su, whom Lu Lingxi hadn’t seen for a while. It could be seen that the two were chatting animatedly. Lu Lingxi was a little taken aback; did Big Brother Yan turn out to know Dr. Su?

Su Lang came here today at the behest of Grandpa Su. The old man seemed to have an unlucky year. The previous month, he had suffered in a fight between punks and his blood pressure was very high. This month, he had another accident. Yesterday, when he went out for his morning walk, he fell down and twisted his back. He was lying in the hospital with nothing to do and remembered the spring orchid that Lu Lingxi brought back last time. He asked Su Lang to take a look for him to see if the orchid had been saved.

Su Lang had no choice but to stop whatever he was doing and go take a look for the old man. However, when he thought about Grandpa Su’s words that Lu Lingxi was there, he also thought that he would come to see Lu Lingxi.

Towards Lu Lingxi, Su Lang had some mixed feelings. Every time he saw Lu Lingxi, he would think of the boy in his memory. The two had the same name, and even their looks were somewhat similar. He sometimes wondered if that boy didn’t live in the Zhongjing Lu family, but was from an ordinary family like Lu Lingxi, even if he lived a bit harder, wouldn’t he be happier? Unfortunately, there were no ifs in this world…

When Su Lang arrived at Tiny Garden, he never expected to see Yan Yue at the entrance. He knew that Yan Yue had returned to China, and he also knew that Yan Yue had come to Fengcheng some time ago and they had even spoken on the phone, but they were both busy and had never met. At first, Su Lang was more than surprised. Yan Yue was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, which was a completely different image from what he remembered.

Yan Yue was also very surprised to see Su Lang, and when he asked, he learned that Su Lang had come to see the spring orchid. Yan Yue remembered the spring orchid that Lu Lingxi had sold for 300,000 yuan and said that Su Lang was a step late.

“Sold it?” Su Lang didn’t quite believe it. The old man swore that the chances of saving that spring orchid were super small; even if it was saved it would probably be sickly. It was still very early to raise it well and sell it for money.

Yan Yue nodded affirmatively without explaining why he knew. Keenly, he sensed a different meaning in Su Lang’s tone when he mentioned Lu Lingxi. At least Lu Lingxi was special to Su Lang, not just a person he knew. This awareness gave him a sense of crisis and he quietly created the appearance in front of Su Lang that he and  Lu Lingxi were good friends, acting almost out of instinct of a male to mark his territory.

Although Su Lang was surprised that Yan Yue knew Lu Lingxi because it didn’t look like the two of them would have any intersection at all, he didn’t think too much of it. It was rare to meet Yan Yue, and Su Lang didn’t rush to leave for a while, so the two stood at the door of Tiny Garden and chatted.

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