Rebirth: Different Way Chapter 36

Shen Xi was unaware of his father’s concerns at the time and was focused on the aftermath of the dioxane incident.

Just like Shen Xi remembered, after more than half a month of media and online brouhaha, the dioxane incident finally came to an end. All the household brands that could be found in the domestic market collectively apologised to consumers and promised to upgrade their product formulas as soon as possible to minimise the residue of dioxane in their products. Several domestic brands even issued a joint statement to collaborate on research and development to completely eliminate the problem of dioxane residues in raw materials. However, if one paid attention, one would find that Yunrou’s name was not among these brands, and it was clear that Yunrou was squeezed out by the household chemical industry.

When Shen Xi thought of the news he had just received about Shen Group’s board of directors’ decision to betray Yunrou and sell it off, he smiled coldly at the thought of Shen Ji’s distraught appearance over the past few days. Yunrou was only his first move, now it was time to start the second one. He took out his mobile phone and called the number Lu Gesen had left last time.

In an inconspicuous cafe down the street, Lu Gesen sat quietly in the corner, observing the door. He and Shen Xi arranged to meet here at three o’clock, but as the time was about to pass, Shen Xi still did not appear. Lu Gesen could not help but frown; this meeting was arranged by Shen Xi on his own initiative, a week after they had last met.

Lu Gesen was not surprised that it had taken Shen Xi so long to find him. Shen Xi was not stupid. It was impossible for him to believe whatever Lu Gesen said. This period of time was enough for Shen Xi to find someone to confirm the authenticity of the DNA report. What’s more, the information Lu Gesen revealed last time was too shocking for Shen Xi, and Shen Xi also needed time to digest it. In fact, Lu Gesen reserved ten days for Shen Xi. He believed that ten days was enough time for Shen Xi to make a choice. If there was no news from Shen Xi after ten days, then he would have had to change his strategy.

Fortunately, Shen Xi took the initiative to contact him today and arranged a time and place to meet; except that Lu Gesen glanced at the time again and felt a hint of worry at Shen Xi’s delay.

“Welcome!” A mechanical voice sounded at the door.

Lu Gesen subconsciously looked up to see Shen Xi wearing a black pullover sweater and a pair of sunglasses that covered half of his face push in the door. Lu Gesen was about to get up and greet Shen Xi when She Xi saw him and walked towards the corner.

Shen Xi took off his sunglasses as soon as he was seated and said apologetically to Lu Gesen, “Sorry, I’m late.”

Lu Gesen was about to say, “It’s okay,” but was startled when he saw Shen Xi’s face and changed his words to, “You haven’t slept well in the past few days?”

Shen Xi’s face looked very pale, and his eyes were somewhat bloodshot. He obviously looked like he hadn’t rested well.

Shen Xi frowned slightly; naturally he could not explain that he had gotten used to Li Mingxuan’s embrace some time ago, and this week Li Mingxuan had gone to Haicheng on a business trip, causing his sleep to be even worse than before. Shen Xi gave a faint “en”. This look suited the role Shen Xi was supposed to play today. Shen Xi glanced at Lu Gesen silently. Presumably, in Lu Gesen’s eyes, no matter how heartless he was, after learning the truth about the events that year, he could not escape the pain and agony of tossing and turning, right?

As expected, Shen Xi’s appearance at this moment made Lu Gesen’s heart soften. His tone became milder, “I know the truth must have caused you a lot of pain, but you have half of the Han family’s blood in your veins, I can’t let you be kept in the dark.”

Shen Xi nodded with a miserable smile, “I know, in fact I should thank you. I never understood before why my father wouldn’t look at me, but it turns out that the reason was that. And Grandpa, the person who treated me the best when I was a child was Grandpa, I won’t let Grandpa…”

Shen Xi didn’t go on, but changed the subject, “You must have come to me not just to tell me about this. What is your plan?”

As Shen Xi looked straight at Lu Gesen, Lu Gesen met Shen Xi’s eyes and gently spat out a word, “Revenge!”

Shen Xi visibly trembled, and then lowered his head and clenched his fists hard. After a while, he raised his head and looked at Lu Gesen firmly, “What do you want me to do?”

Lu Gesen looked deeply at Shen Xi and slowly said, “Not you alone, but us together.”

Shen Xi’s expression changed slightly, but Lu Gesen suddenly moved to another topic, “Do you know about the dioxane incident?”

Shen Xi obviously did not understand what Lu Gesen meant, but still nodded hesitantly.

Lu Gesen said dryly, “The dioxane incident is our opportunity.”

Seeing that Shen Xi still did not understand, Lu Gesen could not help but explain in detail, “The cause of the dioxane incident is Yunrou. Yunrou, you know, is a subsidiary company under Shen Group, fully under the responsibility of Shen Ji.”

Shen Xi nodded as Lu Gesen continued, “Originally, Yunrou was developing well and contributing a lot of profits to Shen Group, but since the dioxane incident, Yunrou is in a great predicament. It can be said that Yunrou’s predicament is exactly Shen Ji’s predicament. Because of Shen Ji’s persistent refusal to give up Yunrou, the board of directors is now very dissatisfied with him, and Shen Ji’s original position as heir apparent has been shaken. This is your opportunity. As long as you take advantage of the situation to enter Shen Group, I will find a way for you to gain the support of the board of directors to replace Shen Ji. As long as you get a firm foothold in Shen Group, the future of Shen Group may be in your hands.”

Lu Gesen did not say any more but his meaning was all but revealed. As long as Shen Xi took control of the power in Shen Group, it would be a matter of one sentence from him to toss Shen Group around. Even if Shen Dehan and Shen Ji tried to stop him, they might not be able to do so.

Lu Gesen had a very good idea, but unfortunately Shen Xi did not intend to follow his plan. Facing Lu Gesen’s eager gaze, Shen Xi slowly shook his head, “I can’t do what you said.”

“What do you mean?” Lu Gesen looked at Shen Xi with a look of disbelief and astonishment.

Shen Xi lowered his head, “You seem to have forgotten that Father will not let me enter Shen Group. As soon as I show the slightest intention, Father has the means to control me.”

Lu Gesen didn’t expect Shen Xi to be worried about this. His face eased and he let out a sigh of relief, “You don’t need to worry, I will naturally think of a way.”

Shen Xi still shook his head, “Even if I enter Shen Group, with my father and eldest brother, things will not be as simple as you think. Compared to me, I would think that Shen Cheng is more suitable.”

“Shen Cheng?” Lu Gesen looked at Shen Xi inexplicably, thinking that he must have been joking.

A trace of ridicule flashed across Shen Xi’s face, “Don’t you think so? As you said, Shen Ji is in a difficult situation at this time. This is my chance, but it is also Shen Cheng’s chance. Unlike me, who my father fears, Shen Cheng is Shen Ji’s younger brother, so I think my father will be more comfortable with Shen Cheng temporarily taking over Shen Ji’s position.”

When Shen Xi said this, Lu Gesen fully understood what he meant, and couldn’t help hesitating.

What Shen Xi said was a great temptation to Lu Gesen. Thinking about it, what could be more painful than Shen Dehan watching his two sons turn against each other for the fortune of the Shen family? What’s more, compared to Shen Dehan’s fear of Shen Xi, Shen Dehan wouldn’t have any scruples about Shen Cheng, and there would be plenty of time for them to do some manoeuvring in the process. Lu Gesen thought back on the dealings he had with Shen Cheng; unlike Shen Ji’s excellence, Shen Cheng’s abilities were really not worth mentioning. With an incompetent heir, the fall of the Shen family seemed smoother, and that was better than having to force Shen Xi’s hand.

Lu Gesen’s only concern was that Shen Ji and Shen Cheng were blood brothers and had always had a good relationship.

Shen Xi could see Lu Gesen’s hesitation and sneered, “Since ancient times, don’t you know how many brothers have turned against each other for the family property? Shen Cheng used to have no hope. Now that you put hope in front of him, what do you think he will do?”

What Shen Xi didn’t say was that just as he had been treated as an outcast by Shen Dehan from the very beginning, how was Shen Cheng not an outcast in another sense? It was only that Shen Dehan would give Shen Cheng the opportunity to choose within certain limits, while he was deprived of any opportunity.

Now an opportunity that Shen Cheng had never thought of before would be placed in front of him. Even if he was not moved at first, Shen Xi did not believe that Shen Cheng would not be moved after time. Having tried the taste of power, would Shen Cheng still willingly give everything in his hands back to Shen Ji again?

What’s more, Shen Cheng had been hidden in the shadow of Shen Ji for so many years. Perhaps he didn’t realise it himself, but if someone kept whispering in his ear, over time, would Shen Cheng still love Shen Ji as much as before? As the saying goes, one mountain does not tolerate two tigers, and after Shen Cheng took over Shen Ji’s position, what would Shen Ji do? Would he be able to control himself from pointing fingers at Shen Cheng’s actions? Shen Xi could almost see the day when the two brothers turned against each other.

Lu Gesen was still hesitating, and Shen Xi gave him a covert glance. It had been his intention all along to push Shen Cheng forward while Shen Ji was dragged down by Yunrou. The only problem was to plant one of his own people around Shen Cheng.

Originally, Shen Xi had planned to use Gao Qiulin’s manpower, but Lu Gesen’s appearance solved this problem perfectly. A young man who was trusted by Shen Dehan, of good character, and at the same time having a good relationship with Shen Ji. Who else could be more suitable than him?

Lu Gesen thought for a moment, and quickly decided, “You are right, Shen Cheng is more suitable than you.”

Now that it was determined to let Shen Cheng take advantage of the situation, Lu Gesen’s previous plans had to be rearranged. As for Shen Xi, Lu Gesen just hoped that he could show up when he needed to, and Shen Xi naturally did not refuse.

After the two of them finished speaking, they were both quiet for a moment.

Lu Gesen looked at Shen Xi’s silent look and tried his best to speak calmly, “You should go back and rest first, I will arrange this matter.”

A hint of surprise flashed across Shen Xi’s face, and then he nodded. Once he got up to leave, Lu Gesen suddenly called out to him, his gaze eager, “I’ve never heard you call me Cousin. I wonder if I can hear it now?”

Shen Xi was stunned for a moment, then quickly said in a low voice, “Cousin.”

The moment he said that, what appeared in Shen Xi’s mind was the figure of Li Mingxuan. Shen Xi shook his head and smiled at Lu Gesen.

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