Rebirth: Different Way Chapter 34

Once again, Shen Xi had a nightmare.

This time the dream was no longer about the night when he was eighteen in his previous life, but about the day his mother died when he was much younger.

Shen Xi remembered that it was a rainy day, and although it was midday, the sky was as dark as at night. His father hadn’t been home for several days, and Shen Ji and Shen Cheng had been taken to the Li family by their aunt, leaving him and his mother alone in the entire Shen household.

His mother seemed to be in a bad mood for a few days, her face was pale and she often sat alone in a daze. After the housekeeper informed his mother that his father was coming back at noon, Shen Xi saw his mother throw everything in the room in annoyance.

At noon that day, Shen Xi was sent by his mother to take an early nap, but he couldn’t sleep and was bored holding his bear and playing adventure games alone. Soon afterwards, his father returned and he and his mother had the most violent argument they had ever had. The servants all stayed away and Shen Xi was so scared that he hid behind the stairs with his bear. He heard his mother’s voice getting quieter and quieter until it finally became a plea, but his father was still very angry and scolded his mother severely. Finally, his father returned to his study in a rage, leaving his mother alone in the corridor, lost in thought.

Shen Xi didn’t understand what they were arguing about. He just ran over to comfort his mother, who didn’t say anything, looked at Shen Xi blankly and smiled, and gently kissed him on the forehead. Shen Xi would always remember the feeling of his mother’s lips on his forehead, cold and without a trace of life. After his mother kissed him, she took his hand and led him back to his room, then turned and left. Shen Xi watched his mother’s back as she walked away.

Not long after, there was the sound of something heavy falling to the ground in the courtyard, accompanied by the screams of the servants. Shen Xi curiously climbed up to the window and looked down. His mother was lying in the courtyard covered in blood, the cold rain beating down on her body, and Shen Xi’s eyes were dazzled with red.

Shen Xi stayed frozen at the window, looking at his mother’s body until his grandfather received the news and rushed over. Only then did a servant notice that something was wrong.

After that day, Shen Xi fell so ill that he did not even make it to his mother’s funeral. Perhaps because the shock was so great, the little Shen Xi forgot what he had seen. It was only when he drove his car into Tian Wenyao, with his eyes full of bright red, that he remembered that afternoon once again.

Since then, for fifteen years, these two nightmares had been a presence that Shen Xi could not shake off.

Struggling to open his eyes, Shen Xi sat up with a gasp. It was just past 3am, still three hours before dawn. Shen Xi did not feel like sleeping anymore and sat in the darkness, hugging the blanket, until it was light outside. Then Shen Xi tiredly lay back down and tried to nap some more.

When the phone rang, Shen Xi was sleeping very restlessly, and the constant ringing completely awakened him.

“Hello!” Shen Xi said in a low voice. His whole body was devoid of energy and he just wanted to go back to sleep.

“Shen Xi?” There was an unfamiliar voice on the phone, tinged with a hint of uncertainty.

Shen Xi rubbed his forehead, “It’s me, who is this?”

The other party seemed to be thinking of the wording, “I’m Lu Gesen, I want to see you.”

“Lu Gesen?” Shen Xi’s mind snapped awake, his drowsiness immediately disappearing. Thinking of what Lao K said, Shen Xi said quietly, “Who is Lu Gesen? I don’t seem to know you.”

The other party did not answer his question but said simply, “Are you home? I’m at your doorstep.”

Shen Xi did not expect Lu Gesen to come to his door like this. He couldn’t help but become curious about his intentions. After quickly changing his clothes, Shen Xi opened the door. The moment their eyes met, both of them froze a little. Shen Xi had no memory of this man and did not understand why he could have approached him, while Lu Gesen looked at Shen Xi’s appearance that was so much like Han Yu’s and felt slightly lost.

Lu Gesen looked more like his mother, without any trace of his father, which was something his mother always regretted. Although Lu Gesen had already seen a picture of Shen Xi when he was collecting information, the shock that the real person brought him was far greater than the photo. This shock made Lu Gesen realise clearly that the person in front of him was related to him by blood and was the only family he had in the world.

Lu Gesen’s eyes softened, and he looked at Shen Xi’s obvious lack of sleep with disapproval, “You need to go out and fool around less at night and rest early.”

The words were so inexplicable that Shen Xi sized up the man in front of him suspiciously. Lu Gesen was very thin, wearing a pair of frameless glasses, looking at him with a serious expression, his gaze changing from an inquisitive one to a concerned one.

“Lu Gesen?” Shen Xi said in confusion.

Lu Gesen nodded, “My real name is Han Gesen, Lu is my mother’s surname.”

Shen Xi did not say anything; he was a little confused about what the other party meant by this statement.

Lu Gesen curved the corner of his mouth at Shen Xi, “Or would you like to call me Cousin? My father was Han Yu.”

The impact of these words was too great for Shen Xi, who looked at the other party in shock, unable to utter a single word.

Lu Gesen was satisfied with Shen Xi’s reaction. If Shen Xi’s reaction to this news was bland, he would have to consider whether some words should be said outright.

Gesturing at Shen Xi’s back, Lu Gesen said with a serious look on his face, “Can I come in and talk?”

Shen Xi took a deep breath and nodded.

Lu Gesen obviously had an energetic personality. As soon as he sat down, he took out a document from his bag and handed it to Shen Xi, “This is a copy of the DNA test results of my father and me. Underneath is my father’s signature. You can get someone to verify it. If you are still unsure, you can also do a DNA test with me, although it is not like father and son blood relation, our bloodlines will be close enough.”

Shen Xi did not listen to what he said, but opened the DNA results directly, hastily skimming over the contents. Shen Xi’s gaze fell on the bottom, two words written in bold cursive, Han Yu, the handwriting of his uncle, with the date of the test sixteen years ago underneath.

Shen Xi did not speak, shocked much more than he could have expected..

If Lu Gesen’s identity was real, then why hadn’t his uncle said anything back then, why didn’t anyone know about it? And why hadn’t Lu Gesen found the Han family after his uncle’s death? Shen Xi even wanted to ask, if Lu Gesen was really his cousin, why hadn’t he shown up in his previous life?

Shen Xi’s silence was noticed by Lu Gesen, and he took the initiative to speak, “If you have anything to ask, I will tell you what I know.”

Shen Xi closed the report in his hand and looked at Lu Gesen, “You know that Uncle has long since passed away and the Han family is no more. This certificate alone proves nothing at all.”

Lu Gesen smiled wryly, “I don’t intend to prove anything either, as long as you believe it.”

Shen Xi met Lu Gesen’s gaze, “Is there any need for me to believe or not?”

Lu Gesen didn’t answer the question, but changed the subject, “I’ll tell you a story first.”

The protagonist of the story was Han Yu. Like most of the children of the Zhongjing families, Han Yu was sent abroad by Shen Xi’s grandfather early. As a fellow countryman, Han Yu met Lu Ting, who had lived abroad since she was a child, and the two fell in love at first sight. After a year together, Han Yu planned to take Lu Ting back to China to get engaged at Christmas. Who expected that Han Rou would be rising hell at home to marry Shen Dehan. Han Yu’s father reluctantly asked Han Yu to return home to persuade Han Rou. Han Yu and Lu Ting discussed the matter and decided that Han Yu would go to Zhongjing alone first. Unexpectedly, soon Lu Ting realised that she was pregnant, and at the same time the news that Han Yu was going to marry the Tian family spread. Lu Ting disappeared in a rage. Han Yu was heartbroken and refused to give up looking for Lu Ting. This search lasted for seven years until Han Rou’s death when the two accidentally met in Zhongjing.

Han Yu was overjoyed, but it was just in time for Han Rou’s funeral. In order not to cause any trouble, Han Yu planned to wait until after Han Rou’s funeral before taking Lu Ting and their son home. He also wanted to keep his father’s emotions from rising and falling, so he kept the news to himself. But neither of them expected to hear the news of Han Yu’s death just a few days after the family had reunited. Lu Ting was so devastated that she fell ill and would not have made it through if she had not had Han Gesen to look after. Afterwards, Lu Ting tried to bring Han Gesen back to the Han family, but she missed Han Yu’s father. When Lu Ting found the Han family, she heard the news of Elder Han’s death.

Lu Ting took Lu Gesen abroad with her and lived a difficult life. A few years ago, after Lu Gesen had entered university, she eventually died of illness.

Having said this, Lu Gesen glanced at Shen Xi, “In other words, you are my only blood relative in this world. ”

“That’s why you want me to believe you? Because I’m your only family?” Shen Xi questioned.

Lu Gesen shook his head, “I want you to believe me because I need your assistance for the purpose of my return this time.”

Lu gesen finally got to the point. Shen Xi looked at him without moving, “I don’t understand what you mean, what did you return for? Is it not to meet me?”

Lu Gesen sighed, “In less than a month, the entire Han family died and the Han family’s property fell into the hands of the Shen family. Although it was done in your name, haven’t you sensed something a little fishy in all these years?”

Shen Xi duly put a look of astonishment on his face, “What are you trying to say?”

Lu Gesen said coldly, “As long as you pay attention, it’s clear that what happened to the Han family back then was planned by someone behind the scenes. The Han family fell, and who was the one who benefited in the end? You do know that, don’t you?”

Shen Xi interrupted him sharply, “You are talking nonsense, it is impossible.”

Lu Gesen gave Shen Xi a pitying look, “It’s understandable that you don’t believe it, but have you ever thought about why the Shen family has treated you so badly all these years? Isn’t it just that they couldn’t face you after doing something wrong and were afraid that you would find out the truth, so they indulged you to become what you are now?”

Shen Xi stared blankly at Lu Gesen, unable to speak. Lu Gesen’s heart softened and his voice softened, too, “Think about it yourself.”

Shen Xi shook his head, still refusing to believe.

Lu Gesen sighed in disappointment and walked up to Shen Xi, “I know what I said today is hard for you to believe, but trust me, there is absolutely not a single false word I said. I’ll give you some time to think it over, call me when you think it through.”

Looking at Shen Xi’s unconscious nod in response, Lu Gesen added, “I hope you can think about it calmly instead of impulsively going to Shen Dehan to question him. I believe you should not be so stupid.”

Shen Xi nodded weakly, and Lu Gesen relaxed a little. He was really worried that Shen Xi would be too excited and would run to Shen Dehan looking for proof. Then all his hard work would be in vain; but fortunately, Shen Xi was not stupid enough to do that.

He was so relieved that he could not help but comfort Shen Xi a little more, and only when he saw that Shen Xi had recovered a bit did he tell him to think carefully about his words and that he would be in touch with him again.

Shen Xi sent Lu Gesen away with a lost look on his face. The moment he closed the door, Shen Xi’s expression turned thoughtful.

What Lu Gesen said went round and round in Shen Xi’s mind. After thinking about it, Shen Xi called Lao K and recounted roughly what Lu Gesen had said.

“So, Lu Gesen is another cousin of yours? And he came back to take revenge for the Han family?” Lao K concluded.

Shen Xi answered with an “en”. “Although he didn’t specifically state what he was looking for me for, I probably can guess it. As for his identity, I believe it’s true. But what he said is not necessarily true.”

“You mean about the Han family?”

Shen Xi rubbed his forehead and sighed, “I’m more inclined to think that the Han family matter was just a series of accidents back then, but since Lu Gesen said so, maybe there was something behind the scenes that I don’t know about. It’s a pity that it was too long ago and many things can’t be found.”

Lao K said, “As long as something happened, there must be traces of it. I’m a pro at this, I’ll see if I can find any clues.”

“Okay, I’ll send Lu Gesen’s DNA report to you later, you can check it out.”

After Shen Xi finished explaining what Lao K had to do, he nestled on the sofa alone and pondered.

Lu Gesen’s purpose in finding him was nothing more than to persuade him to join forces, so should he agree? How would he divide the work between them after he said yes? It seemed that Lu Gesen wanted to persuade him to join Shen Group. This would definitely be a point of disagreement between them. How would he convince the other party?

Shen Xi leaned back on the sofa with a headache. He still needed to gauge Lu Gesen’s ability, he didn’t want to have another helper that would hold him back.

The doorbell rang once again, interrupting Shen Xi’s thoughts. Shen Xi frowned and wondered who would come looking for him.

He hesitantly opened the door and was greeted by Li Mingxuan’s smile.

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  1. But why is SX so reluctant to think about the Han family’s misfortunes being arranged by someone? Three people dying so closely to each other is very improbable. Not to mention, even if the old Mister Han was devastated by his children’s deaths, he still had his grandson to think about. It’s like Padmé Amidala dying; it makes little sense.

    1. I think he probably investigated it well and didn’t find evidence, so he doesn’t want to jump to conclusions, he has enough reasons to hate his dad without it 😂😂

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  3. I doubt HR, HY and grandpa Han’s death were planned too. Because if that were true then LMX couldn’t be ml. Because as of now he’s walking on a very thin ice already. But if the Shen were also the one behind Han family’s death? Holy moly, how can Xiao Xi let go of such blood debts and has a relationship with him?

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