Reborn as a Substitute Chapter 42

“Huh? “Ji Sheng raised his head in confusion when he heard this and looked at Xie Xuanming without blinking, “Why do you suddenly want me to grow long hair?”

“Because it looks good.”

“Ah friend.” Ji Sheng looked at him with amusement, “It doesn’t work if you think it looks good, it works only if the audience thinks it looks good.”

Xie Xuanming stretched out his hand to push away the hair stuck to the tear mole at the corner of Ji Sheng’s eye and whispered, “I think it looks good.”

“Why are you such a strange kid?” Ji Sheng narrowed his eyes, “At sixteen or seventeen you look quite mature, but two or three years older you become childish instead.”

The staff came over to urge them to go on stage.

Xie Xuanming tucked the strand of hair behind Ji Sheng’s ear and lowered his hand: “Let’s go.”

Ji Sheng got up and staggered, stepping on the hem of his clothes. Xie Xuanming stretched out his hand to help him.

“Thanks.” Ji Sheng straightened the straw hat on his head, “This is really blocking my line of sight.”

“As long as it doesn’t affect the performance.”

“Haha, right.”

The performance was very successful.

The unique images of the two of them were the first to attract attention, making the fans scream constantly. Even the audience who didn’t know them asked about the names of these two contestants after they appeared on the stage.

It was true that folk tunes were something that Ji Sheng and Xie Xuanming were not good at and had never tried before; but the duo’s extensive performance experience when they were younger had given them a maturity of stage presence beyond their years. Xie Xuanming and Ji Sheng were able to incorporate almost any style into their compositions. In this song, Ji Sheng downplayed the strength of the drums and simply played the frame rhythm, focusing more on the vocals in pursuit of a better performance.

Xie Xuanming, on the other hand, showed a skill he had never exposed before——guitar.

“Xiao Xie actually can play it?” Even Ji Sheng had to ask in surprise after hearing his adaptation idea.

“I have studied in the past two years.” Xie Xuanming said, “I have learned some drums and keyboards, too, but I am not good at them.”

“Awesome awesome.” Ji Sheng exclaimed, “Xiao Xie is really a miracle baby! Is there something you don’t know how to play?”

“Bass.” Xie Xuanming said, “I haven’t studied bass.” “

“Eh, why, don’t you like bass?”

“No reason… I just didn’t really want to learn.”

The camera turned back to the scene. Xie Xuanming was holding an acoustic guitar and sitting not far from the drum set.  With his eyes lowered, he gently plucked the strings to play a simple tune. No matter how overwhelming the cheers in the audience were, there was a kind of coldness and restraint on his face that had nothing to do with the worldly things.

More like an immortal.

Many of the audience came in with preconceptions of the two contestants, Xie Xuanming and Ji Sheng, as young, willful and prickly, anticipating what kind of shocking and explosive performances they would put on.

But the reality surprised them.

In the soft light, the two sat quietly on the green vine swing telling the story of the first snowfall in the fields.

Although it was different from the excitement of rock and roll, it had a different flavour.

After the performance, the two got up and bowed, and the audience shouted and applauded. The director watched the audience’s reaction from behind the stage and nodded secretly, thinking that his decision to change the script was correct.

He might have been happy a little too early.

When Ji Sheng and Xie Xuanming stepped down, they ran into the second group of the contestants standing in the corner with their faces ashen.

Although the first group to play generally suffered in voting, with Xie Xuanming and Ji Sheng opening the show with a big hit, the later performances seemed monotonous and boring.

The contestants in the second group bore the brunt of the impact. They stood in the waiting area crying without tears, staring at the two contestants who had caused them problems.

The one with the fluttering headband smiled and waved at them: “Go for it.”

It’s a provocation, right! It’s pity! It’s intentional, isn’t it!

Before the faces of the second group of players turned completely black, they saw the cold-looking contestant beside the one with the fluttering headband grab his hand and take him away with his arm around his waist.

“Eh, Xiao Xie, what are you doing? I was going to encourage them with a few more words!” Ji Sheng was dragged away by Xie Xuanming.

“They? They may not want to accept your encouragement.” Xie Xuanming said calmly.

“Eh?” Ji Sheng was hit hard, his eyelashes drooped, and his head hung pitifully, “I just wanted to hug and cheer them.” 

Hug me instead.

Xie Xuanming thought to himself.

But in the end, he only gently pulled the ribbon on Ji Sheng’s head, about to speak, when the staff rushed up to them from not far away.

“There is a live interview after the performance! Hurry up, you guys! It’s about to start!”

When Xie Xuanming and Ji Sheng arrived at the live broadcast site, the live broadcast had already begun, and the audience kept refreshing the names of each player on the screen. After the two of them appeared in front of the camera, the barrage exploded instantly. The names of the two filled the screen separately and together. The live broadcast was a bit stuck.

The host smiled and asked the two of them to sit down: “Is that the look for today’s show? It’s beautiful!”

“Thank you, it’s a show look.” Ji Sheng replied with a smile.

“It looks like you’re trying a new style. Is the hair a wig?”

“Ah no, it’s hair extensions, for stage effect.”

“It looks good.” The host sincerely appreciates it.

Ji Sheng smiled cheerfully: “Xiao Xie also thinks it looks good!”

With the entry pleasantries out of the way, the host pulled out the prepared tablet and began to ask questions.

“I saw your first public performance and you did really well, I’m sure you’ll surprise a lot of viewers when it’s broadcast!”

Ji Sheng turned to look at Xie Xuanming, gently pushing him with his elbow.

Xie Xuanming picked up the mic blankly: “Thank you.”

The host continued to ask: “The cooperation between the two of you can be said to be very tacit. It doesn’t look like it’s the first time you have cooperated. Was there some kind of connection before?”

“I used to be in a band with Xiao Xie… two or three years ago, when he was still young and underage.” Ji Sheng smiled, “Xiao Xie is a particularly good little brother of mine.”

“Xiao Xie, how about you?”

“Brother Ji, he is regarded as my benefactor.”

“What kind of benefactor?” The host asked.

“A unique benefactor.”

The barrage exploded in an instant.

[Their looks are a good match, but I didn’t expect it to be a bamboo horse cp! It’s not a loss to invest in shares, sisters! 】

[If no one does, I’ll do it first! 】

[Lead us, Xiefang Jifang, the construction of the beauty empire requires every stoned chicken(1) to work hard and contribute! 】

“The fans and friends of the two of you are very excited!” The host glanced at the barrage, smiled and opened the next question.

“For what reason did the two contestants come to the show “Music First”?”

“I want to answer.” Ji Sheng picked up the microphone, “I want to form a band, and then with my band members, I will release an album and go on a national tour.”

“Great wish, what about Xiao Xie?”

“I want to make my debut with Brother Ji.” Xie Xuanming said, “Forming a band together, making an album together, and touring together, this is the purpose of my coming to this show.”

As soon as these words came out, the barrage went crazy.

If just now there were still fans warning about the trap, after the main character took the initiative to carry the cp banner, there was almost no sign of individual fans in the barrage, leaving only the cp name and the cheers of stoned chickens on the screen.

The host smacked her lips for a few seconds watching the skyrocketing heat and asked the last question while the iron was hot.

“Say a few words to each other.”

Ji Sheng and Xie Xuanming looked at each other.

Although it was a segment setting, Ji Sheng felt a little uncomfortable when he suddenly needed to talk sincerely to someone he had known for a long time. He rubbed his head, scowling at the straw hat that got in the way, and said awkwardly:

“You are the best lead singer I have ever seen.”

Xie Xuanming was much calmer than him.

He looked at Ji Sheng, his eyes lit up with the fragmented light.

“You are my favourite brother,” he said seriously.

Ji Sheng felt goosebumps for a moment.

It’s too corny, it’s like a confession.

His ears were a little hot, and he wanted to cover his face inexplicably.

But Xie Xuanming’s expression was sincere, and Ji Sheng finally only stretched out his hand speechlessly and rubbed his hair, which could be considered a response.

In the midst of the embarrassment, the voice of the host came to the rescue like a saviour of the hamster Ji Sheng who was punching holes all over the place with his eyes.

“The following is the interactive session of the barrage. Let’s take a look at what fans and friends want to say about Ji Sheng and Xie Xuanming.”

The host took the tablet and wanted to read the first one, but suddenly shut up, her words stuck in her throat.

Xie Xuanming and Ji Sheng turned their heads, and the host covered the screen in panic.

She moved slowly and her hand was not big enough. The two of them still caught a glimpse of the first comment on the screen between her spread fingers.

[Exhibiting the orphan of the dead mother, ah! Be careful for the bad luck to spread to others and make the other players unlucky. 】

A bad comment.

It was a vicious comment that was extremely targeting in the true sense.

How could this kind of comment be selected!

Ji Sheng was suspicious,

Was there no comment screening? Wouldn’t it be checked?

Instinctively, he turned to look at Xie Xuanming.

Xie Xuanming stood with his eyes lowered, staring at the screen and not moving.

There was neither joy nor anger on his face, but his hands on his knees were clenched a bit tight, the blue veins clearly visible.

Ji Sheng’s face suddenly was grim.

He looked at the staff members behind the camera of the live broadcast room coldly and finally focused on a familiar face in the corner.

The staff member who had threatened Xie Xuanming before was there, and when he saw Ji Sheng’s gaze, he smiled maliciously at him.

It was retaliation and warning.

It was impossible to say whether it was a default behaviour for the program group.

Ji Sheng retracted his gaze.

There was a dead silence in the live broadcast room. The audience did not see the comment and did not know what happened. They sent question marks on the barrage one after another, asking what was going on.

“Ah, this…” It took a while before the host stammered trying to control the situation. She looked outside the camera as if she was asking for help, but the staff were indifferent and silent, forcing her to continue.

They deliberately let the players see this comment, the host understood clearly.

She glanced sideways at the two young men with gloomy faces and a bit of anger rose in her heart, but she was powerless.

When a man stands under eaves, he has to lower his head. When someone reaches out to slap you, you can only suffer, not even having the right to be angry.

She forced herself to smile and was just about to round up when she saw Ji Sheng take off his hat; his long hair was caught by the straw and separated into countless strands, dazzling and messy.

Ji Sheng lightly put his hat on Xie Xuanming’s head, covering most of his face, then turned around and took the tablet from the unresponsive host.

He held the tablet in one hand, smoothened his fluffy hair to the back of his head with the other hand, stared at the name of the first commenter, and clearly said one word after another: “Lazy Pig, right? Are you watching the live broadcast?”

Ji Sheng leaned over to approach the live camera.

“I have nothing to say to you.”

He looked down at the live camera and stretched out his hand clenched in a fist.

Then gave a standard middle finger.

1. Stoned (drugged) chicken, an entertainment circle term, meaning people who get high on cp

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