Guanshan Muyu

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Rebirth of Glory and Splendour / Dear Mr. Lu / Daily Life of the Canary Pet Master
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Guanshan Muyu / 关山暮雨

Author: 蘅楹

In order to avenge the death of his family, Qi Yan concealed his identity and approached Xia Xun.

Xia Xun did not know the truth and was deeply and unreservedly in love with him. But in the end, because of Qi Yan, he was imprisoned and his family ruined.

On the way to exile, Xia Xun faked his death to escape.

Seven years later, in front of his own grave, he met Qi Yan again.

Qi Yan x Xia Xun

Scheming handsome gong X pure-hearted simple shou

Ancient times, wife chasing crematorium, HE

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / Chapter 5

Chapter 6 / Chapter 7 / Chapter 8 / Chapter 9 / Chapter 10

Chapter 11 / Chapter 12 / Chapter 13 / Chapter 14 / Chapter 15

Chapter 16 / Chapter 17 / Chapter 18 / Chapter 19 / Chapter 20

Chapter 21 / Chapter 22 / Chapter 23 / Chapter 24 / Chapter 25

Chapter 26 / Chapter 27 / Chapter 28 / Chapter 29 / Chapter 30

Chapter 31 / Chapter 32 / Chapter 33 / Chapter 34 / Chapter 35

Chapter 36 / Chapter 37 / Chapter 38 / Chapter 39 / Chapter 40

Chapter 41 / Chapter 42 / Chapter 43 / Chapter 44 / Chapter 45

Chapter 46 / Chapter 47 / Chapter 48 / Chapter 49 / Chapter 50

Chapter 51 / Chapter 52 / Chapter 53 / Chapter 54 / Chapter 55

Chapter 56 / Extra

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  1. Hello thank you for picking this novel. Really love this novel, and to finally read the proper translation just made my day.
    You’ve done such a good job translating.
    tysm 🥰

  2. Found this by accident on novelupdates but I am loving it so much so far!

    Thank you for picking this up!

  3. Hi, thank you so much for your hard work in translating this! It’s one of my favorites now and I’m currently reading your other tls. And I would like to know if it’d be okay to make a suggestion for a novel to tl/pick up?

    1. Thank you very much for reading it! 🙂 I’m happy that you iked it, it’s one of my favorites as well 🙂
      Sure, I’m always interested in new novels to read/translate! 🙂

  4. I just finished this in less than 24h, your comment on NovelUpdates is absolutely right! This is soooo good. Thank you for your translation!

  5. Thank you so much for your hard work and for translating this novel, I bing read it in 2 days and it’s so good! I loved the sweet secenes, I cried in the sad and tragic parts, it’s such an emotional roller coaster

    I’m so in love that I wish to ask permission to translate in Brazilian Portuguese? I’ll give all the credits and send the link fo you

    1. I’m really happy you enjoyed it! I love it very much, too!
      Sure thing, you have my permission 🙂 I’ll be very happy if you translate it! 🙂

  6. Hi, firstly, thank you for this beautiful translation! It was pleasant to read, you’ve done great work! And the story itself has an amazing plot and characters. 

    I also wanted to ask if you permit me to re-translate it into Ukrainian? It was so good, that I want more people to know about it

    1. Thank you, it’s so good to hear you enjoyed it! 💕💕💕 It’s one of my favorite stories. Sure thing, I’ll be happy if you translate it! 😻😻😻

      1. That’s great, tysm! I’ll do my best to translate it as good as you 🥰🤍

  7. Hello there! I actually wanted to talk to you for a while cause I wanted to know if you were able to translate this novel “ The Obsessive Shou Moves On” all the translation I find of this aren’t very clear and very clunky, but yours are very understandable and easy for me to read! If you don’t want to that’s fine but I was just asking if you would

    1. Hi hi 🙂 I love this novel, and actually, my very good friend, Sonata, translated it. I don’t know about other translations (if any exist) but hers is pretty clear, in my opinion 🙂

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