Rebirth: Different Way Chapter 47

In November Zhongjing had already entered late autumn, and people who travelled at night all wrapped themselves tightly to resist the bone-chilling cold.

Li Mingxuan was wearing only a thin jacket, and with the car window wide open, the cold night breeze poured in. His body was as cold as if he had been immersed in ice water. But even so, Li Mingxuan’s heart was still burning with a fire that he didn’t know how to extinguish.

Not long ago, his mobile phone suddenly rang, and when he saw the words “Shen Xi” flashing on the screen, he was unimaginably happy. This was the second time that Shen Xi had taken the initiative to call him, so he picked up the phone in a happy mood, only to find that it was Fang Luowei who was calling. Before he could suppress the sourness that flashed through his heart, he heard Fang Luowei say vaguely that Shen Xi had been drugged and asked him to come over as soon as possible.

The word “drugged” haunted him all the way. It was not that Li Mingxuan had never heard of all the shady and dirty tricks in the entertainment industry, but he had never thought that someone would dare to use them on Shen Xi. The anger in his heart grew stronger and stronger. Li Mingxuan glanced at the speed and without hesitation stepped on the accelerator again. Seeing that the car was already speeding past 200, he still felt that it seemed to be too slow. It took him only twenty minutes to reach the apartment, even though the trip took an hour on a normal day. Fang Luowei did not seem to have arrived yet, so Li Mingxuan waited impatiently downstairs.

The sound of a car driving came from far away in the silent night, and Li Mingxuan trembled looking in the direction of the car. It was Shen Xi’s car. With just a glance, Li Mingxuan recognised it and took a few steps towards it. Before the car stopped, Li Mingxuan opened the door.

Under the orange street lights of the community, Shen Xi could be clearly seen leaning against the passenger seat with a blush on his face. As the door was opened and the night breeze blew into the car, Shen Xi looked up slightly, his eyes filled with mist, indescribably seductive.

Li Mingxuan’s heart felt as if it was hit by a sledgehammer. While frantic, Li Mingxuan could not help but let out a sigh of relief. Fang Luowei had not made it clear on the phone, and on the way Li Mingxuan thought that Shen Xi had been secretly poisoned with various drugs. But now it seemed that it was only an aphrodisiac, which was much better than what he feared.

Fang Luowei’s driving skills were quite good; the car stopped steadily in front of Li Mingxuan. Li Mingxuan leaned down gently, unbuckled the seat belt and carefully took Shen Xi out.

At first, Shen Xi instinctively shivered from a slightly cool embrace. But with the familiar scent emanating from this embrace, Shen Xi relaxed and obediently let Li Mingxuan hold him.

The scene in front of him stung Fang Luowei; he tried to hold back the sadness in his heart and looked at Li Mingxuan guiltily, “I’m sorry, Xiao Xi did it for me…”

The rest of his words were cut off by Li Mingxuan, “You’re Xiao Xi’s best friend, you don’t need to think too much.”

The words “best friend” made Fang Luowei’s heart bitter, and after a worried glance at Shen Xi, he lowered his head to hide his expression, “Go back quickly, I’m afraid Xiao Xi…” Fang Luowei couldn’t say the words “can’t help it”. Li Mingxuan gave him a deep look and didn’t say anything else as he carried Shen Xi away.

As the night breeze blew, Fang Luowei watched the door of the apartment building close tightly after Li Mingxuan, and stood there in a daze until the mobile phone in his pocket suddenly rang.

“Luowei, it’s Wenping, is Sanshao with you?” It was Zhao Wenping’s deep and steady voice.

Knowing what he was worried about, Fang Luowei replied lightly, “Li Mingxuan has just picked up Xiao Xi.”

“Since Sanshao has already gone home, Luowei, you should also rest early, you still have to go to the set tomorrow to shoot a scene.” Zhao Wenping’s tone did not fluctuate, but Fang Luowei could still hear relief in it.

With a bitter smile on his face, Fang Luowei said, “I know, see you tomorrow.”

With a final glance at the closed door, Fang Luowei turned around and got into the car to drive to his own neighbourhood.

He couldn’t go on like this. Shen Xi was so good to him, so he had to return the favour. Shen Xi needed friends around him, and he would be Shen Xi’s best friend. No matter what Shen Xi started the company for, he would work hard and make sure not to let Shen Xi’s money go to waste.

Behind Fang Luowei, in the dark corridor, Shen Xi was kissed fiercely by Li Mingxuan against the wall. Li Mingxuan was trying to hold back until going home, but Shen Xi kept moving in his arms, his warm breath blowing on his neck and his wet tongue licking. Li Mingxuan’s whole body was battle-ready and he finally couldn’t hold back from pressing Shen Xi against the wall and kissing him passionately.

Shen Xi was encircled in Li Mingxuan’s arms, passively bearing his kisses. Li Mingxuan held Shen Xi tightly with one hand, while the other hand fumbled with the key and struggled to push open the door.

The moment he closed the door, Li Mingxuan couldn’t think of anything else and pushed Shen Xi directly against the door, biting his lips and pushing his tongue in forcefully, sweeping it around wantonly. After a long kiss, Li Mingxuan reluctantly withdrew, pecked on Shen Xi’s lips and trailed down his fair neck.

Shen Xi stood unsteadily, wrapped in Li Mingxuan’s arms, tilting his head back and taking in Li Mingxuan’s passion. Under the pale moonlight, Shen Xi’s eyes were narrowed. His lips looked unusually red from the previous kisses, and every now and then he let out an unbearable moan. These moans were like magic sounds that entered Li Mingxuan’s ears, tickling his heart to no end. Li Mingxuan couldn’t help but pick up Shen Xi and stride towards the bedroom.

There were no lights on in the bedroom, and the faint moonlight flooded the room like water. Li Mingxuan gently placed Shen Xi on the bed, but who could have expected that Shen Xi would not let go of his neck.

“Cousin, it’s uncomfortable!”

A soft murmur sounded in his ears, and Li Mingxuan’s heart softened into a puddle of water. Gently pressing down on Shen Xi’s body, Li Mingxuan kissed the man beneath him tenderly while unbuttoning Shen Xi’s jacket. The clothes were taken off one by one, and Shen Xi only felt the fire inside his body burning hotter and hotter. His body seemed to be craving for something, but he couldn’t say what.

There was someone’s hand roaming over his body, always bringing a cool sensation, and Shen Xi instinctively leaned over and pressed himself against the person in front of him. The familiar embrace, the reassuring feeling made Shen Xi rub his body impatiently, “Cousin!”

This cry of “Cousin” caused Li Mingxuan’s body to tremble, and the heat flowing throughout him was instantly focused in the desire below. Li Mingxuan felt like he was about to explode; he wanted to enter despite anything, to possess the man underneath him fiercely, to rub him hard into his own flesh and bones. But all his thoughts turned to pity when he saw Shen Xi’s bewildered expression. Li Mingxuan hugged Shen Xi tenderly, kissing along his neck and down to his lower abdomen.

Shen Xi’s desire had already risen high in unbearable lust, the tip trembling slightly and overflowing with crystal fluid. Li Mingxuan kissed it tenderly and slowly took it into his mouth.

“Agh!” A trembling moan spilled out of Shen Xi’s mouth as the sudden pleasure overwhelmed him completely. Instinctively, Shen Xi obeyed the guidance of his body, lifting his belly upwards, his legs tensing, toes flexing, both hands thrust into Li Mingxuan’s hair as he groaned constantly in sync with his ups and downs.

After an unknown period of time, a dazzling white light flashed before his eyes and Shen Xi let out a small “umph”. Then his body completely limped down, and he stared into the air in confusion, gasping slightly.

Shen Xi thought this was the ultimate pleasure, but unexpectedly, the familiar big hand touched his back. The fire in his body followed along his waist and abdomen, converging at his behind. Shen Xi could not tell how he felt at this moment. He could only hug the person in front of him tighter, rubbing against him harder, hoping that the other party could relieve the burning heat inside him.

Shen Xi’s movements almost made Li Mingxuan unable to resist, and after trying hard to suppress the lust in his heart, Li Mingxuan carefully stretched out a finger to probe into Shen Xi’s body.

Instead of feeling uncomfortable, the sensation of a foreign object invading Shen Xi was indescribably good. Shen Xi felt something inside his heart clamouring for more. The other party seemed to have heard it and more foreign objects invaded his body. Shen Xi moaned in comfort, but felt that it was not enough, not enough!

Encouraged by the screams in his heart, Shen Xi pushed the man beside him away forcefully and rolled over to sit on top of him. His eyes focused a little; Shen Xi bit his lip and slid down along Li Mingxuan’s desire. The moment the foreign object entered him, there was a flash of pain, but soon boundless pleasure replaced the pain and Shen Xi moved up and down following his body’s instincts.

Li Mingxuan felt like he was going crazy; his eyes, originally tainted with lust, were now completely bottomless. He had been worried that Shen Xi would be hurt and held back to make Shen Xi more comfortable, but he did not expect that Shen Xi would sit up directly.

The moment he entered Shen Xi, his body’s senses seemed to be opened and pleasure swept through him at a speed that he could not control at all. Li Mingxuan held Shen Xi’s waist and looked at him in fascination. Under the soft moonlight, Shen Xi tilted his head and his body was arched in a perfect curve. As Shen Xi’s movements accelerated, a thin layer of sweat glistened on his originally fair body; crystal droplets of water slid down his abs and fell onto the place of their junction. The beauty of the scene before Li Mingxuan was unparalleled, and this feeling of union with his beloved made Li Mingxuan feel as if he had reached heaven.

After a long time, the accumulated pleasure spurted out and they both climaxed almost simultaneously. In the aftermath of the orgasm, Shen Xi’s body slumped down softly. Between their entangled breaths, Shen Xi’s sanity gradually returned and with a sharp gasp, Shen Xi whispered a request, “Cousin, get yourself out.”

Li Mingxuan held the man on top of him tightly, his hands naturally wandering along the other’s bare back, his lips trailing over Shen Xi’s ear.

“Aah!” Shen Xi couldn’t help but cry out and felt his desire that had already gone down stand up once again.


In response to his call, the sky spun around and in the blink of an eye he was already pinned underneath Li Mingxuan. Looking up, he saw Li Mingxuan’s incomparably dark eyes, “Xiao Xi is working so hard, how can Cousin be outclassed?”

The words were followed by Li Mingxuan’s sizzling kiss. The lust in his body was once again triggered and Shen Xi moaned as he moved with Li Mingxuan.

In the end, Shen Xi couldn’t remember how many times he had done it, only that it was almost dawn when he fell asleep, exhausted, held in Li Mingxuan’s arms.

It was the afternoon of the next day when he opened his eyes. Shen Xi felt that his whole body was sore and his waist felt like it was about to break. A look of forbearance flashed across his face; Shen Xi subconsciously reached out to hold his waist. A large warm hand followed and pressed against his waist, rubbing it with just the right amount of force.

“Is it uncomfortable?” A concerned voice sounded in his ears.

The memories of last night came flooding back. Shen Xi opened his eyes and looked at the man beside him. He wanted to say something harsh, but when he thought that he had taken the initiative in the first place, he glared at Li Mingxuan bitterly and turned his head away, closing his eyes and intending to go back to sleep.

Li Mingxuan couldn’t help but smile, leaned over and nibbled on Shen Xi’s ear that was exposed outside the blanket, “Good boy, don’t sleep, get up and eat something.”

Shen Xi pretended not to hear. Li Mingxuan’s smile remained unchanged, but the hand that was originally rubbing his waist and stomach slowly moved to the back, sliding down a little. Shen Xi fiercely rolled over and grabbed this hand, glaring hard at Li Mingxuan. The smile on Li Mingxuan’s face blossomed even more, and he couldn’t help but lean forward, lowering his head and kissing Shen Xi.

“Xiao Xi, I love you!”

Li Mingxuan’s words clearly reached Shen Xi’s ears, and Shen Xi’s body instantly froze.

Li Mingxuan didn’t seem to feel Shen Xi’s stiffness, but just repeated in his ear over and over again, “Xiao Xi, I love you.”

Shen Xi’s body slowly softened. Love? The thing that his mother had been begging for all her life, was it love?

Shen Xi did not say anything. Li Mingxuan did not care, still kissing him while repeating these words in Shen Xi’s ear. Li Mingxuan knew the knot in Shen Xi’s heart, he did not expect Shen Xi to fully open to accept him now, but he thanked Shen Xi for being willing to give him this chance to love him and let him take care of him in the future.

The two of them lingered in bed for a while before Li Mingxuan reluctantly let go of Shen Xi in his arms.

“Are you hungry? I made porridge.”

Shen Xi shook his head, saying that he wanted to take a bath. Li Mingxuan agreed with a smile, then moved naturally to pick Shen Xi up.

“What is Cousin doing?” said Shen Xi, resisting.

Li Mingxuan looked calm, “A bath for Xiao Xi.”

Despite Shen Xi’s great resistance, he was carried to the bathroom by Li Mingxuan. Unable to fight him physically, he allowed Li Mingxuan to wash him inside and out. Trying hard to ignore the marks on his body, Shen Xi changed into clean pyjamas and lay back comfortably in bed.

Li Mingxuan brought from the kitchen a bowl of white porridge that had been boiled for a long time. Although he had no appetite, Shen Xi drank two bowls of porridge under Li Mingxuan’s persuasion.

After watching Shen Xi finish the porridge, Li Mingxuan affectionately took him into his arms, “Lie down, I’ll rub your waist.”

Shen Xi obediently lay down and let Li Mingxuan massage him with the right amount of force, and couldn’t help but drift off to sleep once again.

Li Mingxuan’s eyes were full of smiles, his expression soft as he looked at Shen Xi’s sleeping face. He couldn’t help but lower his head, resting it against Shen Xi’s forehead, speaking in a low voice, “Xiao Xi, I love you.”

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    1. Me too but it seems to be a favourite plot device for BL authors 🙂 🙂 Ah, the s*x scenes in 2013, you can actually figure out what’s happening, unlike now when poor authors have to write something like “the water was gurgling” to describe *it* 😂😂

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