Rebirth: Different Way Chapter 84

After separating from Wang Changlin at the cemetery, Shen Xi made a phone call to Lao K on the way home.

When the call was answered, before Shen Xi could say anything, Lao K already said, “Xiao Xi, have you seen the news?”

Shen Xi was stunned, “News? What news?”

“You don’t know?” Lao K was very surprised and soon realized that Shen Xi was not calling him for that, so he immediately said with concern, “What’s the matter? What happened?”

Shen Xi said softly, “Nothing, I’ve just met Wang Changlin.” At once, Shen Xi told him about Wang Changlin and Han Rou; it was something he could only tell Lao K and no one else.

Lao K was astonished, “It’s really him, no wonder!”

Lao K did not clarify no wonder what; he and Shen Xi both knew the answer in their heart. If Han Rou’s baby was really Wang Changlin’s, then many of the things he had done would make sense. But when Lao K thought of how many times he had investigated Wang Changlin without finding any clues to this matter, he couldn’t help but be wary of Wang Changlin.

“Xiao Xi, are you sure you want to transfer the shares in your hands to him, just in case?”

Lao K’s concern was palpable, and Shen Xi explained softly, “This matter is not harmful to us. These shares were originally intended to be transferred out, it just happens that this person will be Wang Changlin. What’s more, I’m not giving them away for nothing, we can still make a profit with these shares. As for your concern that he will use the shares for other purposes, it doesn’t matter to me. All I want is for the Shen family to go bankrupt and be left with nothing. If Wang Changlin is capable of turning Shen Group into Wang Group, what does it have to do with us?”

With Shen Xi’s explanation, Lao K also felt that this was indeed the case. Shen Xi’s choice was in their best interest at the moment, but Lao K still had some concerns about Wang Changlin. However, as Shen Xi said, even if Wang Changlin had other plans in addition to avenging the Han family, what did it matter? As long as he and Shen Xi had the same goal of dealing with the Shen family, it would be fine.

With this in mind, Lao K did not raise any objection, “Xiao Xi, you decide.”

Shen Xi gave an “en”, “By the way, what was the news you mentioned just now?”

Back to the topic, Lao K gossiped eagerly, “Zhou Mingmei broke the news about Chu Qianqian’s existence and involved Fang Yun in it, and now the newspapers are in an uproar.”

The news was not a surprise to Shen Xi as he had already planned to reveal the existence of Chu Qianqian through Zhou Mingmei, “Has there been any mention of the marriage?”

“Don’t worry, the news has been released, now it’s up to Chu Qianqian.” Shen Xi had already made the preparations when he made his plans before. If Zhou Mingmei talked about Chu Qianqian’s marriage with Shen Dehan in anger, naturally everything would be fine; but if she didn’t say anything, the news would also be released anyway.

Having said that, Lao K couldn’t help but add one more sentence, “After this matter is over, what arrangements do you have for Chu Qianqian?”

Shen Xi had already thought about this question, “Send her abroad just like Chang Lei, and then arrange for her to come back if she wants to after the wind dies down in a few years.”

“That’s good.” Lao K agreed. If their plan went well, it was indeed not suitable for Chu Qianqian to stay in China anymore and she would need to go abroad to avoid the limelight for a while.

The contribution of Shen Xi and Lao K in this matter was unknown to outsiders. At this time, everyone’s attention was focused on the scandal of Shen Dehan and Chu Qianqian. Compared to the previous scandals of the Shen family, this one was obviously more interesting. Not to mention the huge age difference between Shen Dehan and Chu Qianqian, just the fact that Chu Qianqian’s face was identical to Fang Yun was enough to create a huge buzz. When Shen Dehan had kept Zhou Mingliang who looked similar to Fang Yun by his side under the banner of being nostalgic for his dead wife, although it was unfair to Han Rou, many people privately praised him for his love and affection for Fang Yun. But now, Chu Qianqian’s existence was a slap in Shen Dehan’s face. The love and affection that he had back then now seemed to be nothing more than a lust for young beauty.

The person who broke the story was Zhou Mingmei, who had been with Shen Dehan all these years and whose existence was well known to everyone. Although no one thought Zhou Mingmei would be admitted to the Shen family by Shen Dehan, they had all acquiesced to her identity. But now Chu Qianqian suddenly appeared, and the dog-blood entanglement in between was enough to excite the gossip reporters in Zhongjing to the point of bursting.

The moment she saw the news, Shen Bixue almost fainted from anger. She always thought that even if Shen Dehan’s personality had changed because of his illness, he would not disregard the reputation of the Shen family like that. Although Chu Qianqian stayed by Shen Dehan’s side before, as long as the news was kept from the reporters, Shen Bixue could not say much. But now, looking at the various scathing comments on the internet, Shen Bixue only felt that even she had been disgraced and her reputation was in tatters.

Shen Bixue didn’t care about anything else and hurriedly ordered her driver to prepare the car. This matter needed Shen Dehan to come out to dispel the rumours and confirm that there was no Chu Qianqian and there was no such thing as marriage.

When Shen Bixue was rushing to the hospital, Shen Dehan had just seen the news and was furiously calling Zhou Mingmei.

“Did you tell the reporters about the existence of Qianqian?”

“Yes!” Zhou Mingmei laughed, “What, she can’t see the light of day?”

Zhou Mingmei’s reaction angered Shen Dehan, who said in a cold voice, “I told you to stay in the country and behave yourself.”

“Behave myself?” Zhou Mingmei sneered, “Am I not behaving? What have you given me after all these years of behaving myself? Since you did it on the first day, don’t blame me for doing it on the fifteenth (since you’re not benevolent, I won’t be righteous either).”

Shen Dehan hung up the phone with a cold snort and immediately ordered his bodyguards to go to the hospital where Shen Rong was to pick him up, and at the same time cut off all of Zhou Mingmei’s financial resources and kick her out of her current house. To Shen Dehan, Shen Rong could still be considered his son, while Zhou Mingmei was nothing.

Shen Dehan’s order caused the bodyguards to look at each other in shock and quietly retreat.

Shen Dehan was the only one left in the ward. He stared at the newspapers in front of him with a gloomy face, his eyes falling on the word “marriage”. Shen Dehan was not confused. Although he liked Chu Qianqian, he also knew that his age difference with Chu Qianqian was too great, and once it broke out, it would be a scandal. He did want to keep Chu Qianqian around, but definitely not in the form of marriage. During this period of time, due to the tight security, he had kept Chu Qianqian’s existence well hidden from outsiders, but he did not expect that it would be Zhou Mingmei who finally made the story public.

He now had to dispel the negative impact of this matter as soon as possible; the Shen family could no longer afford another series of scandals.

As Shen Dehan pondered, Chu Qianqian pushed the door open and walked in.

“Mr. Shen.” Chu Qianqian’s face was devoid of her usual smile and she appeared much more distant.

“Qianqian!” Shen Dehan immediately realised something, “Have you seen the news?”

Chu Qianqian nodded, “I was just about to tell you about this, Mr. Shen. I plan to leave Zhongjing.”

“What?” Shen Dehan was shocked, “Where are you going, Qianqian?”

Chu Qianqian showed a reluctant smile, “I don’t know, maybe to a place where no one knows me.”

“Why?” Shen Dehan said in a deep voice, “Because of the news?”

Chu Qianqian avoided Shen Dehan’s question and said with her head bowed, “I’ve been bothering Mr. Shen for too long, we’re not relatives, and it is not good to keep doing this.”

Shen Dehan said eagerly, “Qianqian, didn’t you say you would stay with me forever?”

Shen Dehan’s words made Chu Qianqian’s body tremble. After a while, Chu Qianqian raised her head and looked at Shen Dehan calmly, “In what capacity should I accompany Mr. Shen?”

Shen Dehan did not expect Chu Qianqian to ask such a direct question and was momentarily at a loss for words. A trace of disappointment flashed across Chu Qianqian’s face, “Look, Mr. Shen, you want me to stay by your side, but you can’t marry me, so in what capacity should I stay? The same as Zhou Mingmei? Then I’m sorry, although I come from a humble background, I’m not degraded to the point where I would want to be Mr. Shen’s mistress.”

These words from Chu Qianqian were so categorical that Shen Dehan could not help but freeze. He remembered that Fang Yun had been like this back then. At the very beginning when he was unable to promise her anything and begged her to stay by his side, Fang Yun also looked at him with such disappointment and said the same words before leaving in determination. Looking at Chu Qianqian’s determined expression that was more and more similar to the shadow in his memory, Shen Dehan subconsciously said, “Ah Yun, I will marry you.”

When she finally heard these words, Chu Qianqian ignored the fact that Shen Dehan was calling Fang Yun’s name and let out a huge sigh of relief in her heart. Practising her expression in front of the mirror for a long time was not for nothing and she also wrote down the sentence Shen Xi had prepared for her word for word.

Chu Qianqian’s face blossomed into a smile little by little as she looked at Shen Dehan and whispered, “Really?”

Shen Dehan looked at this face that looked exactly like Fang Yun’s and nodded heavily. 

By the time Shen Bixue arrived at the hospital, Shen Dehan had already made the decision to get engaged to Chu Qianqian and was planning to hold a press conference tomorrow to announce this decision.

“What, Big Brother, you want to get engaged to Chu Qianqian, are you crazy?” Shen Bixue stared at Shen Dehan incredulously, unable to figure out why he would make such a confused decision.

Shen Dehan said discontentedly, “Is this the tone of the voice to talk to Big Brother?”

Shen Bixue was so angry that she couldn’t speak, “Big Brother, do you know that Chu Qianqian is young enough to be your granddaughter? You want to get engaged to her, what do you want people to think of you?”

Shen Dehan insisted, “This is my own business.”

Shen Bixue trembled, pointing at Shen Dehan, “Big Brother, have you thought about Ah Ji, Ah Cheng and Xiao Xi? Have you ever thought about the fact that Chu Qianqian is younger than all three of them? Do you want them to recognise her as a mother when she is so young? How will they be able to go out and meet people? Even if they don’t care about this, you  know the knot in Ah Ji’s heart. Don’t push Ah Ji further and further away!”

Shen Dehan listened to Shen Bixue’s words and his heart faltered for a moment, but soon Fang Yun’s face came to his mind and overlapped with Chu Qianqian’s face, and Shen Dehan closed his eyes and persisted.

Shen Bixue finally left the hospital disappointed.

The engagement between Shen Dehan and Chu Qianqian was confirmed, and Shen Xi soon received a message from Chu Qianqian. Habitually deleting the text messages on his mobile phone, Shen Xi looked out the window with a sneer.

When he first returned from abroad, he had expected it to take more than two years to completely destroy the Shen family. But against his expectation, everything went too smoothly and before he could even do anything more, the Shen family was already in a state of turmoil.

That being the case, he had no patience to spend more time on his father. Didn’t his father hate his mother’s cheating the most? He really hoped that his father would like the huge surprise he specially prepared!

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  1. I was so worried about Wang Changlin manipulating SX last chapter but he’s right, it doesn’t really matter. Except it seems Wang Changlin’s past relationship with Han Rou is still very suspicious… If his goal was to get control of the company (actually, that’s a lot of work over literal decades just for…what? more money and power?), Han Rou and Shen Dehan’s relationship had already deteriorated so I can’t see how she would be that useful to him, unless maybe he has a personal grudge against Shen Dehan. Or it was incidental and he didn’t care enough about her to risk his relationship with Shen Dehan? In any case I suspect he still deserves to be added to SX’s list for revenge, while he’s at it.

    Even though the story is a little slow paced, I really like how all the characters are written + glimpses into their motivations and thought processes!

    Also laughing at “Ah Yun, I will marry you.” smh

    1. Haha, good analysis! You’ll know soon 🙂
      But slow paced? 😂😂 I think it’s probably the most fast paced BL I’ve ever read. No fillers at all.

  2. “When Shen Dehan had kept Zhou Mingliang who looked similar to Fang Yun by his side under the banner of being nostalgic for his dead wife, although it was unfair to Han Rou, many people privately praised him for his love and affection for Fang Yun.” Oh how romantic /s 🤢🤢🤢 these people are CRAZY!
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  3. why do i feel like the author is trying to communicate that Fang Yun manipulated her way into becoming Mrs Shen as well?

    1. I don’t think she manipulated… but she kinda sounds like a white lotus you’ll love to dislike 🙂 However, it’s probably Shen Dehan’s rosy glasses, maybe she was quite a different person 🙂

  4. Hmm I am glad WCL really thought of Shen Xi as a piece of log 😅. It seems he won’t put Shen Xi in mind anymore after that 20% share. It scared me that Shen Xi isn’t guarded much against him. I just hope that Shen Xi won’t let WCL get everything too easily. I felt while he didn’t intentionally kill Han Rou, he isn’t exactly averse to it. I felt like he even anticipated Han Rou to suicide. We had seen how callous and unfeeling he was with making Shen Rong into disabled. Maybe he was the “crazy man” that instigated Han Rou to beg Han Yu to trap Shen Group, not Han Yu?? Ahh I hope Shen Dehan learn all this and it had to be by WCL’s own mouth! I am anticipating that chapter!!

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