Rebirth: Different Way Chapter 49

Lin Yao’s action was very swift. The day after he spoke to Li Mingxuan on the phone, he talked to the Film Bureau and soon the copy of “Against the Current” was sent back to the crew.

Everyone knew what this meant, and Zhou Xiaozhou was the first to get anxious. The movie carried his heart and soul, and once it was not released, the months of hard work would be wasted, and he would not be able to explain it to his investors.

Zhou Xiaozhou went to Hao Zhenmin first and was told that Hao Zhenmin had been transferred to the Information Division because of his style of work and no longer took care of the review. Zhou Xiaozhou was so shocked that he didn’t bother to look for Hao Zhenmin but started to inquire about the ban on the movie. However, no matter how much Zhou Xiaozhou tried to find out, there was still no clear explanation and the answer he got was that the theme of the movie did not meet the requirements of the Film Bureau. Zhou Xiaozhou vaguely guessed that he might have offended someone, but he was confused who exactly he had offended.

He was reminded by someone he was having dinner with that time that the last incident might have pissed off Shen Xi; after all, everyone in the circle knew that Fang Luowei was one of Shen Xi’s people. Zhou Xiaozhou thought it over carefully. Although he also suspected that Shen Xi was behind the incident, he always felt that Shen Xi was just a dandy with some money. The Shen family was powerful but it had no connections in the entertainment industry, otherwise Zhou Mingmei would not have entrusted Shen Rong to him.

Thinking so, Zhou Xiaozhou still found Shen Rong and mentioned the situation, hoping that Shen Rong could think of a way. In any case, Shen Rong was also from the Shen family, and Shen Dehan would definitely not watch Shen Rong suffer such a messy loss. Shen Rong nodded and smiled in front of Zhou Xiaozhou, but turned away with a gloomy expression on his face.

As soon as this accident happened to Hao Zhenmin, Shen Rong guessed what was going on. It was definitely Shen Xi who was behind it. What puzzled Shen Rong was that the Shen family had no connections in the entertainment industry, and Shen Xi was just a rich straw bag, how on earth did he manage to climb into the ranks of the Film Bureau? When he thought about his investment in the movie, Shen Rong felt his heart ache.

Contrary to what outsiders had guessed, the investment in the movie was not at all paid for by Shen Dehan, but by his and his mother’s savings over the years. Although Shen Dehan seemed to like them, he was only willing to transfer a few houses under his name to them, and gave him and his mother a large sum of money every year for their household use. Once it came to Shen Group’s stocks and properties, Shen Dehan never let up. Although Shen Rong and Zhou Mingmei were not living badly, when comparing Shen Xi, who spent money recklessly, and Shen Cheng, who had no concept of money, Shen Rong could not help but feel deep jealousy in his heart. They were all his father’s children, why should he have nothing?

As he tried hard to suppress the jealousy in his heart, Shen Rong’s first thought was of Shen Cheng. He didn’t want to alert Shen Dehan on this matter, and the only person he could talk to in the Shen family was Shen Cheng.

Shen Cheng’s life in the company these days had been smooth sailing, and he felt happy like a spring breeze. Even Gao Qiulin, who did not see eye to eye with Shen Ji, praised him on different occasions. Although Shen Cheng did not show his happiness, he had a feeling that he was not inferior to his elder brother.

When he unexpectedly received a call from Shen Rong, the first thing that came to Shen Cheng’s mind was his elder brother’s stern warning, but soon he remembered what Lu Gesen had said. As the general manager of Shen Group, he had to make his own judgement and not be influenced by the judgement of others. The thought flashed through his mind and Shen Cheng pressed the call button, “What are you looking for me for?”

When the call was answered, Shen Rong could not help but feel happy. He was originally worried that Shen Cheng would not answer his call after being scolded by Shen Ji last time. Although he was confident that he could coax Shen Cheng back, now the matter was urgent and he did not have much time to waste on Shen Cheng. Now that Shen Cheng had answered his phone call, he was sure that Shen Cheng would definitely take care of this matter. Sure enough, when he told the general story and deliberately mentioned Shen Xi’s suppression of him, Shen Cheng immediately became serious and did not need him to say anything more, consciously taking the matter under his wing.

Using Shen Xi to stimulate Shen Cheng was always a hundred times more effective than anything else, and Shen Rong hung up the phone with satisfaction.

Staring at his phone, Shen Cheng became worried. Not to mention that he had impulsively taken on this matter under the stimulation of Shen Rong, but he also understood that he did not have any contacts in the entertainment industry, so he still needed to find someone to help him with this matter. The names of a few people who could help flashed in his mind one by one. The eldest brother didn’t like Shen Rong, so this matter must not be mentioned to the eldest brother. The cousin and the eldest brother could wear the same pair of pants, he definitely could not ask Li Mingxuan for help. Eventually, the only idea he had was to ask Tian Wenyao.

When the call came, Tian Wenyao had just sent his fiancée home. After hearing Shen Cheng’s story, Tian Wenyao couldn’t help but be taken aback and laugh playfully.

“Shen Rong approached you directly?”

Shen Cheng was puzzled, “Yes, what’s wrong?”

Tian Wenyao smiled, “Nothing, you just said that it was Shen Xi who suppressed Shen Rong?” Without waiting for Shen Cheng to answer, Tian Wenyao changed the topic, “Speaking of which, Shen Xi has never contacted me since he went abroad and he has never seen at Shutu after he came back. Do you know what he is doing every day?”

Shen Cheng was impatient, “Didn’t you used to dislike Shen Xi, what do you care about him, hurry up and give me an idea.”

Tian Wenyao snorted, “When did you get so worked up about Shen Rong’s affairs? Watch out for your big brother teaching you a lesson.”

Shen Cheng was not happy, “Do you have any ideas or not?”

“I do have an idea, you know Lin Yao, right?”

“Lin Yao? The boss of Shengshi Entertainment?”

“Yes, Lin Yao is said to be the guy who can cover the entire entertainment industry with his palm. I heard that he and Li Mingxuan were classmates. You look for me, isn’t it better to look for your cousin directly? If he says a word, it will be just a trivial matter.”

“No, if cousin knows, big brother will definitely know. It’s not like you don’t know that Big Brother doesn’t like Shen Rong.”

Tian Wenyao shook his head, “I’ll have to step in if you can’t go to Li Mingxuan, but I’m not close to Lin Yao, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to persuade him.” 

Shen Cheng did not care, “Didn’t you say it was a trivial matter? With the face of our two families, how can Lin Yao not agree?”

Tian Wenyao was about to say that this matter involved Shen Xi and Lin Yao might not be willing to ruin Shen Xi’s face for the sake of an illegitimate son, but then he thought that Shen Rong had Shen Cheng standing behind him, which was still more convincing than Shen Xi.

The two of them chatted casually for a few more minutes before Tian Wenyao hung up the phone. However, he couldn’t help but think of Shen Xi.

When Shen Xi suddenly chose to go abroad and had no contact with him for five years, Tian Wenyao did not care at first. But when he was alone, he would occasionally think of that young man who had courted him in every way. Although he didn’t like Shen Xi, it didn’t stop him from enjoying the feeling of being admired. In the past, both Shen Rong and Shen Xi liked to stick to him, but he still preferred Shen Rong, who was better at pleasing people than Shen Xi. But after these few years, Shen Rong had not made any progress at all. And with him, Tian Wenyao had to work hard in bed. He was really a bit tired of it. He wondered if Shen Xi had changed after five years of absence.

Tian Wenyao made up his mind and dialled Shen Rong’s number.

When he saw the caller ID, Shen Rong felt his heart jump. He hesitantly looked at the name that flashed on the screen, gritted his teeth and finally couldn’t stop himself from picking up the phone.

“Hello!” Shen Rong tried to make his voice sound cold.

On the other side, Tian Wenyao laughed, “Why didn’t you call me? Instead, you went to find Shen Cheng?”

Shen Rong froze, then responded, “Second Brother looked for you?”

Tian Wenyao gave a careless “en”, “He wants to hide this matter from Shen Ji. Who else could he find but me? Instead of going through all this trouble, it would be easier for you to come to me directly.”

Shen Rong did not say anything; Tian Wenyao laughed lightly, “What?”

Shen Rong said in a low voice, “Don’t you have to accompany your fiancée?”

Tian Wenyao said playfully, “She is her, you are you, do you want me to spend all my time with her?”

“Of course not.” Shen Rong couldn’t help but deny.

Tian Wenyao smiled, “I’ll wait for you at the usual place tonight, be careful, don’t let the reporters take pictures.”

Shen Rong agreed softly. He knew what Tian Wenyao wanted to do when he met him. He also knew that there was no possibility for him and Tian Wenyao to be together. But he could not help but hope extravagantly that if Shen Dehan recognized him as the son of the Shen family, Tian Wenyao would be a little more attentive to him.

Shen Rong gripped the phone tightly. He didn’t want much, he just wanted everything that should have been his.

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10 thoughts on “Rebirth: Different Way Chapter 49

  1. …I felt a teeny tiny little bit of pitty for Shen Rong at the beginning, Shen Dehan is a bastard and indeed, Shen Rong deserved to be treated equally as his brothers, Shen Xi deserved it too. In my country there is a very vulgar saying that goes something like: “Farts are like children, you must always recognise them”. And it’s true, if you had a child, you must take the responsibility to take care of them emotionally and economically the best way they can.

    I mean, with a DNA test (and other things I guess… I’m not a lawyer) and going to court they could have sued Shen Dehan to recognise Shen Rong and give them a pension.

    Partly Shen Rong is right, Shen Dehan is an unfair bastard and he deserves to be treated well as his brothers, however he’s such a mean and awful human being, so my pity can be taken back (ノ`⌒´)ノ┫:・┻┻

    1. I also highly disapprove of such attitude to illegitimate children, and I met it quite a lot in Chinese BL, and not from the point of view of “bad” characters but expressed by positive characters. I mean treating someone’s mistress with contempt is one thing, homewrecker and all, but children don’t choose who their parents are. So I also felt it was quite unfair for Shen Rong… but he is really a worm. Every time I felt sorry for him, he did something completely sh*tty.

    2. Omg exactly! SD is a filthy bastard and SR deserved to be treated equally but he himself turned out to be a filthy bastard as well. Can’t believe i wasted that tiny bit of pity on him

  2. I think Shen Rong is pitiful but I don’t pity him. His mother sucks, his father’s affection for him is only just enough to make him and his mother live comfortably but not give either of them legitimate status. He’s desperate for recognition and being pushed by his conniving mother into scheming all sorts of things. And somehow, in all of this, he sees Shen Xi of all people as his rival! Shen Xi is just as much a victim as Shen Rong is, yet SR decided to hate SX. He’s really just a pathetic person targeting who he presumes is the weakest link in the Shen family, letting his desperation for validation guide his moves. In another story, he could be a protagonist, but in this one he’s just pitiful and pathetic. Maybe I would feel bad for him considering his circumstances, but his actions and attitude just make him extremely unlikable.

    1. There were moments when I felt sorry for him but believe me, he’ll do everything to squash every tiny bit of “sorry” you might feel for him 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. I have no sympathy for Shen Rong. He’s choosing just like his mother to be a dirty secret for the sake of money and forced acknowledgment. With everything that Shen Dehan has given to him, studying and making a name for himself so that he didn’t need his father, is what he should have done. Instead he targets the weakest brother who was abused via neglect and hoes himself out, yeah nope I don’t give a damn about him.

    1. Ah ah ah, it’s such a good point! His mother actually kicked him into getting a good education, learning piano, etc. But everything is just to earn his father’s favour.

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