Rebirth: Different Way Chapter 56

The presence of Li Xiyong and Li Mingxuan at the hospital together obviously took Shen Dehan by surprise.

He glanced at the closed door of the ward; there was obviously no one else following them, so Shen Dehan knew that Li Xiyong must have ordered everyone to stay outside. He took a look at Li Mingxuan and smiled slightly, “Xiyong, why are you and Mingxuan here?”

Li Xiyong did not mention that he and Li Mingxuan met outside and sat down opposite of Shen Dehan with a smile, “I had time today, so I brought Mingxuan to see you.”

After Li Xiyong finished, Li Mingxuan, with a natural expression, called Shen Dehan, “Uncle.”

Shen Dehan’s eyes flashed, and he couldn’t help but look inquiringly.

Not long ago, Ah Cheng swore that he had seen Shen Xi and Li Mingxuan hugging each other in the elevator. He knew that Ah Cheng would not joke about such things, and since Ah Cheng dared to mention it, he had really seen something. If Shen Xi had been with another man, he would not have bothered. His only concern would have been whether Shen Xi would disgrace the Shen family at such a critical juncture, but since Shen Xi was with Li Mingxuan, Shen Dehan could not help but think more about it.

What did the behaviour of the two of them represent? Had Shen Xi made some kind of agreement with the Li family that he hadn’t noticed? Was there something that Shen Xi wanted to do through the Li family? Or was it the Li family that wanted to do something through Shen Xi?

The change in Shen Dehan’s expression did not escape Li Xiyong’s eyes. He looked down silently, hiding his complex expression.

He had known Shen Dehan for many years, and Bixue was Shen Dehan’s sister. The two of them were not unaware of Shen Dehan’s suspicious nature. He initially did not want Mingxuan and Shen Xi to be together because the entanglements behind Shen Xi were too complicated and he did not want Shen Dehan to be apprehensive. After all, no matter how unpleasant Shen Xi was to his father, the deal between the Han and the Shen families was there, and in the future, one third of the shares of Shen Group that Shen Dehan held in his hands would be Shen Xi’s. If that was all, Shen Dehan’s concern would be whether the Li family would stand behind Shen Xi, but Mingxuan’s mother still held 6% of Shen Group shares, so it was inevitable that Shen Dehan would wonder if the Li family had something in mind. The two families had been friendly for many years, and neither Bixue nor he would like to see any divide between them.

Thinking about his plan, Li Xiyong collected his thoughts and looked concerned, “How are you? What did the doctor say about your health?”

“So many health checks every year, what can be wrong?” Shen Dehan shook his head, “I was just angry with that unfilial son.”

Li Xiyong thought about the way Shen Cheng glared at Shen Xi when he came to the hospital. Although he didn’t know whether the unfilial son Shen Dehan was talking about was Shen Xi or Shen Rong, he thought that it was impossible for Shen Xi to have nothing to do with this examination. The clasped hands of his son and Shen Xi flashed in his mind, and Li Xiyong could only laugh and say, “Anger hurts the body, so some things should be viewed with one eye open and one eye closed.”

Shen Dehan frowned imperceptibly while Li Xiyong continued to speak, “By the way, I came at Bixue’s request this time to discuss something with you.”

Shen Dehan was interrupted by Li Xiyong, so he could only comply with Li Xiyong, “What is it?”

“About the matter of Shen Group shares in Bixue’s hands?” Li Xiyong looked casual and said lightly, “Dehan, you know that when Bixue married me, my father-in-law was worried that Bixue would be bullied in the Li family and gave Bixue 6% of the shares in Shen Group. The years have passed, and Bixue discussed with me some time ago that she has been married to the Li family for almost 30 years. These shares are of no use in her hands now, so she plans to give them to Ah Ji, which can be also regarded as the return of my father-in-law’s feelings.”

Li Xiyong’s words were plain and simple, but Shen Dehan’s heart was full of stormy waves. No one knew better than him what 6% of Shen Group shares meant. Even though Shen Group had just experienced Yunrou’s incident and its share price had dropped quite a bit, according to the current share price of Shen Group, this 6% of shares was two billion, not to mention Shen Group future development. He believed that the share price would only get higher and higher. What’s more, with this 6%, it was enough to take a seat on the board of directors. In other words, this 6% meant that Li Xiyong could reasonably interfere in the daily affairs of Shen Group. Although in the past Bixue had never interfered in any of Shen Group affairs in order to avoid suspicion, not interfering did not mean that the Li family had no such thoughts.

But now Li Xiyong gifted these shares to Ah Ji with a light-hearted remark. Shen Dehan looked at Li Xiyong hesitantly, “Is this Bixue’s intention? Did you agree?”

Li Xiyong nodded indifferently, “These shares are originally the Shen family’s stuff, I have no opinion on what Bixue is willing to do.”

Shen Dehan’s eyes moved from Li Xiyong to Li Mingxuan. He could already see by now that the relationship between Shen Xi and Mingxuan was not as simple as Ah Cheng had said. From Li Xiyong’s calm demeanour, it was clear that he had already known about Shen Xi and Mingxuan and had made the Li family’s attitude clear through the 6% shares.

Shen Dehan’s gaze at Li Mingxuan was too direct and vaguely probing. Li Mingxuan’s expression was calm as he allowed Shen Dehan to take a look. Although his heart was also shocked by what his father had just proposed, he quickly calmed down after the initial surprise.

He had not previously known about his mother’s intention to gift Shen Group shares to Ah Ji, but he could understand her intention in doing so. Because he was determined to be with Shen Xi, the Li family had chosen to give up the shares in order to avoid suspicion and to avoid creating ill feelings in his uncle’s heart. While his mother’s action was certainly aimed at putting his uncle’s mind at ease, it was also to tell Shen Dehan that the Li family already knew about him and Shen Xi and chose this way to make things right.

Li Mingxuan could not describe the complicated feelings in his heart, a mix of gratitude, shock and guilt. Since he confessed to his mother back then, she had not said anything, and he had thought that she still held a grudge against Shen Xi.  He didn’t expect her to go this far for him.

Although Shen Group 6% shares were worth a lot of money, he hadn’t taken them to heart. But they meant something different in his mother’s mind, plus half of them  technically belonged to Mingfei. He appreciated his mother’s actions, but didn’t think he deserved to accept it. Thinking about Mingfei, Li Mingxuan made a secret decision in his mind.

Shen Dehan looked at Li Mingxuan and quickly withdrew his gaze. He was truly moved by Li Xiyong’s offer. With this 6%, Ah Ji would be the largest shareholder of Shen Group, so that Ah Ji’s heir position could no longer be shaken, and he would be able to let Ah Ji officially take over the company with peace of mind. However, Shen Dehan said tentatively, “After all, this is Bixue’s dowry, and it will be left to Mingxuan and Mingfei in the future, so it’s not appropriate to give it to Ah Ji, is it?”

Li Xiyong laughed lightly and said meaningfully, “It is enough for Mingxuan and Mingfei to have Li Group.”

Shen Dehan was startled and immediately understood what Li Xiyong meant, smiled and nodded, “Then I thank Bixue on behalf of Ah Ji.”

What the people inside the ward were talking about was not clear to the people outside; they only faintly heard the sound of Shen Dehan’s laughter coming from inside.

Shen Xi stood at the window with a calm expression, trying to guess the content of the conversation between the people inside.

Shen Dehan already knew about his affair with Li Mingxuan and would definitely not just let it go gently like that. According to Shen Dehan’s suspicious nature, he would never believe that he and Li Mingxuan were just having a simple relationship, and would definitely suspect that the Li family was planning something behind his back. If he could think of this, Li Xiyong would definitely be able to think of this too, but Shen Xi wondered what Li Xiyong would do.

As Shen Xi pondered, the door of the ward was suddenly pulled open and Li Xiyong and Li Mingxuan walked out one after the other. Shen Xi hesitated for a moment and greeted them.

Li Xiyong’s eyes fell on Shen Xi, “Come home for dinner with Mingxuan sometime.”

Shen Xi gave Li Xiyong a surprised look; Shen Cheng, who had also come over, called out, “Uncle.”

Li Xiyong smiled and turned to Shen Cheng, “Ah Cheng, come along, too.”

Shen Cheng reluctantly nodded; Li Xiyong patted Shen Ji on the shoulder and without saying anything else turned around and left the hospital.

Shen Ji and Shen Cheng quickly entered the ward, leaving only Shen Xi and Li Mingxuan in the hallway.

Seeing that Shen Xi didn’t mean to go in, Li Mingxuan reached out and held his hand, “If you don’t want to stay at the hospital, let’s go home.”

Shen Xi let out a soft “en”, but finally could not hide his curiosity, “What did Uncle say to Mr. Shen?”

Hearing that Shen Xi refused to call Shen Dehan “Father” anymore, Li Mingxuan sighed and rubbed Shen Xi’s hair, “He didn’t say anything, he just discussed with Uncle giving the shares of Shen Group in Mother’s hands to Ah Ji.”

Even though Shen Xi had thought of every possible reaction from the Li family, he had not expected Li Xiyong to be so decisive.

Using 6% of Shen Group shares in exchange for Shen Dehan’s peace of mind? Or even more so, using the 6% of shares in exchange for Shen Dehan turning a blind eye to him and Li Mingxuan?

Shen Xi’s eyes were complicated as he looked at Li Mingxuan, who smiled at him reassuringly, “Don’t think too much, Father said that Mother had this intention long ago, but she just never found the right opportunity.”

Shen Xi naturally did not believe this statement; he looked at Li Mingxuan and suddenly said, “Will you regret it?”

Li Mingxuan was taken aback but quickly understood what Shen Xi meant. He shook his head, looked at Shen Xi and said seriously, “No. From the day we got together, I knew what I would face and what I would lose. Compared to what we got, what we lost is not worth mentioning.”

Shen Xi looked at Li Mingxuan, “Even if it’s such a large sum?”

Li Mingxuan smiled, “Trust me, I will earn more in the future.”

Shen Xi gave Li Mingxuan a deep look and smiled quickly.

While the two were on their way, Li Xiyong had already returned to the Li family. Shen Bixue, who was in the living room, greeted him, “Why are you back so late?”

“I happened to meet Mingxuan and Shen Xi at the hospital.”

Shen Bixue was startled and paused, “Big Brother already knows?”

Li Xiyong nodded, “He seems to be furious.”

Shen Bixue said anxiously, “Big Brother’s body can’t take the stimulation right now, there’s nothing seriously wrong, right?”

Li Xiyong patted her arm, “Don’t worry, even the doctor said that Dehan is healthy, but he is just in a bad mood. By the way, I told Dehan about your plan to give the shares to Ah Ji.”

Shen Bixue was slightly startled and subconsciously asked, “What is Big Brother’s reaction?”

Li Xiyong did not say anything. Shen Bixue immediately understood and said with a bitter smile, “Is Big Brother already harbouring a grudge and suspecting that we are behind Mingxuan and Shen Xi getting together?”

Li Xiyong said comfortingly, “Dehan is suspicious by nature, it’s not like you don’t know it.”

Shen Bixue sighed, “I thought he should be relieved that I had never meddled in Shen Group affairs for so many years.”

Li Xiyong teased, “It’s not that Dehan is not at ease with you, it’s me he’s not at ease with.”

Shen Bixue glared at Li Xiyong, “Husband and wife are one, what’s the difference between Dehan not trusting you and not trusting me.”

Li Xiyong smiled faintly and did not say anything. Shen Bixue sighed silently.

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