Rebirth: Different Way Chapter 23

Shen Dehan stayed in the hospital for a month and finally decided to be discharged.

The reporters who had been guarding outside the hospital were very excited about this news. Since Shen Dehan was hospitalised, the reporters could not get any specific information about his condition due to the tight security at the hospital, so they could only speculate on their own in private. Although both the hospital and the Shen family were unanimous in declaring that Shen Dehan’s health was fine, the reporters were not convinced because of Shen Dehan’s delay in being discharged. This time, Shen Dehan’s discharge from hospital was seen by the reporters as a show proving his health. Whether or not he was really as healthy as the hospital claimed, could only be guessed by seeing how Shen Dehan would behave after he returned home.

Early in the morning, the three Shen brothers appeared in front of Shen Dehan.

Whoever had compromised first between Shen Dehan and Shen Ji, their father-son relationship still seemed as close as ever, with no sign of a previous falling out.

Shen Xi coldly laughed silently.

Shen Dehan’s things were packed up long ago. Unlike his low-key admission, Shen Dehan’s discharge from the hospital was very high-profile. Not only did he not prevent the reporters from taking pictures, he even stopped before getting into his car to give them some time to interview him.

Shen Dehan stood there glowing, testifying that he was in good health. Shen Ji and Shen Cheng stood on Shen Dehan’s sides, one left and one right, with Shen Xi taking a slight step back from them with a smile. No matter how you looked at it, the scene was a beautiful picture of a loving father and filial sons.

The flashs kept lighting up and countless microphones reached to Shen Dehan’s mouth.

Shen Dehan carefully selected a few reporters he knew well. They asked the right questions, and Shen Dehan answered without missing a beat, making for a harmonious scene.

At this moment, a fresh-faced reporter tried to squeeze closer to Shen Dehan, holding the microphone high above the crowd, “Mr. Shen, we all know that Sanshao has been abroad for the past few years. This time he came back specially because of your health. Now that your health is fine, what is the next arrangement for Sanshao, will he stay in the country or continue to go abroad?”

When this question was asked, there was a moment of silence, and then the reporters followed in a flurry of questions.

“Mr. Shen, please answer, is Sanshao going to stay with you or is he going to continue to live abroad?”

This question obviously took Shen Dehan very much by surprise, and a hint of dismay flashed in his eyes quickly. Shen Xi coldly watched Shen Dehan’s reaction. As soon as his father was about to speak, he stepped forward a moment earlier, “I will stay in the country.”

Shen Xi’s answer instantly attracted the attention of the reporters present, and the microphones were turned to him.

“Sanshao, is it your own decision to stay in the country or the decision of the Shen family?”

“Is there any difference?” In front of everyone, Shen Xi smiled and looked at Shen Dehan, “As the saying goes, if your parents are here, you must not travel far (Confucius), but I’ve never been by my father’s side before because of my studies, and I’ve always felt guilty. Since I’m back this time, I hope to spend more time with my father. I think Father must not want to let me go either.”

Shen Xi’s smile was very sincere, and the reporters turned to Shen Dehan, following Shen Xi’s gaze. Under such circumstances, Shen Dehan could not say anything to refute it and could only acquiesce to Shen Xi’s words.

The smile on Shen Xi’s face grew brighter and brighter.

“Sanshao, since you have decided to stay in Zhongjing, will you enter Shen Group like Dashao and Ershao?” The fresh-faced reporter once again jumped the gun.

Once this question was asked, the scene was completely silent. No one opened their mouths casually and everyone’s eyes fell on Shen Xi, waiting for his answer.

The affairs of the Shen family were not a secret to the reporters. Especially when it came to the dispute over the assets of wealthy families, the reporters never failed to gossip in private. Before Elder Shen passed away, in an effort to be impartial, he announced that the Shen family’s assets would be divided into three parts, one part for each of the three brothers.

However, this was all he said, and there was no news on when and how the family assets would be divided. The reporters privately speculated that there was still Shen Dehan before the three Shen brothers. It was unlikely that Elder Shen would bypass Shen Dehan while making arrangements for the Shen family, so probably Elder Shen only determined the inheritance rights of his three grandsons and the specific division still depended on the wishes of their father.

Over the years, discerning people could see that Shen Dehan clearly intended to leave the Shen family to Shen Ji, and according to his plan, he would inevitably be unwilling to let Shen Xi meddle in Shen Group’s business. Presumably in Shen Dehan’s heart, Shen Xi only needed to hold the shares and wait for dividends every year and didn’t need to participate in management.

In this way, the crowd looked forward to Shen Xi’s answer even more. If Shen Xi indicated that he wanted to enter Shen Group, then Shen Dehan would really have something to be wary of in the future.

Shen Dehan’s body stiffened for a moment when he heard the question. He subtly tried to gauge the expression on Shen Xi’s face in the attempt to judge what Shen Xi would say next. Shen Dehan had always disliked Shen Xi, his son, for many reasons and the will left by Elder Shen was definitely one of them.

When he thought about the contents of that will, Shen Dehan’s face turned cold. He would never let Shen Xi into Shen Group, especially at this point when Shen Xi was about to turn twenty-three.

After only a moment of thought, Shen Xi’s smiling voice sounded, “I may have to disappoint everyone, I have no interest in entering Shen Group. Shen Group has Big Brother and Second Brother to help Father just fine, I still like to live a free life.”

When these words came out, the reporters were all very disappointed in their hearts and groaned inwardly: isn’t this free life just eating, drinking and having fun? It seemed that Shen Xi was really a waste.

As if Shen Xi could not feel everyone’s reaction, he continued to answer the reporters’ questions in a casual manner.

The delay was so long that the bodyguards had to come up and stop the reporters for Shen Dehan and his entourage to get into the car and leave the hospital.

“Is everything you’ve just said true?” Shen Cheng was always the first to lose his temper. Almost as soon as he got in the car, Shen Cheng sat down next to Shen Xi and asked this .

Shen Xi was puzzled, “What?”

Shen Cheng became irritable, “I said, are you really not going to enter the company?”

Shen Xi was impatient, “Since I’m saying this it’s naturally true. Big Brother isn’t worried, what are you worried about?”

“You!” Shen Cheng became even more irritable.

“Xiao Cheng!” Shen Ji scolded to stop Shen Cheng’s next words and turned to give Shen Xi a deep look, his eyes complicated.

Shen Ji had always been wary of Shen Xi’s return to China, especially since the timing of Shen Xi’s return was too coincidental. Taking into account the fact that Shen Xi and Li Mingxuan had been close since Shen Xi’s return, Shen Ji could not help but suspect Li Mingxuan along with Shen Xi. Only when Shen Xi said in front of reporters just now that he was not interested in Shen Group did Shen Ji feel that the worry in his heart had finally been relieved.

He did not have to worry that Shen Xi would compete with him for Shen Group, nor did he have to worry about losing Li Mingxuan as his brother. For the first time, Shen Ji felt that Shen Xi was pleasing to the eye.

As long as Shen Xi stayed away, Shen Ji would not be stingy with what was rightfully Shen Xi’s. What Shen Ji had always wanted was control of Shen Group.

Shen Xi did not care what Shen Ji was thinking. While Shen Ji and Shen Cheng could not see it, the corners of Shen Xi’s mouth curled up in satisfaction.

Today’s play was specially arranged by him and the two questions that the reporter asked were both at his request.

He didn’t need to think about what Shen Dehan and Shen Ji were most worried about. They were worried that he would enter Shen Group and take the opportunity to buy people’s hearts, as Lao K had envisioned.

Shen Xi coolly hooked the corners of his mouth. He just took this opportunity to calm Shen Dehan and Shen Ji’s hearts, telling them that he really had no thoughts about Shen Group.

What he wanted was never Shen Group.

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  1. What he wanted wasn’t to acquire the Shen Group, but the DESTRUCTION of it. 🤣

  2. [ Shen Dehan had always disliked Shen Xi, his son, for many reasons and the will left by Elder Shen was definitely one of them.]

    Dude bro, back then when you want to grab Han family’s asset. You enthusiastically making this deal yourself. Are you really very old to the point of having alzheimer?

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