Rebirth: Different Way Chapter 78

Li Mingxuan’s gaze fell on Shen Xi’s face; many emotions flashed in his eyes, before finally turning into pity.

“Xiao Xi!”

Shen Xi took a step forward in silence, casually closing the door behind him, his gaze meeting Li Mingxuan’s calmly.

“When did you come here, Cousin?”

Li Mingxuan did not answer but raised his hand and gently touched the bleeding mark on Shen Xi’s face, saying softly, “Does it hurt?”

The fingers touching his face moved gently, slowly brushing over the bleeding mark, and Shen Xi’s heart felt strange for no reason, trembling uncontrollably.

“It doesn’t hurt.” Shen Xi tilted his head, but unexpectedly Li Mingxuan suddenly leaned over and the warm tip of his tongue brushed over the mark. Shen Xi froze in surprise.

Looking at Shen Xi’s stunned expression, Li Mingxuan felt his heart ache as he reached out and gently wrapped his arms around Shen Xi.

“I heard it all.”

The words were what Shen Xi expected, but Li Mingxuan’s reaction was beyond Shen Xi’s expectation. Shen Xi gave a low “en” and did not say anything more.

Looking at Shen Xi, who held his head down, silent in his arms, Li Mingxuan slowly said, “Ah Ji received a call from the bodyguard, saying that you have come to the hospital alone. I happened to be with him at the time. He couldn’t leave because of Ah Cheng, so he asked me to come over to take a look. I came just in time to hear the words you asked Uncle. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but it wasn’t appropriate for me to go in under those circumstances. I couldn’t bear to leave either. I can’t help but want to know everything about you.

“Xiao Xi, I love you. It’s not the love for the imagined you, but the real you. I don’t want to see you acting as if nothing is wrong in front of me. You can be angry, you can be resentful, you can be upset about what happened before, you can question what happened in the previous generation. I won’t suppress your emotions, I just want you to be who you really are.

“Let me stay with you, whatever there is, let me be with you.”

Li Mingxuan said it in a low voice; from the moment Shen Xi asked if he was a child of the Shen family, the conversation in the room slid in the direction he hadn’t expected. The cause of Han Rou’s death, the downfall of the Han family, the source of his uncle’s dislike for Shen Xi, or the deep resentment that Shen Xi felt towards his uncle and the Shen family…

Li Mingxuan could not say how he felt when he first heard it, but all sorts of complicated emotions flashed by and what finally remained was only his pain for Shen Xi. It was originally just the grievances and entanglements of the previous generation, but it was unfairly placed on Shen Xi’s head.

As he listened to Shen Xi’s resentment towards his father and the Shen family, Li Mingxuan could not even point out Shen Xi’s fault. Shen Xi was innocent in this matter from beginning to end, and it was always them who did the wrong thing.

Li Mingxuan’s heart clenched. He always knew that no matter how close he was to Shen Xi, there seemed to be something between him and Shen Xi. For more than half a year, he had been working hard to touch the real Shen Xi a little bit, but he faintly felt that there was something else that Shen Xi didn’t want him to know.

It was only when he heard the conversation between Shen Xi and his father that Li Mingxuan realised that the Shen Xi in the ward was the real Shen Xi. His resentment towards Shen Dehan and his dissatisfaction with the Shen family was not as mild as he had shown. From the conversation between him and Shen Dehan, it could be heard that he seemed to be secretly investigating something, otherwise he would not have doubted his own origin.

Li Mingxuan increased the strength of his hug. He loved Shen Xi, he wanted Shen Xi to show his true self to him instead of wearing a mask in front of him. His heart ached for Shen Xi.

In Li Mingxuan’s arms, Shen Xi listened to his words in silence. When he first discovered that Li Mingxuan might have overheard his conversation with Shen Dehan, Shen Xi had already prepared to face Li Mingxuan’s questioning, whether it concerned his unconcealed hatred for Shen Dehan or the mask he was wearing in front of Li Mingxuan. But Li Mingxuan’s reaction was greatly unexpected. There was no questioning, no accusations, Li Mingxuan explained why he was outside and showed an astonishing tolerance for his behaviour. The only thing he wanted was his own honesty.

For the first time, Shen Xi felt that he could not face Li Mingxuan’s feelings. Since he was reborn, he had never felt that he had done anything wrong, but with Li Mingxuan, he seemed to have made the wrong choice. Li Mingxuan’s feelings were sincere and clean. As Shen Xi leaned in his arms and listened to his heartbeat, suddenly an urge to confess everything rose in his heart. But soon Shen Xi suppressed this thought.

Not enough, Shen Dehan’s retribution was not enough, the Shen family had not been completely destroyed, the resentment in his heart had not been fully vented, his plan was about to reach the last step, how could he choose to give up! He didn’t know how Li Mingxuan might react when he knew the truth. Could he still be as tolerant as he was now?

Shen Xi’s silence caused Li Mingxuan’s heart to fall to the bottom a little, and bitterness filled his eyes. He had touched the real Shen Xi, but Shen Xi was still unwilling to open up to him. There was something standing between them, and Shen Xi was still unwilling to trust him fully.

Li Mingxuan took a deep breath and suppressed the bitter feeling in his heart. Perhaps he had not done enough, but fortunately Shen Xi was with him and he had enough time to completely impress him. Throwing away the messy thoughts in his mind, Li Mingxuan lowered his head and kissed Shen Xi on the cheek, “You’ve been at the hospital for a long time, do you want to go home?”

Shen Xi glanced up at Li Mingxuan with shadowy eyes and nodded gently. The two of them tacitly seemed to step over what had happened before.

Li Mingxuan smiled tenderly at Shen Xi and raised his head to rub his hair, “Xiao Xi, wait for me outside, I’ll go and talk to Uncle.”

Shen Xi agreed and turned to walk towards the elevator. In the opposite direction, Li Mingxuan pushed open the door of the ward and walked in. Shen Xi had no intention of listening to what Li Mingxuan would say to Shen Dehan. The more he knew, the more it seemed that this feeling was too heavy for him to face.

In the quiet ward, Shen Dehan had already guessed Li Mingxuan’s arrival, as he had vaguely seen Li Mingxuan’s figure when Shen Xi opened the door earlier. He had already decided that Li Mingxuan and Shen Xi had come together. When he saw Li Mingxuan at this moment, he naturally looked displeased and coldly snorted, “What, that evil son did not say enough, you still want to say a few words for him!”

The Shen Dehan in front of him was not the Shen Dehan that Li Mingxuan remembered at all. Thinking of the conversation he heard earlier, Li Mingxuan sighed deeply.


“You are with that unfilial son, don’t call me Uncle!”

The words “unfilial son” were too harsh. Li Mingxuan looked at Shen Dehan and said firmly, “Xiao Xi is also your son!”

“I would rather not have this son!” Shen Dehan glared angrily at Li Mingxuan, gritting his teeth with unconcealed disgust in his eyes.

Li Mingxuan’s heart suddenly ached for Shen Xi who was outside, and he couldn’t help but ask, “What exactly did Xiao Xi do wrong? What does what happened in the previous generation have to do with him? Haven’t we hurt him enough all these years?”

This statement made Shen Dehan burst into a rage, pointing at Li Mingxuan and shouting, “Get out! You and that evil son, scram together!”

The expression on Shen Dehan’s face was hideous and twisted, and the veins on his forehead burst out as he stared deadly at Li Mingxuan. A look of disappointment passed through Li Mingxuan’s eyes and without saying anything else he quietly walked to the door.

The moment his hand pushed the door, Li Mingxuan turned his head and looked at Shen Dehan seriously, “I love Xiao Xi. I will take good care of Xiao Xi, whether you recognize Xiao Xi or not, Uncle, as Xiao Xi’s father, I should say this to you.”

Li Mingxuan could imagine Shen Dehan’s fury at these words, but he just wanted to tell him that Shen Xi was not alone. Even without the Shen family, he still had other family members, and he would definitely give Shen Xi a home.

That night, when they returned home, both Shen Xi and Li Mingxuan acted as if nothing had happened before.

Shen Xi quietly came out of the shower and Li Mingxuan seemed to be asleep. Under the orange light, he looked calm, as if all his emotions were suppressed in the bottom of his heart. Shen Xi hesitantly walked up to him and stood there quietly. After looking at him for an unknown amount of time, Shen Xi slowly stretched out his hand and brushed his fingers over Li Mingxuan’s face, engraving the familiar face in his mind little by little. A while later, Shen Xi’s eyes were dark as he gently leaned down and gave Li Mingxuan a kiss on the cheek.

The moment he got up, Li Mingxuan, whose eyes were originally closed, suddenly opened his eyes and reached out to hug him. In the next moment, Shen Xi’s whole body was already pressed under Li Mingxuan. Before Shen Xi had time to speak, hot kisses fell on him, blocking his mouth to prevent him from saying anything.

Shen Xi’s body softened quickly and he reached out to hug Li Mingxuan, responding passionately to his kisses. Both of them soon reacted honestly, and Li Mingxuan quickly ripped off his own clothes, eagerly kissing Shen Xi beneath him as he tried to get rid of Shen Xi’s clothes.

Shen Xi turned off the bedside lamp and obediently let Li Mingxuan go on in the darkness. When his skin felt the cool air, Shen Xi stopped Li Mingxuan’s further movements and rolled over to sit on top of him, leaning down and taking the initiative to kiss Li Mingxuan.

The fierce kissing made their temperature rise. Shen Xi fished out the lubricant at the head of the bed and handed it to Li Mingxuan. The sensation of a foreign object penetrating him seemed clearer in the darkness, and Shen Xi struggled to relax his body to accommodate Li Mingxuan’s entry. As the two bodies fit tightly together, Shen Xi couldn’t help but moan, and Li Mingxuan took encouragement from Shen Xi’s voice, holding his waist and moving fiercely.

Even though he was sitting on top, Shen Xi still felt that it was not he who was in control, but Li Mingxuan beneath him. In this intense union, Shen Xi could only cling helplessly to Li Mingxuan, letting him bring him to a climax. The quiet bedroom was filled with the sounds of violent impacts and intermittent moans that continued until midnight before gradually stopping.

By the end of the night, Shen Xi was so tired that he had no energy left, so he let Li Mingxuan carry him and clean him briefly before falling into a deep sleep.

Li Mingxuan held Shen Xi tightly in his arms, rubbing him again and again, as if wanting to completely integrate him into his body. That night, Li Mingxuan stayed awake, quietly looking at Shen Xi in his arms until dawn.

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