Reborn as a Substitute Chapter 77

The news that Xie Xuanming was doing a drama based on real events about Ji Sheng shocked the netizens; but the fact that it was a web drama shocked them even more.

Web dramas, TV dramas and movies were separated by walls; the difference in prestige was enormous.

How many young actors who acted in web dramas were looking forward to starring in a TV series; and how many TV series actors were dreaming about receiving a role in a good movie and appearing on the big screen!

The kind of start that Xie Xuanming had, from being a semi-graduate to a participant of a talent show, making his debut in a smash hit movie and getting a film award at once, was simply unattainable.

After gaining a foothold in the film industry with his first work, Xie Xuanming was also very careful and the roles he picked up were all in well-made films that achieved commercial success.

Over the past few years, there had been many rumours that he was going to make a TV series, but he himself had never really “downgraded” to make a TV series.

Before Ji Sheng’s accident, Xie Xuanming barely showed his face in front of the camera a few times a year. When he did appear, it was either in a sneak peek picture with Ji Sheng or in a promotional photo for a new movie.

Xie Xuanming’s professional level was indeed excellent. After his debut, he starred in three movies successively, winning “Best Box Office”, “Best Film”, and “Best Actor”, which added another layer of gold to his status as a big-screen actor, allowing him to sit firmly in the top position of the new generation of actors.

Xie Xuanming’s face and name were the brand. Many agents tried to invite him to ”descend to the earth” to act in a TV series, but they were all mercilessly rejected.

There had been too many rejections, and the entertainment circle finally acquiesced that Xie Xuanming was going to be a movie actor all his life. That sculptural, iconic face would only appear on the big screen with a smile that moved one’s heart.

But now, Xie Xuanming announced that he would step down from the movies, skip the TV series, and go directly to the web drama.

Even for the sake of vindicating a “close friend” or “scandalous object” who had been wronged, such a price was too high.

The netizens’ discussion had just exploded, and Xie Xuanming did not hesitate to throw another ladle of oil into the hot frying pan.

[Xie Xuanming will play the role of the lead singer in “The Drummer”, with other casting to follow shortly]

Xuansheng Company once again issued a blog post.

Xie Xuanming was going to act in a web drama in a supporting role.

Netizens couldn’t sit still at all.

[Oh my god, is Emperor Xie crazy? Is this simply kneeling down to carry a sedan chair for someone?!]

[The movie emperor goes to play a supporting role in a web drama… What did you think…]

[Tsk tsk, Ji Sheng will be vindicated in the other world, Xie Xuanming, you love him so much]

[Secretly take a sip of blood sugar, and Qingchu biss, by the way]

[No one is wondering who will play the role of Ji Sheng? Xie Xuanming is so crazy, how can he allow anyone to get his hands on his white moonlight?]

[…I seem to know who it is going to be, hasn’t Xie Xuanming recently gotten close to a newcomer…]

[sos, I thought of him too, what is this? Substitute novel? Someone I love looks like you?] 

[Xie Xuanming’s fans must be very heartbroken now. He was such a career-minded idol. The dignified actor first fought for his old love against the capital, and then for his new love he went down to act in a web drama. Xie Xuanming, a man who knows what true love is]

Compared with the exclamations of passers-by, Xie Xuanming’s fans had long been accustomed to Xie Xuanming’s various extreme actions and were calmer than the surging public opinion.

[Fans, don’t break your defences, okay? My baby has a new role and I can’t be happy enough.]

[+1, I used to spend money to go to the movies to watch it seven or eight times, now I can directly take screenshots of beautiful pictures and lick this face]

[Some people are so ugly and heartless that they can’t see the goodness and ability of others’ idols]


Colourful remarks flashed in front of Ji Sheng’s eyes; he hurriedly swept past them, jumped up from the sofa and kept calling Xie Xuanming.

Xie Xuanming’s decision was too outrageous, how could he lower his worth to act in a web drama!

He was messing around like this, it would be difficult to raise his prestige in the future.

Ji Sheng held his mobile phone anxiously, but his call uncharacteristically remained unanswered.

After a long time, the waiting signal switched to busy. Ji Sheng was taken aback, reacting slowly. Xie Xuanming did not pick up the phone.

He took the phone away from his ear and transferred to WeChat to send Xie Xuanming [Is it inconvenient to answer the phone?]

He sent another message [I saw Xuansheng’s Weibo, I don’t want to act, don’t go to a web drama]

After sending these, Ji Sheng paced around the room irritably for a long time and finally couldn’t help calling his agent.

“Where did Xie Xuanming go?” As soon as the phone call came through, Ji Sheng asked rapidly.

“I do not know.” The agent said.

“You don’t know or you’re not allowed to say?” Ji Sheng said aggressively, “I will either go to see your boss now, or I will pack my bags and run away… Do you know where he is now?”

The agent resisted for a moment under his oppressive words and then succumbed: “You wait, I will take you there.” 

The agent quickly arrived at the door of the villa; Ji Sheng got in the car, and on the way there, Xie Xuanming finally replied to his messages.

Xie Xuanming [. ]

Xie Xuanming [I didn’t tell you about the web drama in advance, sorry]

Xie Xuanming [Because I didn’t think you’d agree, I just went ahead and just did it]

Ji Sheng moved his finger.

Ji Sheng [I’m coming over, let’s talk when we meet]

Xie Xuanming was quiet for a while, and Ji Sheng saw that the agent in the front seat lowered his head replying to some messages. One could guess he was replying to Xie Xuanming.

Ji Sheng waited silently. Twenty or thirty seconds later:

Xie Xuanming 【Good】

Xie Xuanming [I have an appointment, it’s not convenient to talk, I’ll see you outside]

Ji Sheng 【OK】

The agent took Ji Sheng to the door of a restaurant. Ji Sheng had just walked two steps after getting out of the car and was blocked by Xie Xuanming who rushed from the side entrance.

“Who are you meeting with?” Ji Sheng asked, still trying to go in, but was blocked by Xie Xuanming.

“What’s the matter?” Ji Sheng felt suspicious.

“Let’s talk about it here.” Xie Xuanming still blocked the way.

“Here?” Ji Sheng glanced around. Although it was an underground parking lot, cars and people often passed by. In addition, the two of them were standing at the entrance of the lift, the place that was the peak of the traffic, and their tall figures were very eye-catching.

“It’s not suitable to talk here, is it?” 

“…” Xie Xuanming looked around, paused for a second, and then said, “Let’s change places.” 

He took Ji Sheng into the elevator and stopped in a remote corner after a lot of turns and twists: “What do you want to talk about, the web drama?” 

“Correct. “Ji Sheng felt re-energized and said almost forcibly, “How can you go to a web drama?!”

“There are no good scripts recently, and the company’s funds are a bit scarce. Web dramas are very profitable… so I decided.” Xie Xuanming explained, not meeting his eyes.

“Can’t a TV series work? It’s impossible that there is no good drama crew looking for you, right? Does it have to be an original web drama?” Ji Sheng felt very irritable, “I know you are doing it for me, but…”

“Not all.” Xie Xuanming interrupted, “This is also an opportunity to completely take down Qingchu and Sheng Kongzhi. I can’t let it go.”

Ji Sheng looked at him for a few seconds; Xie Xuanming’s expression was composed and his eyes were calm.

“…When will this web drama be filmed?” Ji Sheng gave in slightly.

“If everything goes well, next month.” 

Next month, the estimated time of Niepan’s tour…

Nine out of ten, the position of the protagonist was reserved for him.

“But I don’t want to act.” Ji Sheng scratched his head. He had just calmed down a little bit but felt irritable again thinking of the experience of his previous life. He sighed and said, “I know that I am not qualified to say these things now as I’m eating and drinking at your expense, but when you make these decisions, can you discuss it with me first? You just arrange it like that, what if I have other things…”

“Of course you have other things, you always have other things.” Xie Xuanming interrupted him softly, his tone very cold.

Ji Sheng was startled. Xie Xuanming stepped forward and pressed him back half a step.

“Even if I discuss it with you, will you agree? Even if you agree, won’t you regret it?” Xie Xuanming pressed step by step. Ji Sheng unconsciously retreated to the wall, knocked on the wall with the back of his head and let out a short cry.

Xie Xuanming continued to approach as if he hadn’t heard him.

“Do you not want me to act in a web drama, or do you not want to act in a web drama with me? If you say you won’t act, who do you want to give this role to?” 

He leaned close; the tips of their noses were almost touching. Ji Sheng stared at his eyelashes, lost for a second, some memories flashing quickly in his mind.

He immediately returned to his senses and was about to explain: “I didn’t want to…”

“Fuck Xie Xuanming, what the hell are you doing?!”

The sound of a sudden roar made Ji Sheng turn his head.

Su Jing stood not far away, looking at them with horrified eyes.

Why was he here? Was he the one Xie Xuanming made an appointment to have dinner with?

Ji Sheng froze.

Su Jing obviously misunderstood the scene in front of him. Before Ji Sheng could figure it out, he strode up, pulled Xie Xuanming away, punched him in the face and demanded, “You said you were taking care of him? Is that how you take care of it? Xie Xuanming, I am an idiot to believe you. You, just like that asshole Sheng Kongzhi, are a bastard who only cares about yourself!”

After that, he turned around, grabbed Ji Sheng’s wrist and was about to leave: “One you, one Sheng Kongzhi, meeting you is Ji Sheng’s bad luck of eight lifetimes!”

“Wait…” Dragged by him, Ji Sheng staggered for two steps, then regained his balance and asked in shock, “Do you know that I am Ji Sheng?”

“Only a fool can’t guess.” Su Jing dragged him again angrily, “Didn’t I tell you to call me if you have a problem? Do you treat me as a friend at all?”

“I thought…”

“Don’t think. Just go and stay away from this person.” Su Jing looked at Xie Xuanming vigilantly, pulling Ji Sheng for a few more steps forcefully.

Ji Sheng’s mind was a mush; he was dragged by Su Jing and then he was dragged in the opposite direction by Xie Xuanming who had caught up.

Xie Xuanming’s hands were very strong, and Ji Sheng let out a cry of pain.

Su Jing paused because of this sound. Then Ji Sheng’s wrist was painfully separated from Su Jing’s grip by Xie Xuanming.

Xie Xuanming’s face was icy; with a hard push, he shoved Su Jing to the ground and strode away, dragging Ji Sheng with him.

His hand was as strong as a vise. Dragged by him, Ji Sheng staggered forward.

“Xie Xuanming, you are really sick!”

Su Jing yelled behind them, but Xie Xuanming just took Ji Sheng into the elevator.

The elevator door was closed, and Su Jing, mad with anger, was shut out.

Xie Xuanming took Ji Sheng all the way to the parking lot, found his car, opened the rear seat door and threw Ji Sheng in.

“Boss?” The agent waiting in the front seat  turned his head and was shocked to see Ji Sheng being thrown into the car like a sack.

“Leave the key.” Xie Xuanming got into the car and said succinctly, “Get out.”

The agent glanced at the gloomy-faced Xie Xuanming and at Ji Sheng with messy clothes, jumped out of the car without saying a word and closed the door.

“Xie Xuanming!! You get out, what’s the point of you lying to Ji Sheng to stay with you like this? He’ll still leave if he knows!!! Are you still going to lock him up for the rest of his fucking life?”

Su Jing chased them to the basement, roaring angrily.

In the car, Ji Sheng had just sat up a little bit, and Xie Xuanming pressed his shoulders back to the seat.

“Did you know Su Jing was here?” He asked in a very low voice, with a long-forgotten expression of horror in his usually indifferent eyes, “He contacted you and said he wanted to take you away?”

“I…” Ji Sheng wanted to say that he had only just said a few words to Su Jing and didn’t know anything at all.

But before he could speak, he was deprived of the right to communicate.

Xie Xuanming pinched his chin and bit his lip fiercely.

A pain ripped through his lips; Ji Sheng frowned, instinctively pushing Xie Xuanming’s shoulder: “Wait…”

He just opened his mouth and Xie Xuanming’s tongue plunged inside.

It was not so much a kiss as a bump of teeth.

He felt the smell of blood before the pain, and the soreness of teeth clashing was more significant than the pain.

Immediately after he was deprived of oxygen; Ji Sheng’s pupils contracted. When Xie Xuanming let him go, his chest heaved violently. The feeling of having been rescued from a disaster rushed to the surface.

“Xie Xuanming! Get out!”

Su Jing chased them to the parking lot, his roars echoing among the cars.

What Ji Sheng wanted to say was suppressed. On the one hand, he was worried that the noise would draw Su Jing to him and that Xie Xuanming, who was obviously in a bad mood, would do something, and on the other hand, he was afraid that if Su Jing continued to shout and scream, it would cause a crowd to gather.

“What is going on?” A low voice sounded above his ear. Ji Sheng had just regained his senses when Xie Xuanming pressed down again and nudged his lips with his tongue.

His teeth were pried open with a moist sticky sound.

Ji Sheng’s face was flushed from this sound and he forgot to resist. He put his hand on Xie Xuanming’s shoulder and pushed it without force.

As he was kissed, Ji Sheng suddenly felt a chill at his waist, and then someone reached up, the roughness of the touch making his body jolt.

“Wait a minute!” Ji Sheng sat up suddenly, pushing Xie Xuanming away and hitting the headrest with the back of his head.

Ignoring the buzz in his head, he raised his gaze and was shocked to see the darkness in Xie Xuanming’s eyes and the unmistakable lust wrapped in this darkness.

There was a loud alarm in Ji Sheng’s mind; his tolerance for Xie Xuanming did not reach the outlandish level of having sex in the car.

“Don’t…” He stretched out his hand to push Xie Xuanming away but his wrist was grabbed, lifted forcefully and pressed against the armrest.

Xie Xuanming lowered his head and bit Ji Sheng’s Adam’s apple.

Translator’s note (couldn’t resist it):

Su Jing, running around the parking lot: Ji Sheng, where are you?!

Ji Sheng:

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  1. I kinda dont like how this chapter came at all, what’s with this author’s inclination on dub/noncon 😞 i hate it when ji sheng was being forcibly dragged around and deprived of ability to speak, it doesn’t seat right with me. Also with xie aren’t telling him anything about his decisions, seemingly doubting and not trusting him. I would raise hell if someone treated me like this, I don’t care if they are angry. Btw, strange thing was that why do my comments aren’t appearing in the comment section even tho i clearly posted it?

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