Reborn as a Substitute Chapter 83

“Why are you here??” After the initial shock, Ji Sheng glanced at the seat, then raised his head and asked, “Isn’t this Xie Xuanming’s car?”

“I stole the keys.” Su Jing patted the keyhole, then pulled out a black square from his side pocket and shook it twice in front of Ji Sheng, “And this.”

Ji Sheng looked intently and saw that what Su Jing was spinning at his fingers was Xie Xuanming’s mobile phone.

“Stealing is illegal!” Ji Sheng was shocked and angry.

“Is it legal to imprison?” Su Jing put away the mobile phone, “That dog Xie Xuanming, ever since I guessed your identity, he’s been cutting off my contact with you like crazy, he deserves it.”

“What imprisonment?” Ji Sheng slapped the front seat backrest a few times, “You’re the one who’s kidnapping.”

“You’ve really been PUA’d(1).” Su Jing sneered and threw the two mobile phones onto the co-pilot seat.

“PUA the hell, stop the car quickly… hey!!”

While Ji Sheng was halfway through speaking, he suddenly heard his phone ring. He lowered his head and saw a strange number appear on the screen of his mobile phone. He was about to lean over to pick it up, but Su Jing directly interrupted the call and hung up.

“Why hang up my phone!” Ji Sheng was anxious. Xie Xuanming’s mental state was unstable. If he found that Ji Sheng was missing, who knows what he would think, “Hurry up and return the phone to me!”

“No.” Not only did Su Jing not give it back but also pressed the button for a long time and turned it off.

“…what on earth are you thinking? Didn’t I explain to you that Li Tan and Sheng Kongzhi did all those things before, and Xie Xuanming is helping me clarify!”

“Clarify my ass.” Su Jing didn’t want to listen to any of it, “Only a naive fool like you who was innocent for all his life would believe these words. I can see that whether it is Sheng Kongzhi or Xie Xuanming, they all are bastards and want to use you to hype. Fuck, there’s not a single good guy in the entertainment industry.” 

“I’m also in the entertainment industry!”

“And weren’t you messed up to death?” Su Jing was extremely mean. When he said this, Xie Xuanming’s mobile phone rang. It seemed that Xie Xuanming couldn’t get through to Ji Sheng’s phone, so he dialled his own number instead.

Su Jing rejected the call swiftly, and Ji Sheng saw two messages flash before the screen went dark.

[Where did you take Ji Sheng]

[Stop the car if you don’t want to have an accident]

Ji Sheng was taken aback for a moment, then suddenly turned his head and looked back. Sure enough, he saw a Hummer catching up at a very high speed.

He couldn’t see the driver’s seat clearly, but with that menacing attitude, it was definitely Xie Xuanming.

Ji Sheng fully understood Xie Xuanming’s anger at the moment and had no doubt about the authenticity of his threatening words. He turned around and slapped Su Jing on the shoulder, raising his voice: “Really stop, hurry up and find a place to park.” 


Su Jing also saw the messages. His expression was very bad as he turned the steering wheel. Not only did he not slow down, he also changed lanes and drove straight towards the highway intersection, “Fasten your seat belt.”

“You—” Ji Sheng was furious. He bumped into the backrest when Su Jing pressed the accelerator pedal; while pulling the seat belt, he said angrily, “So opinionated no matter what! ”

“You’re the one who’s opinionated!” Su Jing retorted, “Obviously you’re alive but you didn’t say a word, tricked me into visiting your grave on the anniversary… I even bought a wreath, you know, 578 a wreath, I bought two!!! 1156 in total!!! Ji Sheng, I’m telling you, until you transfer this money back to me, I’m not finished with you!!!”

“I’ll transfer the money, stop the car first!” Xie Xuanming’s car in the rearview mirror was getting closer and closer. Ji Sheng was furious, “If you don’t stop, I guess you’ll have to buy another wreath to visit my new grave!”

“So Xie Xuanming is really threatening you, right?” Su Jing was furious too, “You wait, I’ll definitely get rid of him.”

Ji Sheng: ……

“Your reading comprehension was taught by a physical education teacher, right?!” Ji Sheng roared.

“Ha! I dropped out of middle school before I finished it!”

“Is this something to be proud of?! …fuck! ”


A vigorous force slammed into the rear of the car with a loud noise. Xie Xuanming drove his Hummer into the business car; Ji Sheng was unsteady and hit his head on the co-pilot seat backrest and clutched his forehead with a cry of pain.

Su Jing was also staggered by the impact. If it weren’t for the seat belt, he would have knocked on the steering wheel. He slammed on the gas pedal to pull away again, gritting his teeth, “This lunatic.”

Ji Sheng had just sat firmly when he was pushed back by the acceleration. He couldn’t hold back from cursing: “Good guy, hurry up and find a place to park. Do you really want to cause a car accident?” 

Su Jing was just about to reply when Xie Xuanming called again.

Just after being slammed, Su Jing’s anger also surged. He pressed the phone to answer, and before the other party could speak, he yelled: “You lunatic, asshole, dog, PUA guy, meeting you is Ji Sheng’s bloody bad luck of eight lifetimes!”

He kicked the accelerator again

Ji Sheng, who was watching the play from the back row, was suddenly pushed back again, really close to throwing up. He thought: meeting Xie Xuanming is at most a lifetime of bad luck, but the remaining seven lifetimes of bad luck are all piled up on you.

“Stop the car.” Xie Xuanming’s voice was extremely cold, “If you don’t want to go to the hospital.”

Su Jing sneered: “Then you can go to jail and stay there.” 

With that said, he stepped on the gas again, going all out.

Ji Sheng couldn’t stand this kind of car race driving, so he covered his stomach and leaned forward a bit, letting out a dry heave.

Su Jing turned his head and said nervously, “What’s the matter, are you okay?” 

He was distracted while driving at high speed, and the business car swayed a few times as if floating.

Ji Sheng really didn’t want to see God again, so he held back his nausea and said, “You fucking… watch the road.” 

Su Jing also realized the problem and hurriedly turned back to focus on driving.

Xie Xuanming on the other end of the phone heard the conversation between the two clearly, was silent for a while, and warned gloomily in a low voice: “Su Jing, you also know what Ji Sheng has been through, stop the car quickly!”

Su Jing’s expression changed as he obviously thought of Ji Sheng’s car accident. Unconsciously, he slowed down.

But as soon as he slowed down, he remembered that Xie Xuanming was still pressing step by step behind him, and looked back to the mirror nervously.

Surprisingly, although Xie Xuanming’s car was still chasing after him, it also slowed down.

“We’re almost there, hold on.” Su Jing breathed a sigh of relief, comforting Ji Sheng while pulling out of the highway exit.

The two cars stopped at the rest stop, one after the other.

“Are you okay?” As soon as the car stopped steadily, Su Jing unbuckled his seat belt and hurriedly turned to ask.

“…okay.” Ji Sheng actually just had a little motion sickness, but the feeling of nausea was not pleasant either, “Got any motion sickness medicine…”

Before he finished speaking, the door was suddenly opened; Xie Xuanming leaned in with a cold face and then saw Ji Sheng’s pale lips and ugly expression.

“…or something sour, lemonade, plum, tangerine juice or something…” Ji Sheng froze for a moment and finished the remaining half of the sentence.

Without wasting time on dealing with Su Jing, Xie Xuanming walked to the supermarket, then turned back after two steps, walked up to the other side of the business car and vigorously opened the driver’s seat door.

“What are you doing?” Su Jing originally looked back at Ji Sheng, but when he saw Xie Xunaming rushing over, he turned around vigilantly, tensed and asked, “Want to fight?”

Xie Xuanming didn’t say a word, quickly pulled out the keys and slammed the door shut again with force.

“Fuck.” Su Jing stared at the empty keyhole dumbfounded and raised his middle finger at Xie Xuanming’s back.

Xie Xuanming soon returned with motion sickness medicine and lemonade and handed them to Ji Sheng.

 “That stuff only works if you take it in advance.” Su Jing said coolly from the front.

Xie Xuanming ignored him; Ji Sheng swallowed the motion sickness medicine and said, “I know, it’s a psychological effect.” 

He was in much better shape, leaning in Xie Xuanming’s arms, his well-behaved appearance making Su Jing uncomfortable.

Su Jing turned his head awkwardly: “You really…”

“Shut up.” Xie Xuanming interrupted in a deep voice, “Ji Sheng is fine, but if something went wrong, could you still sit here and talk nonsense?”

“Wasn’t he uncomfortable because you bumped into him?” Su Jing was on fire.

“If you didn’t kidnap him, why would I bump into him?” Xie Xuanming sneered.


“Barf…” When the two of them were rattling their swords, Ji Sheng retched again, stopping the battle.

Xie Xuanming looked at him and Su Jing leaned forward over his seat, not flinching even when Xie Xuanming glared at him.

“Why do you look like you are pregnant?” After confirming that Ji Sheng just had motion sickness, Su Jing breathed a sigh of relief and said meanly.

“…Then you forced me to run away with the ball, right?” Ji Sheng replied angrily.

“Read less weird novels!” Su Jing scolded, “Because you read novels and are stupid, you got brainwashed.”

“I…” Ji Sheng was about to reply.

“Brainwashed what?” Xie Xuanming interrupted, raised his eyes and stared at Su Jing extremely coldly, “Tell me, what about did I brainwash Ji Sheng?”

Su Jing was taken aback for a moment and then slapped the board in anger.

“Before, there were rumours about you and the movie director, and you pulled Ji Sheng into hype in order to suppress them!”

“It was because someone wanted to spread rumours about the relationship between Ji Sheng and Sheng Kongzhi. In order to cover up the news, Qingchu asked me for help.” 

“After Ji Sheng was in a car accident that year, how many times did you bring his name on the hot searches? Every time it caused him to be pulled out and whipped by passers-by!”

“Which time did I not deny that Ji Sheng was drunk driving? Moreover, most of those hot searches were related to Qingchu.” 

“…You treated Ji Sheng so badly before, you even choked him!”

“I didn’t know he was Ji Sheng before, I thought he was sent by Li Tan to snoop around!”

“…” After his points were refuted one by one, Su Jing’s face turned black; he finally scolded, “Then why did you hang up when I questioned if Ji Hui was Ji Sheng and didn’t let me get in touch with him?”

“You make people throw up as soon as you get in touch with them.” Xie Xuanming said sarcastically, “What did I do wrong?”

Su Jing was stunned for a second, then slapped the seat, pointed at Xie Xuanming and scolded: “Don’t think that I don’t know that you keep Ji Sheng next to you as a substitute. Ji Sheng told me that there is someone else who is your white moonlight.” 

“?“ Xie Xuanming looked at Ji Sheng, “When did you say that?”

“…” Ji Sheng sheepishly averted his eyes, “In the previous life, he called and asked when we were hyped.” 

He waved his hand at Su Jing: “The information has been updated, there is no white moonlight.” 

“…” Su Jing was completely speechless now. He looked at the two of them with a constipated expression, and asked after a long pause, “So you keep Ji Sheng by your side because…”

“I like him.” Xie Xuanming said coldly, “Is there a problem?”

Su Jing’s face became even more ugly, and he turned to look at Ji Sheng: “Then you don’t want to leave because…”

“Ahem.” Ji Sheng coughed and whispered, “Same reason as above.”

The author has something to say:

Susu, old unlucky bastard

1. PUA, or pick-up artistry, refers to the practices and theories some rely on to attract sexual partners

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