Reborn as a Substitute Chapter 32

The organisers of the Double Twelve Party released Ji Sheng’s direct shot at 9:30.

The drummer’s position was arranged at the back of the stage, and Ji Sheng’s figure in the camera was blocked most of the time. One couldn’t see his face clearly but could only occasionally see the flying drumsticks.

After Xie Xuanming emphasised that “the suspicion of fake drumming needs to be cleared”, the organiser finally found a direct shot with a clear angle and released it.

The camera was fixed on the edge of the floor drum and the lens trembled with every drumbeat.

The sound of the beat was very clear. In the second half, except for the deafening drums, Ji Sheng’s clear singing was also included, and even the sound of his breathing could be heard.

As soon as the direct shot was posted, public opinion was instantly reversed.

After all, no one who had eyes or ears could in good conscience say that Ji Hui was fake drumming.

Overwhelming insults stopped, and amazement and admiration surged like a tide, replacing them.

In the entertainment industry nowadays, those who dared to perform live were already a minority, and those who dared to perform live and sang well were even rarer.

Not to mention the fact that Ji Sheng drummed and sang, pulling the performance to the full finish in a physically and technically demanding situation.

This was simply a treasure like a pearl of the sea.

[I only know the drummer of the Eagles who drums and sings. It’s really good for a newcomer to be able to do this]

[If it’s too steady, it’s reasonable to suspect that you’re not on the mic]

[The stage should be left to such artists. Apart from this little brother, what are the other musicians doing? Standing frozen? 】

[Bai Fei is okay, at least he completed his own part]

[Off topic, does anyone else think this little drummer has nice legs? I’ve stared at them 14 or 15 times, the angle is really good]

[Me too, me too, I feel like I have found a new wife]

The shooting angle of the direct shot released by the organiser was indeed very subtle, from the bottom up to the waist.

Standard gentleman’s perspective.

Xie Xuanming saw two slender legs in the front of the frame, froze for a moment, and tapped his fingers.

In the video, the raised ankle bones were dazzling white, the calf bones well-proportioned and the muscle lines could be seen shifting with the movements.

The straight-on shot was not very clear and the protagonist’s movements were so wild that his knees often wobbled out of frame, leaving only a glimpse to be remembered.

Ji Hui’s family was poor, and he could be considered someone who grew up on a muddy road, but his figure was like a flower, fragile and delicate.

Ji Sheng’s performance outfit for the day was shorts with wide legs that moved up in a sitting position, exposing the leg loops used to hold his shirt in place in his mid-thighs.

The dark bands wrapped his legs tightly. As his shorts shifted up and down, the white skin of his thighs formed a strong contrast with the black of the leg loops, hypnotising people into being unable to move their eyes away.

His face could not be fully seen from this angle; just the slim line of his lower jaw and his bewitching mole were visible, vibrating with the drumbeat, the blurred vision misleading and confusing.

Xie Xuanming swallowed hard and wanted to click to stop the video but didn’t do it in the end.

He looked intently, not realizing that the door behind him had opened.

“Senior Xie.” A cold voice exploded in his ears.

Xie Xuanming turned his head abruptly.

Ji Sheng stood behind him eloquently, staring at Xie Xuanming’s screen with a meaningful gaze.

Xie Xuanming quickly adjusted his expression and said calmly: “Why don’t you knock on the door?”

“I knocked.” Ji Sheng paused and added, “Six times.” 

“…what’s the matter?”

“Thank you for clearing it up for me.”

Xie Xuanming turned his head and got up: “If it’s just this, you can go out.”

He told Ji Sheng to go out, but instead walked to the door himself.

Ji Sheng side-stepped out of the way and glanced at his back as he turned to the right after leaving the study, “Senior Xie!”

Xie Xuanming stopped for a moment.

Ji Sheng reminded: “The bathroom is on the left.”

Xie Xuanming was startled.

He finally stuck to the original direction and strode upstairs.

Hearing the sound of the bathroom door closing upstairs, Ji Sheng retracted his gaze.


Why are you so picky?

As if you can’t take a cold shower anywhere.

Just when netizens were hotly discussing the official direct shot, the station sister who had released repo photos of the god-level newcomer once again was at it.

This time she came prepared and posted a direct frontal shot that was clearer than the official video.

This direct shot brought another wave of public opinion shock. Under the high-definition lens, the young man’s features were sharp-edged. Whether it was the fierceness of lowering his eyes and playing drums or the laziness of leaning forward and singing, everything was clearly caught by the camera. Overflowing hormones wafted off the screen and hit the heart of every netizen who clicked on the video.

Some people only need a stage to compel millions to love them.

Ji Sheng was such a person.

No matter whose body he lived in, his soul would not allow him to be dim and buried by dust.

Ji Sheng sat down on the sofa, took his mobile phone, swiped the comments and clicked on Weibo.

When he debuted in his previous life, like every newcomer who was eager to draw attention, he liked to explore netizens’ comments on him in the comments area.

Good reviews made him happy, bad reviews made him depressed…

Not now.

Ji Sheng switched off the screen and lay back calmly.

What netizens could see was all one-sided. What is the truth, who are you, and how many taels you have…

These things were not swayed by public opinion and were inherently unchanging.

Just be in the clear, no need to dwell on it.

Ji Sheng lay back bored when his mobile phone suddenly prompted him to receive two friend applications.

One was from Bai Fei, and the other was Sheng Kongzhi.

Ji Sheng unlocked them, accepting their requests. As soon he added them as friends, the two basically sent him greeting messages simultaneously.

【Good morning】

Ji Sheng first replied to Bai Fei with a little shiba inu waving its paws, then clicked on Sheng Kongzhi’s dialog box and replied with a yellow smiley.

Yes, the classic emoticon that comes with the system.

Just one smiley capable to express the god-level connotation of ‘I fuck you and your whole family’.

Bai Fei came to comfort Ji Sheng and told him not to care about negative remarks. Although the drummer had a bad temper, he admired musicians who were as powerful as Ji Sheng. Before the official direct shot was released, he had already made a post in support of Ji Sheng and was surrounded and scolded by angry netizens.

He stretched out an olive branch and Ji Sheng gladly accepted.

He expressed his gratitude to Bai Fei and promised to find an opportunity to exchange technical pointers.

With Sheng Kongzhi, Ji Sheng was not so friendly.

No matter whether Sheng Kong Zhi was trying to get close to him or comfort him, Ji Sheng always replied with a spring-like amicable yellow system smiley.

A chat method that doesn’t even want to give alms using custom emoticons.

Anyone could see its perfunctory nature.

Sheng Kongzhi naturally noticed the coldness of “Ji Hui” and forcibly talked about a few more topics, sent four or five messages and stopped helplessly.

Ji Sheng then cut him off contentedly and focused on communicating with Bai Fei.

However, before he had time to chat, he was interrupted again.

“Who are you chatting with?”

Ji Sheng raised his head. Xie Xuanming was back, his hair damp, and he stared at him with a strange expression while wiping his hair.

Ji Sheng inexplicably felt guilty of being caught in flagrante delicto.

He shook off this bizarre emotion and showed the screen generously: “Bai Fei, the drummer who worked with me yesterday.”

Xie Xuanming sneered and went upstairs without looking back: “You are very sociable.”

Ji Sheng was left alone, wondering why he had just come down and gone up again.

What’s more, he didn’t understand what kind of weirdness he was talking about.

Xie Xuanming returned to his bedroom and casually flung the towel on the small couch that had been gloriously decommissioned.

The towel hit the armrest with a muffled noise, and Xie Xuanming’s mood was as bad as that noise.

He knew this was anger.

His anger at Ji Sheng turned to Ji Hui.

After all, Ji Hui had a face that looked seven or eight points like Ji Sheng and recently had a trend to act more and more like him…

He was sick and tired of seeing “Ji Sheng” staring at the screen intently, chatting with others leisurely.

And ignoring him.

Xie Xuanming had always been a very popular man, and his good looks allowed him to grow up being pursued by both men and women.

However, no matter how much he tried to show his attractiveness and charm, Ji Sheng always looked away, ignoring his advances as if he couldn’t and didn’t want to see them.

And now a substitute learned eight or nine points of Ji Sheng’s temperament, and even his attitude of disdaining him was exactly the same.

How could this not make Xie Xuanming angry.

Xie Xuanming was sullen when he suddenly heard a knock on the door.

A weak one, as if a kitten scratched the door twice.

“Enter,” he said

There was a heavy sound, followed by a low mutter from “Ji Hui”.

What was this guy doing?

Xie Xuanming stood with his back to the door for a while, then couldn’t help but turn around, stride to the door and turn the door handle—

As soon as the door opened,

A huge sofa bed fell down overwhelmingly.

The brown fabric with a cloud pattern magnified infinitely in front of Xie Xuanming’s eyes. Ji Sheng, who was holding the other side of the sofa bed, rushed down together with it in amazement.

Xie Xuanming didn’t have time to dodge; he was smashed to the ground and the sofa bed slammed on him. On the bottom of the bed facing the ceiling, Ji Sheng was sprawled on all fours.

Two people and a sofa blocked the bedroom door in a burger-like formation.

Xie Xuanming looked up to the sky, the back of his head buzzing. He stared at the ceiling feeling it had never been so bright.

“What are you doing?” He squeezed out words through his teeth.

“Moving the sofa bed to the master bedroom.”  Ji Sheng said dryly, “Didn’t you want it to be in the master bedroom?”

“Oh.” Xie Xuanming said quietly, “Then why not put it directly in the master bedroom when the furniture company came yesterday? Did you want to experience the fun of moving things around? Or do you have a long-standing grudge, just waiting to smash me to death with this damned bed?”

Ji Sheng shrank his neck, feeling guilty: “Didn’t I get angry yesterday… I’m sorry.”

“Get up.” Staring at the ceiling, Xie Xuanming narrated calmly.

“Oh oh.” Ji Sheng used both his hands and feet to get up.

“Get the bed up too.”

“Oh oh.”

Ji Sheng hurriedly squatted down, reached out, grabbed the edge of the sofa bed and pulled hard.

No effect.

Ji Sheng’s voice was mosquito-like thin: “It seems that it’s stuck.”

Xie Xuanming lay flat on the floor, calm as a corpse.

“Either you get it out of the door frame, or get out yourself.”

Ji Sheng squatted down and reminded: “If I get out, you’ll have to keep being stuck here…”

He stretched out his hand again and gripped the bed board, using all his strength to lift it with a jerk.

The bed gave in a little.

Ji Sheng was overjoyed, gritted his teeth and tried hard.

A wide gap opened, and Xie Xuanming took advantage of the situation to get out.

As soon as he slid out from below, Ji Sheng cried out.

A dark shadow flashed and Xie Xuanming dunked his head.

The bed board grazed his scalp; the sofa bed flipped head over heels and landed, hitting the ground hard.

Xie Xuanming didn’t have time to confirm how many holes had been smashed in the carefully maintained wooden floor before his vision went black.

Moved forward by inertia, Ji Sheng fell over.

He knocked his head straight into Xie Xuanming’s collarbone and slammed Xie Xuanming, who had just got up, back to the ground.

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