Rebirth: Different Way Chapter 43

The sudden change of Shen Group’s general manager caused a huge stir, along with the rumour of discord between brothers within the Shen family, which triggered the secret attention of countless people. Everyone speculated whether there was an unknown inside story about this incident, and whether Shen Ji and Shen Cheng really tore off the veil of family affection in the face of huge power. But regardless of the speculation of outsiders, the Shen family did not express any opinion on the matter. When Shen Ji and Shen Cheng appeared in front of the reporters, they still looked like affectionate brothers.

Shen Xi quickly received the news from Lao K. Although Shen Xi had hinted to Gao Qiulin through Lao K to find a way to promote Shen Cheng to the front position, the fact that things were moving so fast made Shen Xi sense that something was wrong.

Shen Xi habitually stood by the window and pondered. He knew his father, and his father’s preference for Shen Ji was something that even Shen Cheng could not match. Although Shen Cheng’s ascension to the top allowed Shen Ji to avoid the turmoil stirred up by the board of directors, Shen Xi knew that given his father’s nature, Shen Dehan would not compromise so easily and would inevitably fight the board for a while. But the fact was the board of directors had just raised the issue, and Shen Dehan already made the decision to temporarily replace Shen Ji. Shen Xi frowned; someone must have said something to his father. This person must have been deeply trusted by Shen Dehan. Who could it be?

Shen Xi first ruled out any suspicion of Lu Gesen, who had only been at Shen Group for a year, and even if Shen Dehan admired him, he was definitely not qualified to say anything to him. Thinking about Lu Gesen’s confidence in this plan, Shen Xi was sure that there must be Lu Gesen’s people in the top management of Shen Group.

When the Han family’s business was merged into the Shen family, Shen Dehan had not made any major changes to the original staff. Instead, he had bought the people’s hearts and minds. As the business developed over the years and the staff changed from generation to generation, there seemed to be only a few old people who still remembered the Han family back then. Could it be that there were Lu Gesen’s people among them?

Shen Xi knew that just as he had something to hide from Lu Gesen, Lu Gesen must have also had a secret card that had not been revealed. It wasn’t that Shen Xi didn’t trust Lu Gesen, it was just that apart from a few specific people, he didn’t give his trust to anyone else. As for Lu Gesen, Shen Xi’s surname was Shen, after all, so Lu Gesen surely didn’t trust him all the way.

Really sad!

Shen Xi thought to himself that neither Grandpa Shen nor Grandpa Han would have thought that an unsuccessful marriage back then would result in this situation today.

Shen Xi was considering whether to call Lu Gesen when he suddenly heard the sound of the door opening.

“Xiao Xi!” Li Mingxuan was obviously in a very good mood, and his words were laced with a smile. Anyone who came back from work to see their beloved standing by the window looking like they were waiting for them to come back would be in a good mood.

Casually throwing his jacket on the sofa, Li Mingxuan naturally walked over to Shen Xi and gave him a kiss, “What do you want to eat tonight?”

In addition to the efficacy of the pillow, the second advantage that Shen Xi found in Li Mingxuan was his cooking skills. Shen Xi was once very curious about it. At that time, Li Mingxuan smiled and stroked his head, stating that when he was alone abroad, because he was not used to eating outside, he could only learn to cook according to recipes, and naturally became an expert after a few years.

Due to his experience in prison in his previous life Shen Xi did not have any special requirements for food. He ate whatever Li Mingxuan cooked every time, and this time was naturally no exception.

After finishing his dinner quietly, Shen Xi rested on Li Mingxuan’s lap, holding the tablet and casually browsing the web. Soon Shen Xi’s eyes fell on the latest gossip that the Shen brothers were at odds setting off a new round of disputes over property.

Li Mingxuan followed Shen Xi’s line of sight, frowned and said, “The reporters are all writing nonsense.” The implication was that there was no need for Shen Xi to read this.

Shen Xi nodded, “I know, it’s just that in the past this kind of news about the dispute with big brother over property usually included my name. This is the first time it’s not me, so it feels strange.”

Shen Xi’s words were full of mockery. Li Mingxuan helplessly lowered his head and gave him a kiss on the cheek, changing the subject, “How’s your movie coming along?”

Shen Xi didn’t seem too concerned about it, “Chen Zhiwei is doing a good job with the prep work and it’s going very well. He said that if there’s nothing unexpected, it should be in time for the New Year slot.”

“So soon?”

Shen Xi gave an “en” and said casually, “As long as the funds are in place, there’s nothing else to worry about.”

Although he knew that his uncle had always been generous to Shen Xi when it came to money, Li Mingxuan couldn’t help but say, “Xiao Xi, if you don’t have enough money, tell me.”

Shen Xi froze and then smiled, “Will Aunt and Uncle be angry if they find out that Cousin gave me money?”

Li Mingxuan rubbed Shen Xi’s hair, “It’s my own little vault, it has nothing to do with the Li family. There are some stocks and stuff in it, I’ll bring them back tomorrow, and from now on, Xiao Xi will keep them.”

Neither of them was short of money and Li Mingxuan’s act was more symbolic than practical. But it was this symbolism that caused a strange feeling to well up in Shen Xi’s heart. Shen Xi looked away and nodded casually. However, soon he realised that the situation had become awkward. He had been resting on Li Mingxuan’s lap, and because he had just nodded haphazardly, he rubbed his head against something and clearly felt that something get hard against his face.

Shen Xi subconsciously sat up, but the next moment he was suddenly held tightly in Li Mingxuan’s arms. Before Shen Xi could react, Li Mingxuan had already reached out to hold his hand and pressed it against his straightening desire.

Shen Xi’s movements instantly became stiff. Even though they lived together, Li Mingxuan had always just held and kissed him, and this was the first time he did such a thing.

Through the thin clothing, Shen Xi could feel that the thing in his hand was full of vitality. He instinctively tried to break free, but was insistently held down by Li Mingxuan. Li Mingxuan’s kiss fell tenderly on Shen Xi’s ear, his moist tongue licking Shen Xi’s earlobe. Shen Xi’s body trembled, and Li Mingxuan’s eyes darkened as he firmly held Shen Xi’s hand and put it into his clothes.

“Xiao Xi!” Li Mingxuan’s voice brushed over Shen Xi’s ear hotly, his words filled with pleading.

Shen Xi stiffly followed Li Mingxuan’s guidance and held his desire through his underwear. Perhaps because of the stimulation, Shen Xi felt that Li Mingxuan’s desire seemed bigger than when he held it through the clothes.

“Xiao Xi!” Li Mingxuan’s breathing became short as he urged gently.

The feeling in Shen Xi’s heart was very strange. It was not that he hadn’t touched his own desire before, but this was completely different. Shen Xi’s silence was taken as acquiescence by Li Mingxuan, who naturally put Shen Xi’s hand inside his underwear.

The hot sensation was very clear, and Shen Xi subconsciously looked at Li Mingxuan, who took advantage of the situation to lower his head and kiss him. As their lips locked together, Li Mingxuan moved his hand up and down holding Shen Xi’s hand.

Li Mingxuan’s breathing became more and more rapid, his lingering kisses gradually became dominant, and the movement of his hand became even more intense. Shen Xi passively let Li Mingxuan take control of his actions. He didn’t know how long it took, but the sizzling source of heat in his hand suddenly shook and Shen Xi felt a slippery sensation all over his fingers.

Li Mingxuan’s kisses stopped, and Shen Xi looked at him, gasping. Li Mingxuan’s expression was one of indescribable satisfaction, his eyes dark as he stared at Shen Xi, unable to resist leaning forward to kiss him once more.

This night, for the first time, Shen Xi’s desire was held in the hands of an outsider. Unlike his own stiff movements, Li Mingxuan’s fingers were very flexible, bringing Shen Xi unparalleled pleasure. So much so that in the end, Shen Xi shrank into Li Mingxuan’s arms and only knew how to whisper, “Cousin.”

After everything was over, Li Mingxuan carefully wiped the fluid off Shen Xi’s body, and as his eyes swept over Shen Xi’s fair skin, Li Mingxuan felt his  desire rise once again, out of control. Trying hard to suppress his lust, Li Mingxuan compassionately moved up and kissed Shen Xi at the corner of his mouth.

Today was already an unexpected joy for him, and he had enough patience to wait as long as it was necessary.


A mobile phone in a silver metal shell was thrown on the wooden desk, and the owner of the mobile phone stared at the phone fiercely, a gloomy look on his face.

“Looks like these years abroad didn’t teach you what stability is? You’re still so impatient when it comes to doing things!” A melodious female voice rang out from behind, the woman’s words tinged with dissatisfaction.

Shen Rong took a deep breath, turned around and said, “Mother!”

The person who appeared behind Shen Rong was none other than his mother, Zhou Mingmei. Despite being over forty, Zhou Mingmei still looked in her thirties. Her make-up was exquisite and she was wearing a well-cut cheongsam that accentuated the beauty of her figure.

After a faint glance at Shen Rong, Zhou Mingmei said directly, “Have you decided on the matter I mentioned?”

A trace of reluctance surfaced on Shen Rong’s face and he lowered his head without speaking.

Zhou Mingmei looked down, “Are you still unwilling to give up? I have long said that Shen Ji is determined not to let you enter Shen Group.”

Shen Rong clenched his fists and said in a low voice, “I am also my father’s child.”

Zhou Mingmei laughed coldly, “There are only three sons in the genealogy of this generation of the Shen family.”

Shen Rong snapped his head up and looked at Zhou Mingmei, who remained cold, “Five years ago you gave up a great opportunity yourself. Five years later you will have to suffer the embarrassment of starting everything from scratch.”

Shen Rong clenched his teeth and refused to speak. Zhou Mingmei gave him a disappointed look, “You yourself know that because of that incident five years ago, unless you enter Shen Group, no company will accept you. But Shen Group has Shen Ji in it, and he can’t even tolerate Shen Xi, let alone you. If you want to make your father look at you, you need to have something to show for it. I don’t need to remind you of this, you should understand it yourself.”

Shen Rong hesitated, and Zhou Mingmei added lightly, “Haven’t you always wanted to prove that you are better than Shen Xi? Isn’t now a good opportunity to do so?”

Perhaps the two words “Shen Xi” stimulated Shen Rong, who finally nodded.

Zhou Mingmei smiled in satisfaction, “I will call Director Zhou, you will go to the crew tomorrow to hang out and learn. Don’t let me down this time.”

Seeing that Zhou Mingmei was about to leave, Shen Rong spoke eagerly, “Mother, Father hasn’t been here for a long time.”

Zhou Mingmei’s expression was vague, “During this period of time Shen Group has been in turmoil, it is normal for your father to not have time to come over.”

Shen Rong did not expect his mother’s reaction to be so cold and could not help but get anxious, “Mother, have you forgotten that another woman has appeared by Father’s side?”

Zhou Mingmei’s eyebrows knitted slightly, “Just one Chu Qianqian makes you sulk? What is there to worry about that little girl? The one who can’t tolerate her the most is Shen Ji, what reason is there for you to worry?”

Zhou Mingmei was able to follow Shen Dehan for many years. Apart from her face, more importantly, she always knew how to advance and retreat in front of him. She had received the news as soon as Chu Qianqian first appeared, and although she did not know whether Chu Qianqian’s appearance was intentional or accidental, after some hesitation Zhou Mingmei gave up the idea of going to the hospital to find out what was going on.

For Shen Dehan, Chu Qianqian’s appearance was bound to make him feel some freshness, but in the long run, what kind of affection could a little girl have? As that man had said, she already had Shen Rong, so it was good to sit tight. If Chu Qianqian was playing with the same idea as her, then the one who should really be anxious was Chu Qianqian.

Zhou Mingmei glanced at Shen Rong. The existence of that man was the last card for her and her son. She had wanted Shen Rong to meet that man, but thinking about Shen Rong’s apathetic appearance, she decided it was better to wait.

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