Rebirth: Different Way Chapter 81

Before, Shen Xi didn’t care who Gao Qiulin’s shares were sold to. He and Gao Qiulin were just using each other; he pointed some economic trends to Gao Qiulin and Gao Qiulin helped him to hold back Shen Ji in Shen Group. They were mutually beneficial and cooperated happily. When Shen Group stock price plummeted, Gao Qiulin got rid of his shares and made a point of mentioning it to Lao K afterwards.

Now that he was planning to work with the other party, Shen Xi pondered, “You should contact Gao Qiulin and see if you can find out about the other party. There’s still some time before my birthday, so there’s no hurry.”

Lao K nodded and handed a copy of information to Shen Xi, “Here, Wang Changlin’s specific information. The same as the previous investigation, there is nothing suspicious.”

Shen Xi had investigated the people around Shen Dehan at the beginning of his return to China, and he had specific information on Wang Changlin at hand. Initially, after meeting Wang Changlin at the cemetery, he had also planned to approach Wang Changlin in the name of his mother, but then Lu Gesen’s appearance disrupted his plan. Who would have thought that after going around in circles, he would actually find out that the person behind Lu Gesen was Wang Changlin.

Shen Xi’s feelings towards Wang Changlin were very special. He was touched that Wang Changlin still remembered his mother, but he was also haunted by the fact that Wang Changlin adopted Lu Gesen and did not care about what happened to him after the downfall of the Han family. What’s more, according to Lu Gesen, Wang Changlin should have held a grudge against Shen Dehan, but he had been with Shen Dehan for so many years, and not only did Shen Dehan not notice anything, he trusted Wang Changlin implicitly. Shen Xi did not know how Wang Changlin managed to do this, but he had a vague fear of this man that he could not explain.

The information on Wang Changlin was just as Lao K had said; the same as during the previous investigation, nothing suspicious could be found. Shen Xi read through it once and could only put aside his doubts and turn his mind back to Shen Rong’s car accident.

It had been a few hours since the surgery, and as the anaesthetic wore off, Shen Rong was awake but was unable to accept the fact that he might never be able to stand up again.

“You lie to me, you lie to me! Where is the doctor? I want a doctor.”

The red-eyed Shen Rong sat on the hospital bed, hysterically shouting at Zhou Mingmei, his eyes full of panic and despair.

Zhou Mingmei’s usual sternness disappeared and she looked at Shen Rong sadly, “Ah Rong.”

Shen Rong’s despair increased at the sound of Zhou Mingmei’s mournful voice. He suddenly waved his hands frantically and tried to move his legs that were fixed to the bed, muttering, “I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it, how can I not be able to stand up? I don’t believe it.”

Shen Rong’s movements were quickly stopped by Zhou Mingmei, who could not hide the resentment in her eyes as she watched her only reliance turn into this.

“Ah Rong, don’t worry, Mother will help you get justice. If Shen Ji refuses to give us a way out, we will fight him to the death.”

“Shen Ji, yes, Shen Ji, it was Shen Ji who did this, he was taking revenge on me, on me for making Shen Cheng take drugs.”

The name “Shen Ji” attracted Shen Rong’s full attention. He grabbed Zhou Mingmei’s arm in a deadly grip, his expression twisted as he repeated this name.

Zhou Mingmei hesitated for a moment, not telling Shen Rong about the drugs he had been injected with. Perhaps he could not have become addicted all at once, she tried to reassure herself.

This was the scene Wang Changlin saw when he arrived. He chose not to push the door open immediately but stood silently outside listening to the conversation between the mother and the son inside the ward. Only when Shen Ji’s name was mentioned by Zhou Mingmei did a hint of satisfaction appear in his eyes.

This woman, Zhou Mingmei, begged him for help when Shen Rong was in trouble, but once Shen Rong was released and she saw that Shen Dehan was ready to clean up this matter, she turned away and refused to acknowledge him. She should not blame him for being ruthless since she was so unrighteous. Who made Shen Rong be Shen Dehan’s son? Everyone in the Shen family deserved to die. 

Only when he was sure that the mother and son inside were convinced that this matter was Shen Ji’s doing did Wang Changlin put on a worried look, hurriedly pushed the door open and walked in, “Ah Rong.”

“Changlin!” Zhou Mingmei looked at Wang Changlin with a surprised look on her face. Wang Changlin nodded at her and walked hurriedly to Shen Rong, “How is Ah Rong?”

The worry on his face was so genuine that Shen Rong felt like a drowning man who had caught his saviour’s hand. He said in a sharp voice, “Uncle Wang, what should I do? I can’t stand up anymore.”

Wang Changlin’s face showed compassion as he patted Shen Rong soothingly and said encouragingly, “I’ve asked the doctor, and he said that as long as you stick to the follow-up treatment, you will definitely recover normally.”

His words soothed Shen Rong, and Shen Rong’s emotions gradually calmed down. But then, as if he thought of something, he said abruptly, “It was Shen Ji, it was Shen Ji who did this.”

“I know, I know, Ah Rong, don’t worry, Uncle Wang will definitely find a way to help you get justice.” Wang Changlin promised solemnly.

Carefully helping Shen Rong to lie down, Wang Changlin looked at him with concern, “Ah Rong, take a good rest first, your mother and I have something to discuss.”

Shen Rong nodded obediently; Wang Changlin patted Shen Rong’s head as if he was a loving elder and gestured for Zhou Mingmei to go out with him to talk.

“Changlin, why are you here?” As soon as she left the ward, Zhou Mingmei said eagerly. She was very surprised by Wang Changlin’s appearance.

Wang Changlin looked at her, “Shen Dehan wants to see you.”

“To see me?”

Wang Changlin nodded, “He was very angry when he read the news.”

“Angry?” A hint of resentment flashed in Zhou Mingmei’s eyes, “Ah Rong was harmed by Shen Ji like that, I just told the reporters the truth, why is he angry? Afraid of affecting his precious son?”

Wang Changlin sighed, “You know, Shen Ji and Shen Cheng are different in his heart.”

These words successfully managed to provoke Zhou Mingmei’s anger, “What does he want to see me for?”

“Shen Dehan intends to send you and Ah Rong abroad.”

Going abroad was tantamount to exile, and this time it would be a permanent exile. Zhou Mingmei clenched her hands in unwillingness, but there was a look of hesitation in her eyes. Ah Rong and Shen Ji had already formed a deadly enmity. Shen Dehan was still alive, and Shen Ji dared to lay a hand on Ah Rong. Once Shen Dehan was gone, how could Shen Ji still tolerate Ah Rong?

Wang Changlin coldly watched Zhou Mingmei’s change of expression and sneered in his heart, but his words were the ones of persuasion, “Mingmei, I think you should go and meet Shen Dehan. Whether you leave the country or not, Ah Rong’s subsequent treatment and future life will require Shen Dehan to do his duty as a father.”

Zhou Mingmei understood Wang Changlin’s meaning. He was telling her to ask Shen Dehan for money. Since Shen Dehan wanted to send them abroad, naturally they could not leave empty-handed. In fact, Zhou Mingmei hadn’t saved much over the years. Previously, Shen Rong had lost a large sum of money investing in the movie, and coupled with the fact that Shen Rong had angered Shen Dehan, they were already struggling to make ends meet recently. If they could take this opportunity to get the money that would ensure that they would be clothed and fed for the rest of their lives… Zhou Mingmei’s eyes flashed and she made up her mind.

The place where Shen Rong was hospitalised was not far from Renai Hospital, and soon Wang Changlin sent Zhou Mingmei to Shen Dehan’s ward. As Zhou Mingmei pushed the door, Wang Changlin whispered meaningfully, “Money will be spent, but shares can always make money.”

Zhou Mingmei’s movements paused slightly, and then she pushed open the door of the ward as if nothing had happened.

“Dehan!” The female voice was as gentle as always.

Shen Dehan sat there with a cold expression, not even looking at Zhou Mingmei in front of him, saying directly, “I will give you a sum of money and you will immediately take Ah Rong out of the country. I will help him solve the matter of his involvement in drugs.”

Although Zhou Mingmei had already thought of Shen Dehan’s reaction before she arrived, the way he was so eager to spend money to get rid of them still made her angry. After suppressing the fire in her heart, Zhou Mingmei said in a sad voice, “Ah Rong has just had a surgery and is not fit for a long trip. The doctor suggested that he stay in bed for a period of recuperation. Dehan, what do you think?”

Shen Dehan interrupted her impatiently, “I said immediately.”

A trace of resentment flashed in Zhou Mingmei’s eyes, but her expression was sad and pitiful, “Since Dehan can’t tolerate Ah Rong, I’ll take him away. But Ah Rong is also Dehan’s child, the doctor said he’ll never be able to stand up again, Dehan, Ah Rong’s whole life will be like that.”

Despite his anger at Shen Rong’s previous behaviour, Shen Rong was his own child after all. Hearing Zhou Mingmei’s words, Shen Dehan softened his tone, “I will give you more money, enough to feed and clothe Ah Rong in the future.”

After all, he was only willing to give money. Thinking about Wang Changlin’s previous words, Zhou Mingmei said tentatively, “There will be a time when the money will run out.”

Shen Dehan snapped his head up at her words, his eyes blazing, “You want the shares of Shen Group?”

Zhou Mingmei smiled miserably, “Ah Rong is also your child, I am only doing this for Ah Rong’s future.”

Shen Dehan was unmoved, “Take the money and leave the country immediately.”

Zhou Mingmei’s heart completely went cold. Anyway, it had come to this point. If Shen Dehan was concerned about saving face and didn’t want Shen Rong and Shen Cheng’s affair to go too far, he was the one who had to beg. What did she have to fear? She sneered, “Shen Ji has caused Ah Rong to be unable to stand up for the rest of his life. I am just asking for some shares of Shen Group for Ah Rong and you refuse. Shen Ji is your son, is Ah Rong not? “

Having known Shen Dehan for more than twenty years, she was always soft and gentle; this was the first time she changed her face in front of him. Zhou Mingmei thought that Shen Dehan would allow her to bargain because of Shen Ji, but she did not know that the shares of Shen Group were Shen Dehan’s inverse scale that no one could touch and that he did not have the right to dispose of Shen Group shares in his hand at all.

Shen Dehan’s face turned gloomy as he stared at her coldly, “Shameless! What is Shen Rong but an illegitimate child of the Shen family? How dares he compete with Ah Ji? Since you don’t want to go abroad, stay in the country with Shen Rong and don’t let me see you talking nonsense to reporters.”

Shen Dehan’s change of face was too sudden. Before Zhou Mingmei could react, Shen Dehan had already pressed the button, signalling for the bodyguards to come in and take her out.

“Dehan!” Zhou Mingmei shouted instinctively.

Shen Dehan grunted, “Get lost! “

Zhou Mingmei was finally taken away by the bodyguards. From the shadows Wang Changlin watched her being escorted with a cold smile curving the corner of his mouth. He knew this woman Zhou Mingmei too well. The reason she was so angry after Shen Rong’s car accident was because Shen Ji had cut off her hopes for the rest of her life. As long as Shen Dehan gave enough sugar, this woman would do anything. He wanted to rely on her to bite Shen Cheng and Shen Ji to death and absolutely couldn’t allow her to stop midway. Now that Shen Dehan had completely cut her off, she had no choice but to follow him and him alone.

Wang Changlin’s thoughts were unknown to Zhou Mingmei, who now had another problem.

Chu Qianqian smiled as she stepped in front of Zhou Mingmei with an innocent look on her face, “Auntie Zhou, did you get kicked out by Mr. Shen?”

Zhou Mingmei smoothed out her slightly messed clothes in embarrassment with a scowl on her face.

Chu Qianqian ignored her expression and said sympathetically, “Auntie Zhou is really pitiful. At her old age, she was kicked out by a man and her only son was involved in a car accident. I’m sure she will have a very difficult time in the future.”

The mockery in her tone was too obvious. Zhou Mingmei’s eyes flashed with resentment as she said coldly, “Don’t you laugh at me, you will have such a day too.”

Chu Qianqian looked surprised, “How come? Didn’t Mr. Shen tell you? We are about to get married. I will soon be Mrs. Shen. But it’s also true, Auntie Zhou, that you have struggled for so many years and have not come anywhere close to becoming Mrs. Shen. No wonder you think everyone will end up like you.”

Chu Qianqian looked at Zhou Mingmei with pity and excitement. Zhou Mingmei did her best to control her body so that she could turn around and leave the hospital instead of pouncing on this woman and tearing her face to stripes.

Zhou Mingmei’s retreat made Chu Qianqian feel very bored, but she had already revealed to Zhou Mingmei that she was going to marry Shen Dehan, so she was sure Zhou Mingmei’s reaction would not disappoint her.

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  1. “Who made Shen Rong be Shen Dehan’s son? Everyone in the Shen family deserved to die.”

    I feel like this line from Wang Changlin explains a lot about his attitude towards Shen Xi. His hatred towards the Shen family probably extends to SX regardless of him being Han Rou’s son. It would explain why he left SX to suffer. The fact that Shen Xi is somewhat scared of him makes Wang Changlin even scarier.

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