Rebirth: Different Way Chapter 55

“That rebellious son!” Shen Dehan’s angry roar came from the ward.

Shen Ji, who was about to push the door open, was stunned. The only person who could make Shen Dehan lose his temper and yell like that in these circumstances was Shen Rong, but hadn’t Shen Ji already warned everyone that no one was allowed to mention the rumours outside in front of his father? A trace of gloom emerged in Shen Ji’s eyes.

Before Shen Ji pushed the door in, Shen Dehan’s next roar followed, “Call him and tell him to come to the hospital immediately, I want to ask him what is going on with Mingxuan?”

When Shen Ji heard Mingxuan’s name, he immediately understood that Shen Dehan was not scolding Shen Rong but Shen Xi. Although he had no feelings for Shen Xi, at this time Shen Dehan could not afford to be stimulated. Thinking of Li Mingxuan’s defence of Shen Xi, Shen Ji did not want the news of Shen Xi’s relationship with Li Mingxuan to break out now, so he pushed the door in quickly, “Father!”

Shen Dehan was obviously in a state of excitement. Even when he saw Shen Ji, he didn’t ease up much, still having a furious look on his face, “Ah Ji, you’re just in time, Ah Cheng said he saw that rebellious son Shen Xi harassing Mingxuan. Call him and tell him to get his ass to the hospital immediately.”

Shen Ji didn’t follow Shen Dehan’s order but said in a placating tone, “Father, there might be some misunderstanding in this matter. The important thing for you now is to get well, let’s talk about anything else after you get out of the hospital.”

“What misunderstanding?” Hearing the doubt in Shen Ji’s words, Shen Cheng shouted in dissatisfaction, “I personally saw Cousin and Shen Xi hugging each other inside the elevator, the night when Father was admitted to the hospital. Looking at Shen Xi’s appearance, he wasn’t worried about Father at all.”

Shen Cheng’s words caused the anger on Shen Dehan’s face to intensify. Shen Ji didn’t even think about it and shouted angrily at Shen Cheng, “Ah Cheng, shut up!”

“Big Brother?” Shen Cheng stared at Shen Ji in surprise, wondering why Big Brother would react like that. Cousin had always been on good terms with Big Brother and used to stand on Big Brother’s side. Shen Cheng was also worried that Shen Xi and Cousin would get together. What if Cousin was pulled over by Shen Xi to work against Big Brother? He was thinking of his elder brother with all his heart, and even worried that his elder brother would be sad when he learned the news, so he kept waiting until Big Brother was not around before mentioning it to his father. He didn’t expect that Shen Ji wouldn’t appreciate it at all, and would actually scold him.

Shen Cheng’s eyes were filled with hurt, but Shen Ji didn’t see it. He was trying to calm down his furious father.

Carefully helping Shen Dehan to sit up in the hospital bed, Shen Ji said gently, “Father, don’t you know Mingxuan’s nature? How could he possibly like Shen Xi? There must be some kind of misunderstanding, I will ask Mingxuan about it first.”

When Shen Dehan heard Shen Ji say this, he was about to agree, but suddenly he thought of something and his face turned gloomy, “No, don’t alarm Mingxuan about it, just tell Shen Xi to come to the hospital immediately.”

Shen Ji still wanted to continue to persuade, but his father had already waved his hand impatiently. Shen Ji had no choice but to make up his mind to speak to Li Mingxuan first. When he came out of the ward, Shen Ji noticed that Shen Cheng followed him out. Thinking about Shen Dehan’s emotional turmoil, Shen Ji couldn’t help but turn to Shen Cheng and scold him, “Don’t you know about Father’s health? First Shen Rong and then Shen Xi, do you think Father can bear it? If you have to say something, can’t you bear it until Father is discharged from the hospital?”

Shen Ji’s scolding completely baffled Shen Cheng, and the original thought of following him out to explain his intentions disappeared. Since he was a child, Shen Cheng was used to Shen Ji’s reprimands, and despite his reluctance, Shen Cheng, as usual, kept his head down and did not talk back.

The bodyguards around him were used to such scenes. Shen Cheng did not have a mother and his father was spoiling him. Shen Ji was the only one in the family who controlled him, so everyone pretended to turn a blind eye. But unexpectedly there was a faint sound of laughter coming from the stairway, and a few young nurses looked in their direction, their eyes filled with embarrassment and curiosity.

“Who’s the one being scolded?”

“It seems to be the second son of the Shen family. Didn’t he just make the papers a few days ago? Shen Group’s current general manager.”

“No way? Then who’s the one who is scolding him?”

The bodyguard walked over with a black face but these intermittent words had already slammed into Shen Cheng’s mind. What Lu Gesen said before suddenly came to mind, “Cheng Shao is now the general manager of the company, he represents Shen Group’s image externally, he should be careful about what he does at all times.”

This thought flew through his mind, and Shen Cheng lowered his head, hiding the grievances on his face. Big Brother never seemed to treat him as the general manager of Shen Group. The last time he had sold Yunrou, and this time too, Big Brother never asked him what he thought, and never cared about his face, as if everything was taken for granted. The more Shen Cheng thought about it, the more aggrieved he felt, yet the authority that Shen Ji had always had over him made him not dare to say anything, and he only had an indescribable feeling in his heart.

“You should go back and stay with Father, and don’t mention Shen Xi and Mingxuan again.” Shen Ji glanced at Shen Cheng and said warningly, then did not look at him again and walked to the side of the ward.

Shen Cheng stared at Shen Ji’s back for a while and returned to the ward with his head hanging in defeat.

After dialling Li Mingxuan’s number, Shen Ji briefly explained the matter and expressed the hope that Li Mingxuan and Shen Xi could deny the relationship between them at this time, and that everything would wait until Shen Dehan’s health was stable.

Li Mingxuan listened in silence. The point was not whether he and Shen Xi admitted it or not, but that his uncle had now preconceived the idea that his and Shen Xi’s relationship was unclean, or even that Shen Xi was harassing him. Even if they denied it, considering how Uncle had always treated Shen Xi, Li Mingxuan was afraid the problem wouldn’t just go away.

Li Mingxuan tightened his grip on the phone and said in a low voice, “Ah Ji, I’m sorry, you know how Uncle treats Xiao Xi…”

Li Mingxuan did not finish the sentence, but the meaning in his words was clear. He felt that no matter whether they admitted it or not, Shen Dehan would use the matter to make things difficult for Shen Xi, and there was no way he would sit back and do nothing. A huge disappointment welled up in Shen Ji’s heart, and images of him and Li Mingxuan playing together in the Shen family’s house when they were children came to his mind. Once he thought that apart from his family, his closest person would be Li Mingxuan, but since Shen Xi appeared, everything had slowly changed.


“I see,” Shen Ji said simply and hung up the phone.

Li Mingxuan looked at the darkened phone screen with complicated eyes. He still contacted Shen Xi first, “Xiao Xi, where are you?”

Shen Xi looked up at the huge signboard of the inpatient department and casually said, “I just arrived at the hospital, what’s wrong?”

“Don’t go to see Uncle yet, I’ll be right there.” Li Mingxuan stopped, then added, “Uncle seems to know about us.”

Shen Xi agreed softly and hung up the phone but didn’t stop.

As the elevator began to rise one floor at a time, Shen Xi stood quietly with a playful look in his eyes. It didn’t surprise him that Shen Dehan knew that he was with Li Mingxuan; since that night when Shen Cheng saw them, Shen Xi was mentally prepared. However, because of the doctor’s words, he thought Shen Cheng would take note of his father’s health and hold back until Shen Dehan was discharged from the hospital. He didn’t expect Shen Cheng to be so impatient. Or maybe Shen Cheng took no notice of Shen Dehan’s health at all?

According to Shen Cheng’s character, he would definitely add fuel to the fire and blame him for the incident. The more he said, the angrier Shen Dehan would become and the greater his mood swings would be. Shen Xi just wondered if his father would faint once again. Having such a heartless and thoughtless son was really Shen Dehan’s retribution. Shen Xi laughed coldly in his heart and appeared in front of Shen Dehan with an indifferent expression.

Shen Dehan, who was talking to Shen Ji, saw Shen Xi and the anger he had suppressed suddenly rose up, “Unfilial son!”

Shen Xi’s expression remained unchanged as he leaned against the doorway, “I neither made a sex video with a man, nor did I disgrace the Shen family in front of everyone, so I really can’t afford to be called an unfilial son.”

Shen Xi’s words obviously rubbed salt into Shen Dehan’s wounds, and Shen Dehan was furious, “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re trying to do by pestering Mingxuan?”

The corners of Shen Xi’s mouth curled up into a cynical smile, “What does Father think I want to do? Do you think I am like Shen Rong, who needs to rely on a man to be recognised by Father? I’m a legitimate son of the Shen family, not like that kind of illegitimate son who can’t see the light of the day.”

“Bastard!” Shen Dehan was so angry that he grabbed a water cup beside him and threw it at Shen Xi.

Shen Xi dodged the cup, and Shen Ji stepped forward and stopped in front of Shen Dehan, “Father is not well, so you should talk less.”

Shen Xi raised his eyebrows, “Father asked a question, can I not answer it?”

Shen Ji’s expression was frozen while Shen Dehan said in a cold voice, “I don’t have a son like you.”

Despite hearing these words, Shen Xi’s expression did not change, “You’re right, I was originally ashamed to be involved with the Shen family. Presumably you stay in the hospital and don’t know the news outside. Your beloved good son Shen Rong has already ruined the reputation that the Shen family has accumulated in several lifetimes. The Shen family is now disreputable in Zhongjing. If you don’t believe it, you can ask your eldest son. ”

“Shut up!” Shen Ji sternly interrupted Shen Xi’s words, yet he was a step too late.

Shen Dehan glanced at Shen Ji suspiciously and immediately realised something. No wonder he noticed that there were fewer newspapers today. It turned out that everyone had kept him in the dark. Thinking of what Shen Xi had just said, Shen Dehan shivered violently.

“Father!” Shen Ji was alarmed and held Shen Dehan in place as he quickly pressed the button to call the doctor.

Shen Cheng also nervously pushed his way over to Shen Dehan, while Shen Xi alone stood coldly to the side without the slightest intention of moving over.

Shen Dehan sat on the bed, holding Shen Ji’s hand. His expression was cloudy and uncertain.


The doctor came very quickly and everyone was asked to leave the ward. Shen Cheng yanked Shen Xi violently, “Did you do that on purpose?”

Shen Xi gave him a mocking look, “Didn’t you start it?”

Shen Cheng said angrily, “You seduced Cousin and still don’t admit it?”

Shen Xi broke away from Shen Cheng’s grip, “So what if I seduced him? You care so much, could it be that you like Cousin too?”

“You!” Shen Cheng was so furious with Shen Xi that he didn’t even think about swinging a punch.

Shen Cheng’s fist landed in Shen Ji’s hand, who held it tightly and said in a cold voice, “Ah Cheng!”

Shen Cheng broke free, “Big Brother, you’re actually protecting him.”

Shen Ji reminded in a cold voice, “Father is still inside getting examined.”

Shen Cheng gave Shen Xi a fierce glare, and Shen Xi looked back indifferently.

As the three of them were confronting each other, there was a sound of hurried footsteps approaching, “Xiao Xi!” Li Mingxuan appeared in front of them.

After sweeping his eyes over the three of them, Li Mingxuan stood next to Shen Xi, facing two brothers, and asked, “What happened?”

Shen Xi looked indifferent, “Mr. Shen almost fainted because of Shen Rong’s affair, the doctor is checking inside.”

The words “Mr. Shen” caught Li Mingxuan’s attention; his expression changed slightly. Shen Cheng was about to retort angrily, when Shen Ji gave him a cold glance, and Shen Cheng reluctantly shut his mouth.

Li Mingxuan looked at them and knew that his uncle must be angry about him and Shen Xi. Although he knew that this was not a good time to be honest with his uncle, he thought about Shen Xi’s words “Mr. Shen” just now. Li Mingxuan let out a silent sigh and reached out to hold Shen Xi’s hand tightly.

Shen Cheng looked at Li Mingxuan’s action incredulously and was about to speak instinctively when a mellow male voice reached them.

“Why are you all outside?”

“Father!” Li Mingxuan looked surprised.

“Uncle!” The others also greeted.

Li Xiyong nodded and his gaze fell on Shen Xi’s hand held by Li Mingxuan. Shen Xi subconsciously tried to break free, but Li Mingxuan’s grip tightened. Li Xiyong gave Li Mingxuan a meaningful look and walked up to them.

Li Mingxuan explained softly that Shen Dehan was inside having an examination, and Li Xiyong nodded and stood there quietly. Because of Li Xiyong’s presence, no one spoke, except for Shen Cheng who stared at Li Xiyong with astonishment, wondering if his uncle had not seen his cousin and Shen Xi holding hands; otherwise how could his uncle be so calm.

The doctor quickly finished the examination and told everyone that there was nothing seriously wrong with Shen Dehan’s health.

Shen Ji put his mind at ease as Li Xiyong turned his head to glance at them, “Mingxuan, you come in with me first.”

Li Mingxuan froze for a moment. His father obviously meant to take him to Shen Dehan to talk alone. After a hesitant glance at Shen Xi, Li Mingxuan said in a low voice, “Wait for me here.”

Shen Xi nodded silently, glancing behind Li Xiyong’s back, and stayed quietly aside.

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    He is upset because his big brother doesn’t take his feeling into account when he is just clueless about everyone else’s feelings, if he could think a little bit deeper he would get to two conclusions:

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