Rebirth: Different Way Chapter 44

In the orange light, the familiar figure with a smile in his eyes slowly pressed down, accompanied by hot kisses raining down on his skin. A stream of heat gushed out of his body at some point, converging in the direction of the kisses.

His body was gently opened and placed in a welcoming position. The warm palm slowly traced along his waist and belly, and his body involuntarily went soft as a foreign object probed inside a little.

Murmured whispers rang in his ears, and as the foreign object withdrew, something larger took its place.

The entry should have been painful, but instead an indescribable pleasure flowed through his body. Something in his heart was screaming for more, more, more.

Shen Xi opened his eyes with a jolt. It was dark as far as the eye could see, still midnight, and there was silence around him, except for the shallow breathing of the man next to him.

Shen Xi stared at the ceiling in shock as the images from the dream just now flashed through his mind one by one.

The kisses, the heat, the pleasure, it was as if he was there, everything he felt was amazingly real. Shen Xi hesitantly touched himself below, and there was indeed a wet patch.

A wave of irritation welled up in Shen Xi’s heart and he forcefully broke away from Li Mingxuan’s embrace and sat up. When was the last time he had an erotic dream? It seemed to be before his eighteenth birthday. After such a long gap, Shen Xi did not expect to have a day when he had a wet dream, and the object of his wet dream was sleeping beside him at the moment.

It was not that Shen Xi didn’t understand what two men would be doing together. Although he wasn’t keen on it due to his experience in his previous life, to be honest, he wasn’t averse to the intimacy between the two since he was with Li Mingxuan. 

Just why was he the one below?

The images from the dream flashed through his mind once again, and there still seemed to be a lingering sensation in his body. Shen Xi got out of bed, turned on the bedside lamp and rummaged through the wardrobe for clean underwear. Li Mingxuan woke up at some point and looked at Shen Xi in confusion, “Xiao Xi, what’s wrong?”

Shen Xi turned around with his underwear in his hand. Li Mingxuan blinked and stared thoughtfully at the underwear he was holding. His eyes slowly moved to Shen Xi’s pyjama pants.

It was as if Li Mingxuan’s eyes had penetrated through the thin material of his clothes and saw what Shen Xi was desperately trying to hide. Shen Xi glared at Li Mingxuan in annoyance and quickly left the room to go to the bathroom. Behind him, Li Mingxuan’s eyes were full of laughter as he stared at Shen Xi’s back thoughtfully.

Shen Xi dawdled in the bathroom for a long time before returning, and Li Mingxuan stayed awake, leaning on the head of the bed and waiting for him quietly.

Shen Xi coldly ignored Li Mingxuan’s smiling eyes, climbed into bed and curled on his side, intent on sleeping far away from him. A hint of amusement flashed in Li Mingxuan’s gaze as he leaned over very naturally and wrapped Shen Xi’s entire body in his arms from behind.

“Good boy! It happens to Cousin as well sometimes.”

It was better if Li Mingxuan didn’t open his mouth. Once he did, the resentment in Shen Xi’s heart intensified. When he thought that he was actually the one below in his dream, Shen Xi did not want to talk to Li Mingxuan at all. Perhaps because Shen Xi’s resentment was too strong, Li Mingxuan felt that at this moment, Shen Xi looked more like a small bristling animal. Trying hard to hold back his laughter, Li Mingxuan lowered his head and gently nibbled on Shen Xi’s ear that he had found to be very sensitive.

The wet slippery tongue traced over the auricle, and Shen Xi felt his body soften, and a hot current seemed to surge out from inside his body. Trying hard to suppress the strange feeling, Shen Xi rolled over and shrank into Li Mingxuan’s arms as if to escape, saying grumpily, “Sleep!”

Li Mingxuan smiled and rubbed Shen Xi’s hair, lowered his head and gave him a kiss, obediently saying, “Okay, sleep!”

After a good night’s sleep, when Shen Xi woke up in the morning, Li Mingxuan had already made breakfast.

Trying hard to get last night’s dream out of his mind, Shen Xi pretended to sit across from Li Mingxuan as if nothing had happened. Perhaps it was Shen Xi’s illusion, but he always felt that Li Mingxuan’s smile today was more dazzling than ever.

“Xiao Xi, where are you going today?” Li Mingxuan asked as he brought the breakfast to Shen Xi.

Shen Xi took the breakfast and casually replied, “To take Fang Luowei to the set to look around.”

The film that Shen Xi had invested in was shooting very well, and Chen Zhiwei had invited Shen Xi to visit the set several times, to prove that he was indeed working on it on the one hand, and to cheer up the crew on the other. Unfortunately, Shen Xi did not care about it. But after Fang Luowei heard about it and was very curious about the filming set Shen Xi agreed.

It was not the first time that Li Mingxuan heard Fang Luowei’s name from Shen Xi’s mouth. Although Shen Xi’s expression indicated that there was nothing between him and Fang Luowei, the vague rumours in the circle still made Li Mingxuan wary.

Li Mingxuan glanced at Shen Xi, “In the morning?”

Shen Xi nodded, not noticing the thoughtful glint in Li Mingxuan’s eyes.

Chen Zhiwei’s film was titled “Troubled Times”. It was set in the Republic of China era and was shot at a filming location in the northern suburbs of Zhongjing.

When Shen Xi brought Fang Luowei there, the crew was just getting ready to start. Everyone was surprised by the arrival of Shen Xi and Fang Luowei, but also was in high spirits. After all, everyone knew that the investor of the film was Shen Xi, and if they were noticed by Shen Xi, they would definitely have a bright future. Wasn’t Fang Luowei unknown before but promoted by the company because he caught Shen Xi’s attention?

Shen Xi didn’t bother to pay attention to the many eyes on the set. After meeting the main actors and actresses under Chen Zhiwei’s introduction, Shen Xi entrusted Fang Luowei to Chen Zhiwei and sat quietly on the side by himself.

Lao K’s phone call came in at the right time.

A few minutes later, Shen Xi hung up the phone, thinking about the news Lao K mentioned. Shen Rong intended to enter the entertainment industry.

“Bringing capital into the crew and acting as an assistant director.” Shen Xi repeated the words playfully. Everything seemed different from the previous life, but the vague trajectory still overlapped with it.

“Shen Xi?”

There were footsteps behind him, accompanied by Fang Luowei’s apprehensive voice.

Shen Xi turned around at the sound of the voice, and when he saw Fang Luowei’s current appearance, he couldn’t help but be very surprised.

At this moment, Fang Luowei was standing behind him in a military uniform of the Republic of China period and looking at him anxiously.

“What’s going on?”

Chen Zhiwei came up from the side, “Sanshao, it’s like this. The actor playing this role is temporarily unavailable. I think Fang Luowei’s image is quite suitable, so I plan to let Fang Luowei try it. What do you think?”

Although Chen Zhiwei did not know what was going on between Shen Xi and Fang Luowei, thinking about the rumours in the circle, he still intended to cater to Shen Xi’s preferences and urged Fang Luowei to give it a try.

Shen Xi returned his attention to Fang Luowei. One had to admit that Fang Luowei’s appearance was quite stunning. The ramrod straight military uniform suited him very much, making him look heroic. Shen Xi smiled and nodded at Fang Luowei, “As long as you like it yourself.”

Perhaps seeing the affirmation in Shen Xi’s eyes, Fang Luowei excitedly followed Chen Zhiwei towards the set.

Behind them, Shen Xi looked at Fang Luowei’s back, the emotions in his eyes very complicated.

In Shen Xi’s heart, Fang Luowei was different from anyone else. Whether it was the way they supported each other in prison in the previous life, or the way Fang Luowei protected him during the prison riot before he died, in this life Shen Xi wanted to do everything he could to make Fang Luowei happy.

And everything went just as he hoped. He met Fang Luowei and intervened in his life, trying his best to eliminate everything that might make him repeat the fate of his previous life. As in his previous life, Fang Luowei became his best friend. But Shen Xi still had to admit that Fang Luowei now was different from the profound figure in his memory. Perhaps without the dark experiences of his previous life, the Fang Luowei before him was more sunny and upright than he remembered.

Shen Xi trusted him, but could not open his heart to him as he had done in his previous life. Shen Xi regretted it somewhat.

Fang Luowei’s shooting was obviously very smooth, and he took the opportunity to wave at Shen Xi halfway through the shoot. Shen Xi looked back with a smile.

This was good, he just wanted Fang Luowei to be happy. Shen Xi smiled with relief.

The shooting stopped at noon, and Chen Zhiwei apologised to Shen Xi, saying that the crew had ordered boxed lunches, so Shen Xi had to make do with it. Shen Xi nodded indifferently, while Fang Luowei excitedly talked of his feelings about his first shooting, and Chen Zhiwei occasionally gave him some pointers.

“Xiao Xi!” A magnetic male voice sounded from behind.

Shen Xi looked over in surprise, and Li Mingxuan walked over with a smile from not far away.

“What brings you here, Cousin?”

Li Mingxuan glanced at the crowd with a smile, “I had nothing to do at noon and came to see you.”

Chen Zhiwei was the first to recognise Li Mingxuan. Compared to Shen Xi, Li Mingxuan was obviously more well known as the heir of the Li family. But rumour had it that Li Mingxuan had always been good friends with Shen Dashao, when did he become so close to Shen Xi? Although Chen Zhiwei had doubts in his mind, he did not show them on his face and only instructed someone to bring another chair over.

Li Mingxuan greeted Chen Zhiwei and Fang Luowei with a smile, and naturally sat next to Shen Xi, reaching out to wrap his arms around him, his eyes gentle, “Are you tired?”

Shen Xi was used to Li Mingxuan’s actions and didn’t mind them, just shaking his head.

Li Mingxuan’s expression was doting, “I’ll take you to Ye Han’s place for dinner tonight.”

The intimacy between the two naturally had different meanings in the eyes of different people. Because Shen Ji made trouble in the bar last time, Fang Luowei already knew about Shen Xi and Li Mingxuan being together. Seeing the closeness of the two of them at this time, Fang Luowei suppressed the inexplicable sadness in his heart, acting as if nothing had happened. Chen Zhiwei, on the other hand, was even more puzzled. He felt that the relationship between the two looked very strange, not like normal cousins. What was the situation?

Li Mingxuan scanned the expressions of several people silently, focusing on Fang Luowei, and was very satisfied in his heart, looking at Shen Xi with an even more tender look.

After they finished eating the boxed lunch provided by the crew, Fang Luowei excused himself to go and prepare for the afternoon shoot. Chen Zhiwei followed him, leaving Shen Xi and Li Mingxuan alone together.

The place where they were eating was in a remote corner and out of sight. When Li Mingxuan glanced and noticed that no one was around, he couldn’t help but lean over and kiss Shen Xi tenderly.

Unlike the feeling at home, the excitement of being in a public place where people might have seen him at any time made Shen Xi aroused, and his original intention to push Li Mingxuan away turned into grabbing his collar and actively cooperating.

Chen Zhiwei, who had forgotten his mobile phone and was coming back to get it, saw the two of them kissing. Trying hard to suppress the shock in his heart, Chen Zhiwei left silently, only to find the sad Fang Luowei not far away.

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    1. P.S. So relaxing and fun to see SX upset not because of his wet dreams but because he’s the bottom one 😝 and LM his jealousy is so “subtle” that I think only SX doesn’t see it 😂

      1. Haha, I loved this moment, too 😂😂 LM is very constructively jealous, if he doesn’t like something, he finds a way to solve it to everyone’s satisfaction… except for poor Fang Luowei 😥😥

  1. So Fang Luowei indeed likes SX. It’s expected tbh, after all SX helped him multiple times and even met his grandparents. But FLW is too clean to enter this environment. He would have really suffered if he had been with SX.

  2. Shen Xi and FLW current friendship is so bittersweet. Shen Xi is mourning the loss of the confidant he used to have while simultaneously being happy that his best friend in two lives is finally happy. And on the other side, FLW’s obvious love for Shen Xi is destined not to come true but regardless he’s a good enough person that he will not try to come between Shen Xi’s love and will continue to be his good friend. It really is such a bittersweet feeling, but in the end both of them only wish for the other’s happiness.

    1. Yes, totally! There will be even more bittersweet moments. I’m not spoiling but the author had a good way to solve it in the very, very end 🙂

  3. Fang Luowei really had a small crush on Xixi!! It is okay. It seems Weiwei will be having a different life trajectory too with him dabbling in acting. I bet soon enough, his own male lead will appear! Xuanxuan being a jealous bf is too cute! I love the subtle way he expressed it.

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