Reborn as a Substitute Chapter 2

Ji Sheng’s chin was pinched hard, which made him squint his eyes in pain, but his brain was working quickly.

If Xie Xuanming was the one who kidnapped Ji Hui, then he didn’t have to go to such great lengths to warn Ji Hui not to show up again.

It was not Xie Xuanming who killed Ji Hui.

Moreover, Xie Xuanming didn’t know that someone wanted to kill Ji Hui.

Ji Sheng, on a mental journey beyond the earth, unconsciously held Xie Xuanming’s wrist, gently rubbing his wrist bone, as if begging him to be lighter.

Ji Sheng was thinking.

Since Xie Xuanming did not have any radical ideas about the current “Ji Hui”… then it was possible to approach him boldly and get the information he wanted to know.

He started wondering about it when a loud roar came from not far away.

“Ji Hui, what are you doing! I’ve called you three times, come here!”

Ji Sheng returned to his senses, and the force crushing his jaw suddenly relaxed.

Ji Sheng was pushed heavily, staggering as he took a few steps back.

When he looked up, the car window had already slid up and Xie Xuanming’s icy gaze disappeared behind the anti-peeping glass. The black car started slowly and drove past Ji Sheng.

Ji Sheng followed it with his gaze and watched it drive into the underground parking lot.

“Ji Hui!”

The agent was yelling again. Ji Sheng turned and walked up to him quickly.

While sitting on the leather sofa in a private room, Ji Sheng began to figure out how to approach Xie Xuanming.

Xie Xuanming was also in this nightclub at the moment. This kind of place was not something that “Ji Hui” could come to whenever he wanted. If he missed this time, he didn’t know when he would have another chance to contact him.

It was an opportunity not to be missed.

Ji Sheng had just made up his mind when a girl sitting next to him suddenly cried out. Ji Sheng looked over and saw a middle-aged man with a big belly sit down close to the girl.

Ji Sheng recognized this man. A few minutes ago, the agent with an eager smile pushed Ji Sheng in front of him.

“Brother Jiu, this is the one I mentioned to you, Ji Hui. ”

The fat man called Brother Jiu looked at him up and down: “Is it the kid Xie Xuanming played with?”

Before the agent had a chance to speak, Brother Jiu grinned, demonstrating a mouthful of yellow teeth, and stepped forward to encircle Ji Sheng’s waist ambiguously: “I like to play with the people Emperor Xie played with.”

Ji Sheng felt goosebumps when the salty pig hands(1) rested on his butt.

This fetish was really f*cking strange. If Xie Xuanming knew there was a guy who molested “his people” on a regular basis, with his temper of a mad dog protecting his food, the fat man wouldn’t have enough rotten teeth in his mouth to be knocked out.

Ji Sheng would be very happy to watch a dog bite a dog, but it was a pity that Xie Xuanming was not a Pokémon so that he could throw a Pokéball and have him at his beck and call.

Thus, he could only fake a smile, quietly slip out of Brother Jiu’s arms, go to a private room and find a corner to hide, with the walls on his three sides and people on one side to seal off the possibility of being harassed as much as possible.

Ji Sheng felt isolated from harassment, but the girl next to him was not so lucky. After Brother Jiu sat down, he began to move his hands freely. His fingers as fat as pig intestines touched the girl’s body, making her stiffen with fright, shiver and shrunk back.

The girl was not very old; she was one of those unlucky children who wanted to sing and dance, but was tricked into a nest of lewdness by an unscrupulous company. Now facing Brother Jiu’s undisguised rascality, the girl was pale with fright, not daring to move or resist. There were tears hanging on her eyelashes, and she was on the verge of losing it.

Watching this scene would make anyone feel pity but instead it aroused the malice in Brother Jiu’s heart even more.

“What is the little girl doing?”

“Sing… singing.” The girl leaned to the side helplessly, like a willow branch.

“A singer, ah.” Brother Jiu smirked, “A singer is good, ah, beautiful and promising, also makes nice sounds in bed.”

The girl trembled even more and big tears started falling from her eyes.

Her crying attracted the attention of many people.

“Yo, Brother Jiu, you are so unsympathetic to the fairer sex, scared the little girl to tears,” a younger dude raised his voice, laughing.

The ridicule of others made Brother Jiu very embarrassed. His expression suddenly changed, his fleshy face looking hideous: “Why are you crying? Coming here to sell yourself and still putting on a face, are you looking down on me!”

“No… no.” The girl’s shoulders shook and she cried even more severely.

Brother Jiu was going to scold her again, but Ji Sheng couldn’t stand it anymore.

Although he wanted to protect himself, he couldn’t push the little girl to the pit.

“Brother Jiu, don’t be angry.”

Brother Jiu raised his eyes when he heard the sound. He saw a dark-haired boy in the corner looking up at him, a tear mole hidden under his lower eyelashes.

His collar was a little wide, exposing his white neck, his jagged collarbone blindingly bright in the light.

Brother Jiu’s anger instantly dissipated and instead of cursing he mused aloud.

“You are the one Xie Xuanming had before, what’s your name——Ji…”

“Ji Hui.”

“Yes, Ji Hui.” Brother Jiu slapped his forehead, leaning over the girl, his lewd smile reappearing, “What are you doing?” 

“A drummer. ”

“A drummer is good, ah.” Brother Jiu’s smile widened, “Come to Uncle tonight, Uncle will lend you his belly, so you can sit on it and beat it like a drum.” 

When Brother Jiu lost his temper just now, many people had already started paying attention to this side of the room. Now that they saw him talking to a delicate boy, they laughed. Some people even coaxed: “Lao Jiu, what’s the point of being so formal? Why don’t you let this kid show his hand on the spot, so that we can also enjoy your belly and hear what kind of heavenly music can be played!”

Brother Jiu appeared interested: “Xiao Ji, now everyone wants to see you show your skills, can you give Brother Jiu face? ”

“Face must be given.” Ji Sheng smiled slightly, “But Brother Jiu’s status is high, I dare not lay a heavy hand for fear of offending. Let’s try it on a different drum kit.” 

The people watching the excitement were about to heckle, when Ji Sheng lightly picked up a bottle of imported wine on the table, took a tissue and wiped the mouth of the bottle.

“Drum kit.” Ji Sheng said succinctly, “As for the drumsticks…”

He turned to look at the girl who had finally stopped crying, and said softly, “Can you lend me the hairpins on your head?”

“Eh.” The girl was taken aback, pulled out two plastic hairpins from her bun and handed them over timidly, “Is this okay?” 

Ji Sheng gave her a soothing smile.

He took the wine bottle and the borrowed hairpins, and everyone who was not interested felt a little curious.

Brother Jiu looked at the mouth of the bottle that was thumb-wide, and then at Ji Sheng’s slender fingertips dangling the hairpins. Slow preparations made him impatient, so he yelled: “Why did you stop? Beat, ah?”

Ji Sheng ignored him and lightly turned the hairpins in his hands.

This was the first time he touched the “drumsticks” since he was reborn.

The drums used to be Ji Sheng’s life, his whole soul.

In the previous life, the scar cut his life apart and stripped him of his bloody soul.


Ji Sheng flipped his right hand. The wrist bone was smooth, and the raised muscles hid the violent energy that had been suppressed for too long. Now that it finally had a chance to see the light of day, it was crouching like a hunting lion, ready to spring, a deafening roar brewing in its throat.

Ji Sheng let out a sigh of relief.

Long time no see.

Ji Sheng didn’t move for a while, and Brother Jiu was about to get mad again but was stunned to see that the expression of the quiet boy suddenly changed.

He raised his hands and struck the bottle with two hairpins.


The first sound hit the hearts of onlookers.

It should actually be “ding” or “clang”.

After all, it was common sense that glass could only make these two kinds of sounds.

But the crisp sound they heard was really more like a heavy “boom” and fierce sound waves seemed to directly echo in the chests of the listeners.

Before they could catch their breath, the stormy drumbeat spread out all over the place.

If the sound of music can reflect the emotions of the musician, then this endless thunderstorm of drums was probably created by a fierce, fuming, angry, ecstatic drummer.

Ji Sheng pounded the “drum” almost frantically. His years of percussion skills had clearly been integrated into his bones and blood, but right now he didn’t care about it.

At this moment, he just wanted to sink in the storm he created and open his arms to embrace the falling rain and booming thunder.

But the show had to end.

He tapped for the last time.

Ji Sheng used the ”drumsticks” without holding back. He heard a crisp clang, and the wine bottle was overwhelmed. It broke under the final stress, glass fragments flying everywhere, making someone scream.

Amidst the horrified gazes of the people around him, Ji Sheng slowly breathed out, calming the agitated state of his mind. After a few seconds, the traces of loss of control and rebellion disappeared on his face. He lowered his eyes, and when he raised them again, he had returned to his previous timid and harmless appearance.

“Thank you for your hairpins.” Ji Sheng returned the hairpins to the stunned girl and said softly, “They are beautiful and solid, but pay attention when you use them. Don’t be careless, or you might pierce someone’s guts.”

Brother Jiu, shocked and dumbfounded, suddenly felt a sharp chill in his belly and unconsciously clutched his abdomen.

Ji Sheng looked down at the broken glass and liquor splashed on his clothes and said: “I need to deal with it.”

He got up, said goodbye politely and pushed the door open.

The people in the private room looked at each other and no one dared to stop him.

Ji Sheng stepped out of the room and looked at the long row of room numbers in the corridor, sighing uncontrollably.

Where is he going to find Xie Xuanming?

He was still worried when the door of the room not far away opened and two people walked out laughing.

“Didn’t you say that Actor Xie is here tonight? Aren’t you going to say hello?”

“Wait a minute, I just asked. The guy is not in the room, so I guess he went to the bathroom. ”

Ji Sheng’s ears perked up; he followed the signs and walked to the bathroom.

After entering the bathroom, Ji Sheng was in trouble again.

A resplendent nightclub would naturally be equipped with a resplendent toilet.

The doors of more than a dozen cabins were neatly closed, and Ji Sheng pushed two or three of them but he couldn’t really knock on them one by one.

He could only return to the entrance, stand helplessly in front of the sink, clean up the stains on his clothes and wait for the man to come out.

Ji Sheng was concentrating on picking the glass fragments from his shirt, when he was suddenly caught.

Brother Jiu hugged Ji Sheng from behind, his greasy face rubbing indiscriminately on his neck.

“F*ck.” Ji Sheng couldn’t help swearing when turning his head and seeing the enlarged pig face so close.

Brother Jiu was unaware of Ji Sheng’s nausea. He indulged in the fragrance of the young man: “Baby, your drums are so good that you make me hard… Believe it or not, touch it——”

He grabbed Ji Sheng’s hand, trying to press it to his lower body.

The blue veins on Ji Sheng’s forehead suddenly pulsated.

Even a clay man has three points of fire(2), not to mention that Ji Sheng had just finished playing the drums fiercely and his mood was not stable. This wretched fat man also connected his white moonlight, “drums”, to sexual innuendo. 

It simply stepped all over his minefield.

“Not only do I hit the drums well.” Facing the shameless actions of Brother Jiu, Ji Sheng smiled angrily, “I also hit people well!”

He broke free from the shackles of Brother Jiu’s hug, clenched his fist, turned his phalanges forward and slammed a punch into the flesh-packed jaw.

Since Ji Sheng dared to do it, of course he had the confidence. He had practised drums for many years and his arms look thin, but his muscle strength was far greater than that of ordinary people.

When he was in the underground, he made a name for himself among a bunch of nasty ruffians with his harmless face, his explosive and stable skills and his deadly punches that took life, not money.

Now facing Brother Jiu, who was dozens of pounds heavier than him, Ji Sheng was still sure to make him suffer.

But he had overlooked a small detail.

He was not Ji Sheng now, but Ji Hui.

Compared with Ji Sheng, Ji Hui’s skinny body was really a bamboo pole lacking exercise and nutrition.

He was a half-baked drummer with a short practice time, no muscles on his arms and poor physical strength.

Ji Sheng’s unrestrained style of drumming just now had exhausted all Ji Hui’s physical strength.

At this moment, Ji Sheng went all out with this punch but even before the punch landed, Ji Sheng was shocked to realise that there was not enough strength behind it.

Sure enough, his soft blow was easily intercepted by Brother Jiu.

Brother Jiu squeezed his thin smooth wrists and smiled lewdly: “Baby, so you like to play rough, good to know, I like it too.”

He pressed Ji Sheng onto the sink, eliciting a cry of pain from him, grabbed his hair and dragged his head back, forcing Ji Sheng to raise his head high, revealing his fragile neck.

Brother Jiu became more and more angry, grinning as he hurriedly unzipped his trousers.

“No wonder Xie Xuanming has a crush on you. You look so similar to Ji Sheng. It’s a pity that the unlucky b*tch is dead and I can’t sleep with him, so I can only wrong myself and taste the inferior version…”

Ji Sheng lowered his head forcefully and stared at him coldly, wondering what terrible things he had done in his previous reincarnation to attract the attention of such people. Even after changing his body, he was still haunted by them.

Hostility flashed in the depths of his eyes; he raised his knee slightly, aiming at the certain body part, about to make a ruthless move.

Brother Jiu was immersed in his lust and did not pay attention to the changes in the expression of the man under him.

He chuckled cruelly and Ji Sheng raised his knee resolutely.


Before Ji Sheng succeeded, the door of one of the cabins was suddenly thrown open, and a man strode out of it. Ji Sheng didn’t have time to see clearly but he suddenly felt that no weight was pressing on him anymore.

The man picked up Brother Jiu with one hand and threw him away like garbage.

Brother Jiu’s feet left the ground and he flew for a few feet until the rebounding cabin door slammed into his face, making his cheeks tremble.

He fell to the ground, squealing in pain, but before he could say anything, he was picked up by the collar and pulled up again.

He raised his eyes in amazement and when he saw the man clearly, his legs went so soft that he almost knelt down.

“Xie… Xie Xuanming…”

Xie Xuanming looked down at him, his eyes wolf-like gloomy and ruthless.

“Who did you say you were going to sleep with just now?”

The author has something to say:

Xie Xuanming——Toilet God of War

  1.  Refers to a pervert, someone who likes groping people in public
  2.  An expression meaning everyone has their own temper and will be angry when they are angered.

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