Rebirth: Different Way Chapter 6

“The Tian family’s Dashao and the Shen family’s illegitimate son’s love video revealed!”

“The Shen family’s illegitimate son bangs the Tian’s family Dashao, Shen Ershao (second young master) pimping!?”

“Tian Wenyao has a crush on Shen Dashao, and the illegitimate son is just a substitute!”

“The status of Shen Sanshao is in jeopardy, and the bastard son is relying on the Tian family to counterattack!”

For reporters in Zhongjing, this was definitely a day of excitement to the point of shivering. Eye-catching reports after eye-catching reports littered the front pages of major websites and entertainment magazines.

In front of Shen and Tian’s mansions in the suburbs, there were countless reporters squatting in the early morning, frantically approaching anyone who came out from inside, asking for news related to the story.

Shen Xi stood by the window looking at the distant commotion at the gate. The corners of his mouth curved up in a pleasant arc.

Just now his father had gone on a rampage in the dining room, and Shen Cheng had been grounded and was not allowed to go anywhere but school for the next month. Shen Ji also suffered the consequences and was ordered by Shen Dehan to keep his distance from Tian Wenyao to prevent the reporters from spreading more rumours. Even Shen Xi was confronted by his father for the first time and was given a strict warning not to talk nonsense when he went out. Shen Xi ignored it and kept eating without saying a word with his head down. Unexpectedly, from the corner of his eye he saw his father’s face turn even more ugly. 

Shen Xi’s father’s black as the bottom of a pot look obviously made Shen Xi very happy, and this good mood continued until now.

Shen Xi’s eyes narrowed. Just now his father and Shen Ji were escorted to the gate by bodyguards as if facing an enemy, and listening to the noise there, they were probably still trapped in the crowd.

Shen Xi was about to walk away from the window when the commotion at the gate suddenly diminished. Shen Xi raised an eyebrow; it seemed that his father and Shen Ji had managed to successfully break out under the protection of the bodyguards. He just wondered if his father was going to the company now or to Shen Rong’s place? Shen Xi desperately imagined his father and Shen Rong meeting each other and his mood grew better and better.

While Shen Xi was leisurely waiting to head to the airport to leave Zhongjing, the two parties involved in the video were in a terrible mess.


“Unfilial son!” Slapping the table heavily, Mr. Tian cursed at Tian Wenyao who was standing in front of him.

Tian Wenyao lowered his head and did not dare to say a word.

The more Mr. Tian thought about it, the angrier he became, “It’s fine if you were with a woman, but you’re involved with a man. Especially with Shen Rong. What is he? He is just a bastard raised outside by Shen Dehan. The Fang family has already loosely agreed to the marriage between you and their daughter, and you pulled this stunt at a critical moment. How do you expect me to explain it to the Fang family?!”

Tian Wenyao looked up apologetically, “Dad, I’m sorry.”

His father tried to suppress his anger, “Did you find out the IP from where it was uploaded?”

Tian Wenyao shook his head, “The other party used a mobile phone to upload. We only found the mobile phone number but the other party only used this number once and then there was no more activity.”

His father grimaced, “So someone is trying to set you up?”

Tian Wenyao frowned and didn’t say anything, but in his mind he was eliminating suspected candidates one by one. This video was definitely taken on the night of Shen Xi’s birthday, and it was said that Shen Xi was also at Shutu that night. No, Tian Wenyao shook his head and ruled out any suspicion of Shen Xi. According to Shen Xi’s character, if it really was him, he would surely make trouble the next day or even make a fuss right then and there. How could he hold back until now? But if it wasn’t Shen Xi, who else could it be? An employee of Shutu? Or?

Tian Wenyao thought of a name and his eyes darkened.

His father probably thought of the same person and said with a gloomy face, “Could it be Shen Rong who set you up?”

Tian Wenyao did not say anything, but his doubts deepened.

While Tian Wenyao was trying to think of a countermeasure, Shen Rong was watching the video on the computer over and over again, his face pale.

“You’ve let me down so much!” An icy female voice sounded behind him.

Shen Rong’s body trembled; he turned around pretending to be tough and looked at the woman who appeared behind him.

The woman looked to be in her thirties, well maintained and wearing exquisite makeup. A well-fitting cheongsam matched her temperament. However, at this moment the woman was staring coldly at Shen Rong with a look of hating iron for not being made of steel.

Shen Rong straightened his back under the woman’s gaze.

The woman was irritated by Shen Rong’s tough attitude. Her anger surged, a grimace appearing on her beautiful face as she loudly rebuked, “What, you think you are right?”


Shen Rong did not speak, and the woman said angrily, “How much I have secretly schemed for you all these years in order for you to be recognised by the Shen family?! But now all those plans have been ruined by you. How many times have I told you, if you want to be recognised by the Shen family and be the fair and upright young master of the Shen family, you have to rely on your own hard work and progress, so that your father can see how good you are, instead of engaging in these eccentric tactics. You think that if you climb on Shen Cheng and call him Second Brother, he will really treat you like a younger brother, but he just takes you along for fun. What is Tian Wenyao’s status, what is the status of the Tian family, you and Tian Wenyao are nothing but a joke!”

The woman’s words were getting meaner and meaner. Shen Rong clenched his fists and tried to control his temper, but finally couldn’t help but burst out when he heard the word joke, “Yes, I am a joke, I was originally a joke! I am obviously the son of the Shen family, yet my father refuses to recognise me. You talk every day about having to fight to get ahead and show my father how good I am. And I listened to you! Haven’t I done enough reading, sports, piano and dancing? But did Father see that? Not at all! Shen Xi can do nothing, he doesn’t know anything, he’s an uneducated straw bag (good-for-nothing), but he’s the rightful heir of the Shen family! Is there anything I can’t do better than him? I am better than him in everything! I dare not compete with my eldest brother and my second brother, but why can’t I even compete with Shen Xi? Is it because I’m an illegitimate child, because I was born to a mistress, so I deserve nothing?”


With a crisp sound, Shen Rong covered his face in disbelief and looked at the woman in front of him.

The woman looked at Shen Rong calmly, “Are you complaining that I shouldn’t have given birth to you?”

Shen Rong slowly lowered his head under the woman’s gloomy expression, “I’m sorry, Mom.”

The woman looked at Shen Rong steadily, “I will find a way to help you settle this matter. Don’t let it happen again, and don’t let me down again. Stay away from Shen Cheng in the future, Zhou Mingmei’s son will be recognized by the Shen family in an open and honest way, not by ingratiating himself.”

Shen Rong nodded stiffly. The woman gave Shen Rong a satisfied look and turned to leave, stopping abruptly when she reached the door, “Don’t let me see you have anything to do with Tian Wenyao again.”

Shen Rong did not say anything and stood there in silence.

The woman did not care about Shen Rong’s silence and left the room with these words.

Shen Rong looked at the woman’s back and clenched his fists again.

The matter of the video was quickly left behind by Shen Xi. Standing in the huge terminal hall, Shen Xi looked at the bustling crowd around him and revealed his first real smile since his rebirth.

He was really leaving this place. Even though he was not showing it on the surface, Shen Xi had to admit in his heart that he was constantly worrying, worrying that one day his fate would suddenly repeat itself and his rebirth would be nothing but an illusory dream. After leaving this place, after leaving the people whose fates were intertwined with his in his previous life, the uneasiness that Shen Xi had been hiding in his heart disappeared completely.

The plane took off, and as it rose, Zhongjing below became smaller and smaller. Shen Xi slowly pressed his hand to the window. From this perspective, the entire city of Zhongjing was within the grasp of his hand. Shen Xi slowly clenched his palm and smiled in satisfaction.

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