Rebirth: Different Way Chapter 60

After sending Zhou Mingmei away, Chu Qianqian did not return to the ward, but directly asked for leave from the hospital and disappeared from Shen Dehan’s view.

After waiting for Chu Qianqian for a long time in vain, Shen Dehan finally could not help but go to the duty room to ask about Chu Qianqian in person. After learning that she had asked for leave, Shen Dehan’s face became very ugly.

He didn’t expect Zhou Mingmei to come to the hospital and forgot to instruct the bodyguards to stop Chu Qianqian from coming. The faces of them two were too similar, and with the way he had treated her, Chu Qianqian must have sensed something. Thinking about her subconscious avoidance of his approach, Shen Dehan could not help but feel angry at Zhou Mingmei.

Perhaps it was because he was getting older that he began to miss more and more the days when he was younger, when he met, knew and loved Fang Yun. He would always unconsciously compare Chu Qianqian with Fang Yun, the same face, the same upbringing, the same personality and even the same hobbies. No, there was no need to compare them at all, Chu Qianqian was Fang Yun, Shen Dehan was convinced of this, it was because Fang Yun saw how pitiful he was that she had come to him once again.

Shen Dehan wanted to take care of Chu Qianqian. He had once proposed it tactfully, but Chu Qianqian refused without hesitation. Shen Dehan watched her work hard every day but she always had a smile on her face. More and more, he couldn’t let go of her in his heart. He was aware of the age difference between him and Chu Qianqian, he did not want to blaspheme her, but just wanted her to be by his side.

Thinking of this, Shen Dehan could no longer hold back and immediately told his bodyguards that he was going out. He needed to explain something to Chu Qianqian.

When Shen Dehan suddenly wanted to leave the hospital, the bodyguards couldn’t help being secretly anxious. They didn’t dare to stop him, but they couldn’t just let him leave, they could only keep contacting Shen Ji, hoping that he would come back as soon as possible.

Shen Dehan was furious at their procrastination, “Who is in charge of the Shen family?”

Seeing Shen Dehan’s anger, everyone could only follow his orders. After some arrangements were made, Shen Dehan dressed and left the hospital with his bodyguards in a low-key manner.

As soon as Shen Dehan’s car left the hospital, a taxi that had been parked on the roadside silently followed him.

“Dafei, old man Shen is out, it looks like he is going to look for Sister Qianqian.”

“Got it, follow him closely and watch out for him changing direction midway.”

“Don’t worry!”

Hanging up the phone, the men in the taxi followed Shen Dehan carefully. They were all the people Lao K had found to keep a close eye on Shen Dehan’s whereabouts every day in order to cooperate with Chu Qianqian’s plan. Originally, the group was prepared to think of luring Shen Dehan out a few days later, but they did not expect to receive a sudden notice from Chu Qianqian that they should keep an eye on the place to see if Shen Dehan would come out.

Although they did not know what Chu Qianqian had done, Shen Dehan was indeed lured out. Thinking about the tactics of Chu Qianqian, they could only warn themselves to stay away from that woman in the future, otherwise they would definitely be sold and still be happy to help the other party count the money.

Shen Dehan’s car turned left and right until it reached a small, inconspicuous alleyway in the eastern part of Zhongjing. Compared to the surrounding high-rise buildings, this small alleyway could only be described as shabby. Chu Qianqian’s home was here.

Shen Dehan looked at this small alleyway from afar and could not help but frown. He had picked up and dropped off Chu Qianqian several times and knew that the security here was not good, and Chu Qianqian even was pestered by the punks here. Unfortunately, unlike Zhou Mingmei, Chu Qianqian refused to accept his help and he had been unable to persuade her to move out.

As he drew closer to Chu Qianqian’s place, Shen Dehan’s heart inexplicably became excited, as if he returned to the time he had met Fang Yun when he was young.

Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Shen Dehan motioned to the bodyguard to step forward and knock on the door. Who knew that a man’s voice would come from inside, “Who? Brother Fei is busy. Get lost. ”

Shen Dehan knew that Chu Qianqian lived alone, and his face immediately sank as he heard the words. Before he could say anything, a sharp female voice suddenly came out from inside and was stopped abruptly halfway through, as if it had been forcibly interrupted.

Shen Dehan was the first to hear that it was Chu Qianqian’s voice, and the bodyguard also realised that something was wrong, carefully shielding Shen Dehan behind him as he stepped forward and fiercely kicked open the door.

In the yard, several young men dressed as gangsters looked at them in shock, and the sound of Chu Qianqian crying came faintly from inside the house.

Shen Dehan’s face was dark as he strode towards the house anxiously.

The punks in the yard were no match for the bodyguards around Shen Dehan and were subdued with a few blows. Someone in the house pushed the door open, “Who’s causing trouble?”

The head bodyguard stepped forward and kicked the man away, “Is there anyone else inside?”

The man who fell down covering his stomach looked at the bodyguard in horror, first shaking his head and then nodding, “Yes, there’s a woman.”

When Shen Dehan heard this, he hurriedly stopped the bodyguard and walked in by himself.

Inside the house, on the bed, Chu Qianqian was tied up, looking wretched. Fortunately, Shen Dehan came over in time, her clothes were only just torn open. At this moment, her face was pale and she was looking at the door with tears in her eyes, her gaze full of pleading.

The appearance of Shen Dehan made Chu Qianqian’s eyes flash with uncontrollable surprise. This pitiful look made Shen Dehan’s heart ache. He hurriedly untied her and Chu Qianqian couldn’t help but hug Shen Dehan and cry bitterly.

That afternoon, Shen Dehan stayed with her at her home and intended to stay there at night to accompany her, as Chu Qianqian had been greatly stimulated and was completely inseparable from him. As long as she didn’t see Shen Dehan’s figure, she got very scared. 

When the news reached the hospital, Shen Ji was sitting alone in the empty ward, staring expressionlessly in the direction of the door.

The bodyguard finished recounting what had happened as emotionlessly as possible, stole a glance at Shen Ji and said carefully, “Mr. Shen said he was going to stay there at night to take care of Miss Chu.”

A trace of ridicule flashed in Shen Ji’s eyes; he turned and strode away from the hospital without saying a word.

Zhou Mingmei was getting old, so she was replaced by the younger Chu Qianqian? Did father even know what he was doing?

A deep fatigue welled up in Shen Ji’s heart, and he couldn’t help but laugh hard at himself in his heart. Look, this is the father you care so much about, who insisted on leaving the hospital for a woman despite all the obstruction. Should he be thankful that that woman had a face exactly like his mother’s? So this was the true love for his mother that his father talked about?

Shen Ji threw himself into the car helplessly. The driver surveyed the speechless Shen Ji and said in a low voice, “Ji Shao, going back to the Shen family’s house?”

Shen Ji stared out the window and said expressionlessly, “Go to Li’s house.”

Shen Xi soon learned about Shen Dehan going to look for Chu Qianqian.

Deleting Lao K’s text message, Shen Xi couldn’t help but admire Chu Qianqian. This woman was just too good at seizing the moment. It was only in the morning that Zhou Mingliang went to the hospital, and Chu Qianqian immediately thought of using this incident to lead Shen Dehan over. The whole process was completely seamless. With Chu Qianqian’s methods, it could be expected that the Shen family would soon have the third Mrs. Shen. He would like to see if Zhou Mingmei could continue to endure after so many years of calculation.

Shen Xi couldn’t help but be in a very happy mood when he thought about the reaction Zhou Mingmei would have. His smile was noticed by Li Mingxuan who opened the door, and Li Mingxuan’s mood immediately improved.

“In a good mood?”

Shen Xi nodded, “I can’t help but feel happy when a person I hate is about to go down.”

Li Mingxuan laughed and leaned to give Shen Xi a kiss on the corner of his mouth, saying affectionately, “Little villain.”

Shen Xi smiled brightly, “Thank you for the compliment.”

Li Mingxuan liked Shen Xi’s lively look very much. He could tell Shen Xi was really in a good mood, so he couldn’t help but be moved and hugged Shen Xi, “Do you want to go home and have dinner together tonight?”

Since the last time Li Xiyong mentioned at the hospital that he wanted Shen Xi to visit the Li family sometime, Li Mingxuan had been trying to find a suitable opportunity. He knew that there might be hard feelings in Shen Xi’s heart towards the Li family; after all, for whatever reason, they had ignored Shen Xi’s existence and paid no attention to what happened to him for many years. He did not want to justify what had happened before; just as he now hated his former actions, his mother also had regrets about her behaviour. There was nothing they could do to change the past, they could only try to make up for it in the future.

His mother had now taken the first step, and he greedily hoped that Shen Xi would do the same. He hoped that one day Shen Xi would truly accept him and his family in his heart.

Shen Xi’s smile faded a little after he heard Li Mingxuan’s words, “Home to the Li family’s house?”

Li Mingxuan let out a soft “en”, “Mother hasn’t seen you for a long time, and Father also wants us to go home for a reunion dinner.” After saying that, Li Mingxuan added, “If Xiao Xi doesn’t want to, let’s forget about it this time and talk about it next time.”

There was no hint of reluctance in Li Mingxuan’s tone; he obviously was taking care of Shen Xi’s mood.

Shen Xi’s heart softened, “Fine, have you told Aunt?”

A surprise flashed in Li Mingxuan’s eyes; he rubbed Shen Xi’s hair, “Just say what you want to eat, I’ll have them prepare it.”

Shen Xi shook his head indifferently, “Anything.”

When she received Li Mingxuan’s call, Shen Bixue was inexplicably nervous, grabbing Li Xiyong and asking, “What arrangements do we need to make for the evening?”

Li Xiyong couldn’t understand Shen Bixue’s nervousness, “Shen Xi is not an outsider, just treat him as if he is the same as Ah Ji.”

Shen Bixue shook her head, “Although Shen Xi is Dehan’s child like Ah Ji, you know that we have not been close to Shen Xi since he was young. We don’t even know what he likes to eat. We haven’t had much interaction with him for so many years, and now that we’re suddenly going to become a family. I don’t know how to face him.”

Li Xiyong said casually, “You can just think of him as a male daughter-in-law.”

Shen Bixue gave Li Xiyong a blank look, “If only it was as easy as you say. But since you’re so sure, tell me, what arrangements should we make?”

Li Xiyong looked at Shen Bixue soothingly, “It’s just an ordinary family dinner, no need to be too deliberate.”

Shen Bixue also knew that it was best not to be too deliberate, but she really didn’t know how to face Shen Xi. She was about to ask Li Xiyong to make a decision when a servant knocked softly on the door, “Ji Shao is here.”

Shen Bixue was stunned and subconsciously looked at Li Xiyong. Why would Shen Ji suddenly come here? Wasn’t he at the hospital at this time? Li Xiyong was also obviously very surprised, got up and walked with Shen Bixue to the living room.

In the living room, Shen Ji was sitting quietly, with an indescribably despondent look.

Shen Bixue looked over with concern, “Ah Ji, what happened? Why are you not at the hospital?”

Shen Ji didn’t know why he came to the Li family; perhaps because his aunt had taken care of him since he was young and he was used to treating this place as another home.

Hearing the concern in his aunt’s words, Shen Ji tried to put away the irritation in his heart and smiled lightly at Shen Bixue, “It’s nothing, I just missed the food at my aunt’s house and came here to get a meal.”

If it was a normal day, when Shen Bixue heard Shen Ji say this, she would have smiled and ordered the kitchen to cook Shen Ji’s favourite dishes, but today Mingxuan said that he would bring Shen Xi. The relationship between the two had always been indifferent, so Shen Bixue was in a difficult position.

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